[Review] Bring It On – ONEUS

Earlier this week, ONEUS also joined the growing list of May comebacks with their seventh mini-album, Trickster, and the title track Bring It On. This is the group’s first comeback since LUNA from November of last year. It also comes after the group embarked on their second U.S. tour, which occurred earlier this year.

Bring It On returns ONEUS to their more powerful and boisterous side that the group has previously done in past singles such as No Diggity and TO BE OR NOT TO BE. I quite like it that Bring It On hits hard in the second half of the choruses and doesn’t hold back. The first run of the second half of the choruses was made more satisfying following what I would describe as a fine first verse and first half of chorus. Leedo’s deep and aggressive rapping style is so fitting for their powerful sound and the vocals that followed were pretty solid. But the instrumental in the verses and first half of the chorus of Bring It On held itself back a bit too much for my liking and felt tamer than what it potentially could have been. I felt that it could have been a bit harder hitting, but still manage to deliver the same satisfying blastful effect once the second half of the chorus came around. Following the first chorus, I was a bit let down with Seoho’s autotuned rap lines. The autotune sequence weakened the structure of Bring It On and felt unnecessary in this already aggressive song. It should have skipped right into Ravn’s solo rap sequence instead, which picked the song back up for me. Bring It On then repeats the pre-chorus of solid vocals and the chorus as it was the first time around. As for the bridge of Bring It On, the producers opted for a touch of smoothness, before amping the song back up with some rock influences (loved it), and then redelivering the second half of the chorus as above twice in a row to close out Bring It On. I did wish Bring It On had some stronger hooks and the melodies were more memorable. But the booming second half of the chorus definitely helps make Bring It On memorable.

The music video did a great job of encapsulating that aggressive and powerful nature of the song, translating it into an edgy and somewhat dark concept. Plot-wise, I have no clue with what is going on, especially with all the games of choice. The trailers before this music video do feature them and appears more thriller-like, tense and suspenseful (highly recommend you watch them), which is totally my jam. I just cannot decipher the plot or the message behind the video. I am also unsure whether the actual music video continues the story or not. But still a cool standalone music video to watch.

The stronger moments within the choreography come naturally during the song’s most intense moments (i.e. the second half of the choruses, the rock sequences in the bridge and the final chorus sequence of Bring It On). The chemistry with the camera and the footwork stands out for me during these parts, and the helps makes the entire performance worthwhile to watch.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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