[Album Review] Planet Nine: Voyager (4th Mini Album) – ONEWE

As promised yesterday, an album review just before 6PM KST. Why specifically before 6PM KST today? Well, that is when the comebacks for the second half of the month begin and I have previously mentioned that this second half of the month is going to get crazy. Anyhow, the album review is for ONEWE’s fourth mini-album, Planet Nine: Voyager. It was released 4 January 2022 and features the title track Universe_ that also dropped on the same day.

Not to spoil this album review, but it is already the highest rated album of the year for me. Now, that isn’t saying much given that we are only in the third month of 2022. But, based on past experience, the high rating Planet Nine: Voyager has received is actually in the range of being one of the highest rated albums ever reviewed! And if this high rating is an indication of anything, it is definitely the high praises I give it. Let me know if you agree with my thoughts for the overall mini-album and tracks below!

Planet Nine: Voyager Album Cover

1. Universe_ (너의 우주는) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Universe_. (10/10)

2. Envision_ (우물 속 작은 아이) Envision_ takes the form of a pop rock ballad that I would describe as ethereal. The paced nature and atmosphere created by the instrumentation was just stunning and an excellent backdrop to this song. The drums added that perfect amount of punch to the song to keep it from drifting away or being repetitive. The vocals were extremely complimentary to the instrumentals and the melodies gave the pop rock ballad that swayable effect I personally love in ballads. I personally cannot find any issues with this song based on my personal taste. (10/10)

3. Montage_ (꿈속에서 놓친 너, 옅은 잠결에 흐르길)Montage_ goes for a much more intense profile that instantly appeals to me. It is the side track that really spoke to me when I was vetting the album to see if it was worth reviewing (spoiler: it definitely was worth reviewing!). This is thanks to the rock elements in the instrumental. The solo guitar moments and the intensity brought on by the drums for the final chorus all made this song top notch as well. As for the vocals, I liked how controlled and balanced the members kept themselves throughout the song. The opening melodies for the chorus were also stunning. (10/10)

4. Trigger_ (시발점)Trigger_ also instantly stands out for the smooth vocals and piano melody in the verses. It definitely got a few ‘oohs and aahs’ from me. Elsewhere, Trigger_ is an interesting song, opting for various textures and influences. We get a bit of elegant balladry, rock intensity and hip-hop styled rap in it. Together, they are mashed to create a track that somehow clicks. I did think the rock elements could have gone a bit harder, just so they can be more pronounced. But Trigger_ undoubtedly works. (9/10)

5. Orbit_ (궤도)Orbit_ leads us back into ballad territory, but the song is much more than just a typical ballad. It may not be as groundbreaking as the previous tracks on this album, but Orbit_ is beautifully executed (as is the case with every other ONEWE song). The acoustic guitars really set the tone, while the subtler rock influences allow the song to expand further than just ballad territory. The vocal work is also very beautiful and a delight to listen to. (8.5/10)

6. From_ (선물할게요) – The final song on the album is a straight-up ballad. We do get a bit of inclination from the instrumental that enables the presence of rock influences, but I feel that From_ never really departs from its ballad roots. What makes From_ a stunning end to the album are the vocals and harmonies, which creates a soothing and likeable atmosphere to end the album with. I found myself drifting away as I was captivated by the members. My only disappointment with this track is that it is simply the end of the album. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9.4/10

Planet Nine: Voyager / Universe_ Teaser Image

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