[Review] When Dawn Comes Again – Colde ft. Baekhyun (EXO)

When Dawn Comes Again is nominated for Best R&B Song, while Baekhyun’s solo release, Bambi, is also nominated for Best R&B Song. Support either When Dawn Comes Again or Bambi in the Best R&B Song category by clicking here to vote!

The final song from the Best R&B Song genre which I have yet to review is When Dawn Comes Again, which is a collaborative single between Colde and Baekhyun (from EXO). This was released back in July of this year. Since then, Colde has gone on to release another collaborative single, New Vision, with Kim Soyeon (from (G)I-DLE), and Baekhyun has enlisted into the military and is also competing against When Dawn Comes Again with his own solo single, Bambi.

Both Colde and Baekhyun are big name artists that recur in the Korean R&B industry, so there are high expectations for When Dawn Comes Again. And I feel that When Dawn Comes Again hits those expectations with little effort from both Colde and Baekhyun. The song has this mellow R&B instrumentation, made up of pretty typical instrumentation for the most part like piano and electric guitars. While the other two songs I have reviewed for the Best R&B Song category have really pushed out their use of guitar, I find that When Dawn Comes Again doesn’t really do that and keeps it ‘as part of the background’. There isn’t anything wrong with this direction, given that the song still sounds good. As mentioned a moment ago, both Colde and Baekhyun sound really good in When Dawn Comes Again, with this being a major drawing point to the song. Both artists had a nice huskiness and raspiness to their voice, with Baekhyun delivering it at a higher tone. The soft and swaying melody of the song also makes When Dawn Comes Again super appealing. I know that the song has a bit of emotional behind it, but I also like the soothing nature of the song. Altogether, this all made When Dawn Comes Again so enjoyable to listen and ultimately earned it a nomination for the Best R&B Song of the year.

The music video features Nam Yoon Su, who is an up and coming actor in Korea. If you really want to see more of him, I highly recommend the K-Drama Extracurricular. He is super good in it. Anyhow, the music video for When Dawn Come Again features Nam Yoon Su wandering the streets of an empty city awaiting for sunshine in some form to come again. The sunshine in this case is a metaphor for a partner, which Colde and Baekhyun sing about in the song. To be honest, the music video is very typical, a bit dry and doesn’t offer much. It fits the tone of the song, but I would say it is the type of video you need to watch just once and you would have gotten the full grasp of it.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10

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