[Album Review] Return of The Girl (3rd Mini Album) – EVERGLOW

The first official album review I have written in the near year belongs to EVERGLOW, who made their comeback with their 3rd mini-album, Return of The Girl, last month. Leading the album is Pirate, which is followed by four additional new songs (all of which are reviewed below). Return of the Girl is another promising release for the female group, with amazing songs throughout that pushed the album into ‘recommended territory’. Check out the song’s below and see if you agree!

Return of The Girl Album Cover

1. Back Together – Interestingly, the album starts off with a ballad in the form of Back Together. It starts off as soothing and mellow ballad with a meaningful tone. Along the way, Back Together picks up and amplifies its instrumental whilst still having the vocal work remain in that ballad territory. Having this occur once was definitely amazing. But what I really liked about the song is how it dips back into the soothing and mellow start and resurges once again, replicating the same cathartic feel a second time around. Back Together also emphasizes and showcases EVERGLOW’s vocals, which were stunning throughout the song. (9/10)

2. Pirate (Title Track)Click here to read Pirate’s full review. (10/10)

3. Don’t SpeakDon’t Speak is a funky retro track. I really like the personality and character behind their vocals, especially in the verses. It added to the already appealing instrumental, which was super vibrant and bright – exactly what you look for in a retro dance track. The chorus seemed to bring a bubblegum pop tinge to the song, which was pleasant. I wished the chorus had a bit more funk to it, so that is concentrate what we got in the verses. The rapping and the EDM backing was a great change up. Overall, Don’t Speak was a nice track. (8.5/10)

4. Nighty Night – Judging from the title of the song, you would have expected that Nighty Night would be a lullaby. Well, don’t be surprised, but it was no lullaby. Nighty Night was a EDM dance track. I really liked the energy and intensity that came from the song. It definitely promises a great stage. Vocally, I didn’t hear anything worthwhile mentioning, though they definitely did contribute to the energy already mentioned. (8/10)

5. CompanyCompany is an even more concentrated and intense EDM track. There seems to be an exotic influence in the instrumentation, which adds a different flavour to the song when you compare to other (possibly more straightforward) EDM tracks. I liked the stomping effects that the chorus, though I did wish it hit harder and were more profound. On the note of the vocal department, Company showcases and has more memorable vocal work which adds so much more to the song. And like Nighty Night, Company definitely promises another great stage. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.9/10

Return of The Girl Teaser Image

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