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Also returning earlier in the week was EVERGLOW, who dropped Pirate and their third mini-album, Return Of The Girl, on Wednesday. This is the group’s second comeback of the year, following the likes of FIRST from May of this year. Today, I am finally getting around to reviewing the new track.

At the end of my song section of my review for FIRST, I noted that their May song did not overtake LA DI DA as my favourite EVERGLOW release. Well, it seems it took EVERGLOW an extra six months to put out a song that nudges LA DI DA out of its position as my new favourite EVERGLOW release. Pirate starts off swinging with some rapping. It was short and quick segment, but it definitely sets up Pirate and promises great things. We are then treated to the chorus, featuring the song’s main and catchy “I’m a pirate” repetitive hook and a beat that you find synonymous with the club. its placement is a bit sudden, but it works. There is something familiar about this hook/instrumental combination, but I just cannot place it. No matter what, it definitely lives up to the promise that the start alluded to and blasts me dynamic and intense energy that I cannot look away from. Following that, we are treated to a two part pre-chorus. The first half features a stripped instrumental, and crisp pop-influenced vocals that really pulls your attention. The second half features a return to the electrifying instrumentation with the same pop influenced vocals, before we are thrown back into Pirate’s catchy chorus. The bridge comes after the third chorus, throwing in what I think is a bit of dubstep before relaunching into a concentrated form of the song’s energy and intensity, merging the likes of the pre-chorus and chorus together to complete the song. It was as if the entire song was put on octane for the entirety of the final sequence. I have to say that like all their previous songs, EVERGLOW has shines throughout the ‘noise’, as some might describe the instrumentation of Pirate. This is definitely a highlight of their songs, and it just makes everything within Pirate so much stronger. Overall, Pirate is that thrilling song that gets the adrenaline pumping and is definitely bold and impressive release for the group. I personally could not find anything within it to fault it.

EVERGLOW becomes space pirates for this music video, donning very fashionable outfits throughout their solo shots that definitely give off a futuristic vibe. They definitely look amazing! The see-through eye patch was pretty cool, as well. The music video was set on a planet which landscape reminds me of the choreography scenes from their DUN DUN music video, and also a space ship. The glitchy effects and the lighting during some parts of the video lift up the dynamics of the music video, allowing it to fit in really well with the song.

Choreography-wise, it looked better in the music video than on stage. I presume this is because on stage, they had to soften the movements a bit so that the members can deliver the performance live. And I think the way the music video was shot, the dance moves came off as more impactful. However, this doesn’t mean the choreography was bad in any way. It still has that confident feel, and the chorus looks sexy and teasing.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 9.4/10

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