[Weekly KPOP Chart] 1st Week of March 2022

Before I get to the next album review, it is time for another Weekly KPOP Chart post. This one is for the week that just past – the 1st Week of March 2022. There were some big releases during the week. But apart from those, it was a fairly quiet start to the busy month ahead. It appears that next week will also be a quiet week, before KPOP ramps everything up for the latter half of March. But as always, there is a still a bit more to cover in the meantime.

New releases of the Week

In addition to the songs that I have reviewed this week (Rocket Punch’s CHIQUITA, Super Junior’s Callin’, Cherry Bullet’s Love In Space and TEMPEST’s Bad News), we also saw the following releases drop this past week:

  • Rollin – VANNER
  • Pinky Swear – CIX
  • UP – Bang Yong Guk
  • The 8th Spring – Hong Eunjin
  • Want You Back – ONE.KI
  • made in U – Yeo Eun

Throwback Corner

This week’s song to be featured in the Throwback Corner is one I probably have already featured in the corner (I believe). Brown Eyed Girl’s Sixth Sense made a reappearance on my radar. And per usual, I cannot pass the opportunity to listen to song again, given that it is one of my favourites of all time.

Non-Korean Release of the Week

The highest ranking non-Korean song this week is JAMIE’s Pity Party, which ranked in the 3rd position this past week. Check it out below!

The Charts

Congratulations to Cherry Bullet for topping my Weekly KPOP Chart with their comeback single, Love In Space. For more of the charts from the last week, keep on reading!

1st Week of Mar 202227th Feb – 5th Mar 2022
1Love In SpaceCherry Bullet(NEW)
2Callin’Super Junior(NEW)
3Pity PartyJAMIE(▲ 65)
4CHIQUITARocket Punch(NEW)
5The SongBTOB(▼ 3)
6suit danceOnlyOneOf(▲ 6)
7DilemmaAPINK(▲ 1)
9ChronographVICTON(▲ 45)
10DMfromis_9(▼ 5)
11ManiacMax Changmin (TVXQ)(▲ 41)
12FeverMax Changmin (TVXQ)(▲ 54)
13Do It Like ThisP1Harmony(▲ 62)
15WA DA DAKep1er(▲ 9)
16Feelin’ LikePENTAGON(▲ 1)
17Eye On YouWONHO(▼ 8)
18LovenderHan Seungyun(▲ 22)
19Don’t StopATEEZ(▲ 23)
20Slow DanceKangta(▲ 31)
21Catch The Starswoo!ah!(▲ 15)
23FrozenTaehwan (VANNER)(▲ 52)
24Make Me HappyWheein (Mamamoo)(▲ 23)
25DESSERTKim Yo Han (WEi)(▼ 12)
27Lose On MeEric Nam(▲ 48)
28Love StoryKyuhyun (Super Junior)(▲ 47)
29RUN2USTAYC(▼ 23)

Songs leaving the charts this week

The following songs have left the charts this week as they have wrapped up their nine week run in the charts system:

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