[Review] Real Love – Oh My Girl

Also making their comeback on Monday was Oh My Girl, who returns with their second full length album as well, titled Real Love. The title track for their promotions this time around also shares the same name. This is the group’s first comeback since the release of Dun Dun Dance last year.

Real Love comes off as a mixture of their more recent releases (i.e. Nonstop and Dun Dun Dance) and the sound in which that got them into the spotlight (i.e. The Fifth Season and Secret Garden). To me, the chorus reflects that upbeat side of the group. Chirpy and feel-good is how I would describe the centrepiece of Real Love. Everything within it (i.e. the brass and the vocals) were extremely pleasant and has a nice delicate feel to it. I did wish the choruses were a bit more fleshed out, with a longer sequence to give the melody a bit more room to grow. As for the verses, they align with that sophisticated side that I associate with the sound in which got them into the spotlight. But instead of a fairytale-like approach, Real Love adopts more of a mature level of sophistication, which makes the verses so much more interesting. The vocal work in the second verse in particular was quite striking, while the instrumentation was sleek and bouncy. The weakest aspect of Real Love, for me, was the bridge. It literally felt disjointed from the rest of the song. And while the slow down was pretty, it felt a bit too drawn out for my personal taste. In some good news, Mimi’s rapping here was quite good. Also not a fan of the abrupt ending. Overall, Real Love is not a song that I have fallen in love with, but it still a nice addition to Oh My Girl’s portfolio of great songs.

The music video is extremely pretty. From the outside shots to those shot inside the studio in front of our good friend the green screen, everything looked spectacular. Their visual game was on point, and their dresses and outfits worn throughout the video looked amazing. They also added a nice splash of colour to the video. Yubin’s (formely Binnie) blue dress and headpiece was probably the best look in this video. But aside from visuals, there really isn’t much else to this video.

The performance was quite good. I liked every second of it. The moves were either graceful, pretty, fun or mature, depending on what the music was beckoning at that particular second. My favourite move was the sharp movements when Hyojung sung in the opening chorus. Talking about the chorus, I like how each chorus was different in the performance, giving the stage variety.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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