[Review] Drive – Miyeon ((G)I-DLE)

Miyeon, one of (G)I-DLE’s main vocalists, made her solo debut last week with the single, Drive, and the mini-album, MY. She is the third member of (G)I-DLE to release solo music, following fellow members Soyeon and Yuqi. Miyeon’s solo debut also comes after (G)I-DLE’s latest comeback, TOMBOY, which dropped in March of this year.

Drive is a breezy pop track that I have taken a liking towards after checking it out for the first time earlier this week. The pop instrumentation takes a relatively straightforward approach, never adopting anything that complicates the song or distracts from Drive‘s main focus (i.e. Miyeon’s vocals, which I will speak more about in a brief moment). And I appreciate that a lot. The song opens up with atmospheric synths and guitar work that brought a refreshing vibe to Drive. When we get to the chorus, there is a hefty beat that kicks Drive up a notch. Similarly, I enjoyed how the synths amped up in intensity and added a lot of colour to the single, particularly that squeaky synth. Now, onto Miyeon’s vocals, which I touched on before. Drive nails at showcasing Miyeon and pushing her into the spotlight. The song’s instrumental adds definition to her vocals, allowing it to become more prominent. But her vocals were best during the bridge, when we were able to hear more of her vocals without much backing to it. I was impressed and thought she sounded heavenly. In terms of memorability, the melodies and hooks were nicely light, though I wished they had more bite to it. Overall, I would say that Drive is a successful solo debut and I am excited to here more from Miyeon’s solo work in the future.

The music video for Drive is a very pretty one. It highlights Miyeon’s visuals extremely well and the outfits we find her in are simple yet stunning to look at. I also like the refreshing nature of the outdoor scenes, which add a great visual element to the video. Unfortunately, however, there isn’t much else in the video from what I can see.

Like the music video, the choreography was a pretty element in this comeback. However, I am on the fence to whether it was necessary. Part of me did feel the routine complimented the upbeat nature neatly. But part of me also feels like the routine didn’t add much value to the comeback as it feels quite standard. I guess the routine was on the standard side to allow Miyeon to perform live, which I do appreciated and enjoyed about the performance.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.8/10

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