[Album Review] LIBERTY: IN OUR COSMOS (1st Studio Album – Part 2) – CRAVITY

CRAVITY made their comeback last year with Part 1 of their 1st studio album, The Awakening: Written In The Stars. This was headlined with the title track Gas Pedal and the secondary track VENI VIDI VICI. 7 months on (to March 2022), CRAVITY returned with the second part of their 1st studio album. This time, the album is titled LIBERTY: IN OUR COSMOS and features the title track Adrenaline. Alongside that, there are 6 other songs and an outro track.

Between the two halves of the studio album, it appears I enjoy LIBERTY: IN OUR COSMOS more (but only by a smidge). This is based on final rating of both halves (which is simply the average of the all the song ratings on that album). That is just my attempt to quantify it though (because I like numbers). To be more truthful, I enjoyed both equally. Sorry for being so diplomatic and fair. But that is the case. Both parts had some great tracks and both had more generic singles as well. But altogether, it was all an enjoyable listen. Do you agree with me, or do you think one or the other is significantly better than the other? Let me know in the comments below.


1. Adrenaline (Title Track)Click here for the full review of Adrenaline. (7/10)

2. POW! – Heavy thuds, dulled guitars and the super bold hook of POW! opens up the song and keeps me from turning away. The hook was quite aggressive from the first listen. But after multiple listens, I have become used to the hook and find it to be quite an ear-catching piece. POW! draws on hip-hop influences and I really liked their expressive rapping in the verses. The choruses were energetic and had a vibrant feel to them that helped make POW! so enjoyable for me. I particularly enjoyed the definition added to the beat for the final chorus, helping make the final chorus more climatic and punchier. (10/10)

3. BOPPIN’BOPPIN’ has me grooving about and this is probably the best thing for me to experience with a hip-hop based song. There is a bit of a sexy vibe to BOPPIN’, especially when the vocals are in play. It smooths out the song, balancing out the energy and powerfulness that the rappers give the song (which gives the song so much body and energy). The “We’re boppin’” and the ”Its Bubbling Bubbling … Bubbling” in the chorus are super catchy lines and has coming back for more. (10/10)

4. ChandelierChandelier continues the hip-hop influence that has been coursing through the last few songs, though it is less prevalent this time around. As a result, I find this to be more on the generic side. It wasn’t as exciting. The vocals take more of a hold in the song, which might explain why the Chandelier took on a softer edge and smoother vibe. They sound good, but not as great as the preceding tracks, with exception for the duo who sung the bridge. The bridge was definitely the highlight of the song for me. The rappers help add some energy to the song, but it isn’t on par with what I have heard so far. (7/10)

5. FLIP THE FRAME – The way FLIP THE FRAME started was quite interesting. It appears to be quite a long instrumental intro to the song. It is quite an atmospheric piece. What comes next was quite unexpected, with a heavy beat and strong vocals. The chorus literally flips the frame with another unexpected change in momentum. I didn’t think the verses (nor the intro) would have led us to this chorus. The first half is so sleek and edgy, whilst the second half brought more of a pop vibe to the song. The rapping in the second verse also literally stood out, pairing well with the heavy beats. (8.5/10)

6. Maybe Baby (좋아하나봐)Maybe Baby goes into pop territory. Maybe Baby is not as heavy as the other tracks that come before it, but the EDM used still kept the song upbeat. The melodies helped bring the pop vibe to life and also give the song such a pleasant appeal. The members, on both vocals and raps front, sound very nice and remained in line with the pop and chill vibes of the song. I particularly enjoyed the interchanging vocals and rapping at the very end, which closed out the song in a neat manner. (8/10)

7. Late Night – More pop comes through Late Night. But instead of EDM, Late Night’s instrumental is more acoustic based. Despite that, the song remains upbeat and enjoyable. The members made me smile throughout the song with their delivery and I loved the inclusiveness of the chorus where they all sing together. I liked how the rapping was done in this song. What we have heard so far on the album was heavier and powerful sides of the rapper, but here they fitted the pop vibe extremely well. (8/10)

8. Outro: In Our Cosmos – Closing out the album and era of Gas Pedal and Adrenaline is the outro track: In Our Cosmos. The track starts off with a breathtaking backing and soothing vocals, before the instrumental starts ramping up alongside some powerful rapping. It then moves onto an EDM instrumental that continues the breathtaking vibe, before ending with the instrumental at the beginning and some more vocals. Thus, returning full circle to how it began. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.4/10


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