[Review] Glitch – Kwon Eun Bi

Also making her comeback earlier this week was Kwon Eun Bi, who returns with her new single Glitch, and mini-album, Color. This is Kwon Eun Bi’s first comeback, following her solo debut with Door in August of last year. Since then, the former IZ*ONE member/leader also released a single titled ESPER (which I highly recommend you listen to as it is an awesome dance track) for Universe Music and UNIVERSE mobile application.

The instrumental for Glitch takes on a ‘glitchy’ approach, which felt extremely appropriate for a song titled as Glitch. What I like about this glitchy approach is that it isn’t contained to just one part of the song. Instead, it run as a common theme throughout the song, making the entire 3:45 minutes a unique and aesthetic listen. Glitch is described as having ‘neuro bass sounds’, which itself is a unique sound in KPOP and unexplored territory. The latter description of Glitch having a ‘minimalist start and a dynamic second half’ was quite accurate as well. The start had minimal instrumentals, yet it was still textured enough to give off an interesting vibe. The funky underlay to the instrumental provided momentum and the buildup to the chorus was extremely satisfying. As for the chorus, I quite like the consistent beat, followed by return of the upbeat and funky instrumental that is slightly amplified to help give the centrepiece a bit more definition. From there, the dynamic nature of Glitch is stepped up, with an abrasive turn in the instrumentation for the second verse, before a turn towards dubstep-like territory at the end in a successful last ditch effort to incorporate some energy to Glitch. You don’t really expect these turns and changes in sound, so Glitch definitely keeps on your toes. As for Kwon Eun Bi herself, I liked how light she kept her tone and vocals throughout the song, contrasting really well with the bass of the instrumental. It also came off as striking, and helped increase the uniqueness to the song. If anything, I wished the song had more hooks, just to make it even more memorable. But as it is, Glitch is already quite memorable already.

As for the music video, the glitchy effect comes through in a visual sense thanks to the post-production. It makes sense that they also went in this direction for this music video. But I like how it the video wasn’t just an overwhelming amount of just post-production that made the video look cool. There was actually really promising shots and cinematography throughout this video. Some of the choreography shots relied on a glitchy background displayed on the big screen, and I liked the subtle yet prominent blue colour theme in this video. Kwon Eun Bi also looks awesome and very pretty throughout the video, with her outfits showcasing an awesome sense of style.

Not exactly sure if this choreography would be described as tutting, but there were some moves that reminded me of tutting, in general. But for the most part, the performance was more delicate rather than sharp (with the latter being a hallmark for tutting). But the delicate nature was also offset by a strong attitude vibe, which helped make the choreography and Kwon Eun Bi sleek and confident. The dubstep part also looks powerful.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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