[Review] JAWS – BAE173

Coming back earlier in week was BAE173, who returns after almost a year with their new single JAWS and mini-album, INTERSECTION : BLAZE. Very little has happened since their last comeback, Loved You, as far as I can remember. Let’s hope their next comeback is a quicker turnaround. But until then, here is my review for JAWS.

Loved You earned high praises from me thanks to the nostalgia it had. I ended the song section of Loved You‘s review with the statement ‘… putting them on the radar for new artists to look out for…‘. Well, I hate to say it, but I have since scrapped that thought. Not only didn’t they make a second comeback in 2021, they chose JAWS as their next main track. JAWS doesn’t really offer anything new to the music scene in KPOP. Their last comeback also didn’t offer anything new technically, but at least it had nostalgia. JAWS didn’t even have that. Instead, it is a very boring ‘noisy’ track. Emphasis is placed on the ‘boring’ part of that description, because it has such a profound effect on the song. For example, the intention of a song like JAWS is showcase the group in an edgy light. But the boring nature of the song just doesn’t let it get through. The synths are pretty lackluster. I noticed that the producers used the same main synth (the mechanical-like whirling) throughout the verses and chorus to different degrees, and then employed very typical trap and percussion to fill out the rest of JAWS. Not really groundbreaking or exciting stuff. The shouty nature of the chorus (and the chant half of the bridge) also don’t add much value to the song in terms of excitement or hype. As JAWS was a hip-hop song, it was quite heavily focused on the rapping. For the most part, the rappers sounded fine in the verses. A more dynamic instrumental would have helped enhance their parts. The vocal moments were the most promising aspect of JAWS, with those moments at least giving me something interesting to sink my teeth into. Overall, a disappointing comeback track.

Another video you can tell from afar was shot with a small budget. But I liked the simplicity of the video. The locations were good, and they played with the white background with coloured lighting and filters to make it feel different. I also like the application of the green colour to the background of the helipad. To make the video appear edgier, there were glitchy effects added post-production. I personally didn’t mind them. However, I felt the comic-like images they added to the video detracted from the goal and made the video seemed childish.

I liked the edgy vibe the performance gave off. along with the synchronisation of the choreography between the members. The intensity during the chanty half of the bridge was top notch!

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 6.6/10

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