[Review] Goosebumps – ONF

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Rounding out the past week was ONF, who returned with Goosebumps on Friday, the title of both the title track and their sixth mini-album. This release also rounds out a big year for the group, who has been actively promoting with releases such as Beautiful Beautiful, Ugly Dance and Popping. This will also be the group’s last release for a while, following the announcement that all the members (aside from U) will be enlisting into the military at the same time later this month. This is a big deal, as this showcase their group’s bond and will shorten their hiatus to the minimum (a first for a group facing military enlistment), allowing the group to hopefully relaunch back into promotions in about two years time. But until then, here is my thoughts on ONF’s Goosebumps (the title track).

Goosebumps is one interesting song. The best way I can describe to you is that is quite erratic. There is just so much going on in Goosebumps, with the song taking unexpected turns throughout. But yet, the song somehow is shaped together to become cohesive and whole. I find that to be remarkable and impressive. As a whole, Goosebumps, described as an alternative funk-based dance track with a powerful bass riff, was thrilling and fun, yet intriguing and fascinating all at the same time. The song kicks off with polished vocals from MK, and a funky instrumentation filled with bass and squealing synths. Wyatt and U’s rap-sing sequence follows over the same instrumentation, and was definitely memorable. We then are thrown into smooth territory with Hyojin’s soaring vocals, before launching into crunchy synths that make up the backing of the chorus. Personally, I felt like this was the weakest part of the song. I loved the monotonous ‘Goosebumps‘ repetition that kicks off each line of the chorus, but I felt the vocals that follow after were hidden away by the background, making it a bit hard to understand. I admit there is charm, but it isn’t as strong as the rest of the song. Wyatt returns with some cool vocals (which utilizes his deep tone well), before we are thrown back into an extended version of that smooth pre-chorus from the with MK, U and E-tion. The chorus returns, with the exact same instrumentation, but that deep and monotonous ‘Goosebumps‘ repetition at the start of each line is omitted. Instead, it is replaced by Hyojin and MK’s vocals, which was clearer and more audible over the instrumentation. I liked this version of the chorus. The members all come together for the bridge of the song, singing together a colourful and playful sounding sequence that is ultimately lead to the high-pitch autotuned repetitive ‘Lights On‘ peak. Personally, I found this to be a bit much, but it is getting better each time I replay Goosebumps. The best part comes after the peak, with everyone returning once again for a fun and funky chanty style rap sequence. I freaking enjoyed that part, and is pick for my highlight of the Goosebumps, before launching back into the second version of the chorus to close out the song, amped up by the instrumentation to be quite intense. Overall, Goosebumps is a fun song that seems all over the place at first, but it is actually pulled together nicely once you give it a go.

Per usual, I have no clue on what is happening in this music video. It seems like the members are in a different virtual world escaping those robots from Beautiful Beautiful and Ugly Dance, as they were closing in on the members. But it appears this secondary world is glitchy, based on the members appearing and disappearing, and the background keeps on changing. But this world is also dangerous, with computerised dragons, tentacles, action-packed scenes, a whole lot of guns and bullets. Like the song, it is pretty erratic. But I am sure there is a storyline somewhere that ties the three music videos together. As for the quality of the video, he people who made it has wowed me again, with amazing and detailed graphics. No wonder why ONF’s music videos have been a standout this year.

The choreography for Goosebumps is top notch! I wasn’t sure what direction they were going to go in with this performance, but it embraced the funkiness of the song, felt like it was fun and also quite intense. That whole ‘Lights On‘ sequence left me shocked, while the rap sequence that follows was definitely energy packed! Probably one of the best routines this year!

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.1/10

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