[Review] Last Sequence – WJSN

Following their massive win on Queendom 2 at the end of May with the single AURA, WJSN makes a speedy return this week with Last Sequence, their latest single since the release of UNNATURAL in over a year (March 2021). But WJSN hasn’t exactly disappeared following their last comeback. In addition to Queendom 2, Last Sequence also follows the debut of WJSN’s second subunit WJSN The Black with Easy, the return of WJSN Chocome with Super Yuppers! (which I have yet to review), their 2022 concerts and some other music releases and solo ventures.

Last Sequence is another solid track from WJSN. One of the things I really enjoyed about the song is the consistency of Last Sequence. Again, I have made some comments in the past about how consistency is an issue with some songs, boring me because the song just feels same all throughout. Last Sequence is consistent, but the energy that comes from the dance based instrumental keeps the song exciting and enjoyable. I also like how it feels refined. Many songs would blast us with synths and details – sometimes it is great and other times it is quite overwhelming. But while Last Sequence is also synth-based as well, it doesn’t blast or overwhelm me. The instrumental keeps to itself in the background of the song, in a manner that is still noticeable and not subtle. What I am trying to get at is that the instrumental doesn’t dominate the song, which helps makes Last Sequence more enjoyable. There are additional perks to this, such as showcase of vocals that we get in Last Sequence. I liked how vibrant everyone was in the song. Yeonjung was probably a tad too loud and upfront in the chorus, overshadowing the vocalists who preceded or succeeded her. I wished her vocals were toned down by a notch, just so the other members have a better glow to their parts. Exy’s rapping felt too constricted as usual, and I felt the upbeat nature of Last Sequence enables Exy to have a more substantial part in the song. As for the hooks and melodies, I thought they were great and meaty, allowing Last Sequence to be catchy and addictive.

The music video has an underwater concept which I personally felt looked refreshing and cooling for the Summer season we find the release currently in. I believe that a mermaid concept would be more accurate, given that some scenes, their comeback showcase and teaser images allude to that. However, I do think the scenes in the video were a bit weak and didn’t show that mermaid concept as strongly as it could have been. I quite enjoy the idea of having a fashion show mixed within the underwater/mermaid concept, which is a fantastic and different idea. Not as innovative as it can be, but still adds a more interesting element to the music video. The members looked stunning throughout the video and the colours were so light but vibrant and showstopping.

I quite liked the two sides to the performance. On one hand, you have graceful set of moves that feels elegant and smooth. On the other hand, there is a intensity and charismatic vibe that feels like a different extreme. But somehow WJSN (and their choreographer) moulds the two sides together to create a cohesive and worthwhile piece.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

2 thoughts on “[Review] Last Sequence – WJSN

  1. I think Exy’s rap is always like that and most of the members shined in the MV… During the first few listens I only felt like the song was ok but soon I got used to the beat drop and the groovy instrumentals and it sounded better than before! 💕💕


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