[Album Review] DISHARMONY: FIND OUT (3rd Mini Album) – P1Harmony

The next album from the current year to be reviewed is P1Harmony’s third mini-album, DISHARMONY: FIND OUT, which dropped on the 3rd of January 2022. It was the group’s first comeback in almost a year, following the title track Scared and their second mini-album, DISHARMONY: BREAK OUT (which I did not write an album review for).

I was a bit on the fence of writing this particular album review, given that it is two months after its release. The deciding factor came to me when I listened to the album earlier in the week (to help pick the next few albums to be reviewed). I had some good thoughts about each of the songs and there was also a standout song on here in the midst of all the good thoughts I had. So, I decided I would write an album review for DISHARMONY: FIND OUT, and share the album around, just in case you didn’t check it out already. Hope you enjoy the album, as well!


1. Do It Like This (Title Track) Click here to read the full review for Do It Like This. (8/10)

2. That’$ Money – Following the title track is That’$ Money, which is a hip-hop track that packs a punch. I find this song to be extremely effective on all fronts. The instrumental had really strong rhythm. Subtle at first, but it ended up developing into the main pull to the song. The chanty line that kicked off the song, which ended up being That’$ Money’s main hook, was extremely catchy and memorable. The members also sounded amazing in this song, with their delivery adding a dynamic touch to the song. (9/10)

3. Follow MeFollow Me also had a strong sense of rhythm during the verses. The momentum gave the song a powerful aura that I could not get enough of. But what really got me was the explosive chorus, which takes on a powerful EDM drop. Piecing the verses and chorus together, you get a very driven track. Unfortunately, everything else felt weak in comparison. It isn’t disappointing, but the other elements within Follow Me could have been more developed to be on par with the momentum of the instrumental. (8/10)

4. Bop – Compared to the two previous side tracks, Bop relies more on the members than the instrumental. The instrumental was good, but it isn’t as dynamic as in That’$ Money or Follow Me. The members did a good job of holding ground for Bop, with a lot of the delivery tweaked to be smooth to compliment the instrumental. I also enjoyed the subtleness of the instrumental elements, for example, the backing harmonies. But it isn’t an as memorable track (both musically, lyrically and delivery), as per the other tracks, which reduces its appeal for me. (7/10)

5. Before The Dawn – P1Harmony has aligned more so with the hip-hop genre, so their rappers naturally are shown off more often. But Before The Dawn flips that, with the vocalists being the main stars in this song (despite the rappers taking bulk of the song). When I listen to Break The Dawn, particularly the vocal sections (i.e. vocal delivery, melodies etc.), I can’t help but think that this song could have gone miles in the Western industry. It just has this Western feel to it that makes it so promising. The rapping, even though are the shiny centre of the track, backs up the vocals and my thought on how good the song could be in the Western industry. (10/10)

6. Peacemaker Peacemaker is a pop ballad that has very warm and hopeful lyrics. And the same thing can be said about the song. In addition to that, I also find it to be quite a wholesome to end the album with. Its placement and presence seem a bit typical, but it was nice nonetheless. Once again, the vocals shine brightly in this song. But the rappers do a great job with their parts as well. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.3/10

Do It Like This / DISHARMONY: FIND OUT Teaser Image

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