[Album Review] MALUS (8th Mini Album) – ONEUS

ONEUS is one of the many artists whose album I look forward to. Their most recent one is a decent one. ONEUS’ 8th mini-album, MALUS, is their most recent one and was released early September 2022. This is the group’s final release to feature main rapper Ravn, who voluntary left the group at the end of October following some controversary. MALUS features the title track Same Scent (in both Korean and English), an introductory track and four additional side tracks. This mini-album follows ONEUS’ earlier comeback with Bring It On and TRICKSTER.

MALUS Album Cover

1. Intro: Eden – Kicking off the mini-album is Eden, which serves as the mini-album’s introductory track. The instrumental to Eden is quite a beautiful one, starting off with some stilling piano, before electronic elements are brought in to create quite an atmospheric and scene-setting piece that leads quite well into the title track. The members do a neat job in the intro, as well. (8/10)

2. Same Scent (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Same Scent. (8/10)

4. STUPID LOVE – Following the title track is STUPID LOVE, which brings forth a pop-rock colour to the album with its instrumental. The highlight of STUPID LOVE has to be the surprising rock centric chorus, which steals the show for me. While the verses do hint towards the pop rock direction, I just like how much more intense the chorus got. The crunchy electric guitar and consistent foot-tapping beat somehow catches me off guard (in a good way). (9/10)

4. Gravitation (두 눈 빠지도록) – Swapping out the electric guitar for acoustics is Gravitation, which is an amazing ballad piece. The vocals were stunning and so emotionally charged, especially with the high notes we get at the end of the choruses. The rapping from both Leedo and Ravn were weaved in so well and didn’t take us away from the balladry feels of Gravitation. You know I like my ballads, and this one definitely hit the right spot for me. (10/10)

    5. Mermaid – In a further change to the album’s sound, Mermaid opts for more upbeat vibes, opting for some bass and retro pop. I like how the track doesn’t hold back and gets right to it, with the bass and retro touches coming right to the front of the song. I did find the vocals to be a bit distant (the bass might be the cause of this) but the members still put in a lot of effort to make sure they were heard. It doesn’t hurt the song terribly and it is a fun listen nonetheless. (8/10)

      6. FULL MOON (원어스)FULL MOON brings forth sensual vibes throughout the track through the R&B genre that the song falls under. But it isn’t just a simple R&B song. No, FULL MOON throws in a lot more than just sensual R&B vibes. Trap elements come into play as part of the chorus, giving a tonne of texture to the song. Ravn explodes during the second verse to give us a powerful rap sequence. And I think we get touches of traditional Korean instrumental in the bridge. The most surprising element comes from the rappers (both Leedo and Ravn) who really showed of their vocals in the pre-choruses, catching me guard and forcing me to replay the song time and time again so I can relive their pre-chorus vocals. (9/10)

      7. Same Scent (English Version) – Refer to my review of the Korean version of Same Scent above.

      Overall Album Rating – 8.7/10

      MALUS Teaser Image

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