[Review] Mango – Super Junior

It has been almost 17 years since Super Junior started out, and yet they are still going strong! It still amazes me to hear that Super Junior are still at it in this tough industry! Super Junior returned in July of this year with their 11th studio album The Road: Keep on Going and the title track Mango. Their last comeback was from last year when they returned with House Party and The Renaissance (their 10th studio album). In addition, the group also did release a special single earlier this year titled Callin’ ahead of their ninth tour.

To me, Mango is best described as a pleasant pop song and I believe this helps make it one of their best title tracks in recent memory. The pleasant side is appreciable, especially in an industry that is heavily dominated by heavy and intense EDM/synths. And the pop profile of Mango‘s instrumental makes it straightforward and satisfying to listen to. The melodies are probably the best aspect of Mango for me. They were quite catchy and easy on the ears. And it just isn’t the chorus melodies that I found to be easy on the ears. Even the verses had some great melodic flow and it made the entirety of Mango more enjoyable. I also found myself humming to the song a number of times since I checked out the song. The vocal work was quite solid. However, with such a vocal centric song, I did expect some harder hitting ad-libs and more powerful moments that weren’t held onto until the end. This would have helped make Mango potentially more stunning and potentially addresses my next issue with the song. Call me hypocritical, but while I did like the pleasantness of Mango, part of me did think it also contributed to the feeling that Mango was a bit plain. Now, I am not expecting a House Party breakdown (that would ruin the song for me – yes, the feeling is still strong). But I kind of wished Mango did something just a bit more to give Mango a wow factor. This could have been strong ad-libs or vocals throughout the song (as already mentioned), or a suitable rap sequence that kicks the momentum up. I do lean towards the latter option a bit more, simply because Mango is missing a substantial rap sequence (we did this rap speak hybrid, but it was more speak in my point of view). I know I have previously advocated that not all songs need a rap sequence (hypocritical me strikes again), but Mango could have used one (provided it was well executed and fits in with the pop vibes of the song). But overall, Mango is still enjoyable and neat Summer pop track for us.

The music video also could have used a bit of a wow factor. Don’t get me wrong, but it is great to still see most of the members on the screen. And the pleasant pop vibe of the song does admittedly constrict the number of concepts that could have been part of this comeback. But this is KPOP we are speaking about and they belong to SM Entertainment. Surely, someone in the company could have thought of something a bit more creative. Aside from that mini-rant, I did like the colourful nature and lighting, which made it suitable for the Summer season. I also enjoyed the Broadway/theatre entrance setting, as felt fitting for the pop vibe of the song. But I guess I wanted more from the music video aspect of this comeback.

The choreography was great but yet simple. It didn’t have anything impressive from what I could see, but it was definitely showed how to have a good time. My favourite part is choreography during the the extended ‘la la la‘ sequence just before the bridge.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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