[Weekly KPOP Chart] 1st Week of January 2022

Welcome all to the first Weekly KPOP Chart post for the 1st Week of January 2022! And it already a big week, given the massive list of new releases down below! Just looking at the list has me tired. I will work on the reviews for those releases in the coming week, as I am focused on finalizing the results for the 2021 KPOPREVIEWED Awards, which I am hoping to get out before the end of the month. Lots to do there, so I will move onto the other big news of this post.

For the 1st Week of January 2022 (this Weekly KPOP Charts), I will be now including non-Korean language songs in the Weekly KPOP Charts! This is due to the fact due to the rise in non-Korean language songs in the last year thanks to KPOP artists now branching out into the JPOP, CPOP and Western pop industries. The same rules apply as other releases already accepted – the songs must be by a Korean artist (or former Korean-related act) and must be a lead single (usually indicated by the release of a music video, though I will admit the boundaries for this particular criterion are blurred nowadays). A short list of songs over the last nine weeks have been entered into the chart system and are shown below.

New releases of the Week

The first official week of 2022 was loaded with new releases including Kep1er’s WA DA DA, ONEWE’s Universe_, UP10TION’s Crazy About You, P1Harmony’s Do It Like This and loads more:

  • Frozen – Taehwan (VANNER)
  • Runaway – 1iL
  • Fever – Max Changmin (TVXQ)
  • Catch The Stars – woo!ah!
  • TNT (Truth & Trust) – TRENDZ
  • TATTOO – AleXa
  • Find You – BZ-Boys
  • Lost On Me – Eric Nam
  • I Don’t Know You Anymore – Eric Nam
  • Super Yuppers! – WJSN Chocome
  • Let Me Drown – Hyunjun Hur

I also added some non-Korean language tracks to the list this week due to the change mentioned above. They will be removed like other songs per the nine week rule/based on their release date.

  • Bee With You – LAY (EXO)
  • White Miracle – Wonho
  • Freaky Cinderella – Fei (former Miss A member)
  • Don’t Dance – Amber Liu (f(x))
  • Human – Max Changmin (TVXQ)
  • Power of Love – SEVENTEEN
  • You Problem – MONSTA X

Throwback corner

In light of the news that IMFACT has left their former company, Star Empire Entertainment, I revisited some of their past tracks this week. I may have also went down a trip down IMFACT memory lane as I was under the impression the group had disbanded (which is not the case, they just simply left their company). My pick from their discography is Lollipop!

Non-Korean Release of the Week

Even though I will be adding non-Korean releases by Korean artists (or KPOP-related artists), I do not see them rising to the top of the charts. So I will continue to highlight a release (most likely the highest ranked one, or a new release from the week). For this week, MONSTA X’s latest English title track, You Problem, is my pick for this corner.

The Charts

Congratulations to Kep1er for debuting at the very top of KPOPREVIEWED’s Weekly KPOP Chart with their debut track, WA DA DA, which was released earlier this week. For more of the charts, keep on reading!

1st Week of Jan 20212nd – 8th Jan 2022
1WA DA DAKep1er(NEW)
2ElevenIVE(▼ 1)
3Crazy About YouUP10TION(NEW)
4Do It Like ThisP1Harmony(NEW)
7The Real (Heung Version)ATEEZ(▲ 19)
8TraumaSF9(▲ 14)
9GoosebumpsONF(▲ 1)
10PeachesKai (EXO)(▲ 21)
11TurbulenceATEEZ(▼ 7)
13BARCODELilli Lilli(▲ 14)
14Rush HourMONSTA X(▲ 51)
15BeautifulNCT 2021(▲ 37)
16Winter FallsStray Kids(▼ 5)
17WayOnew (SHINee) & Punch(▲ 3)
19HeartbreakMinho (SHINee)(▲ 43)
20UnthinkableFT Island(▲ 25)
21Need USuper Junior D&E(▲ 44)
23RING X RINGBilllie(▲ 42)
24Scars (Korean Version)Stray Kids(▲ 41)
25I’m a BHwasa (Mamamoo)(▲ 34)
26FantabulousMinzy(▲ 39)
28CandlesTHE BOYZ(▲ 35)
29ANIRavi (VIXX) ft. Jeon Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)(▲ 21)

Songs leaving the charts this week

The following songs have left the charts this week as they have wrapped up their nine week run in the charts system:

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