[Review] Losing Game – LEO (VIXX)

Yesterday saw the return of LEO, the main vocalist of VIXX, a group which we don’t hear too often nowadays. He returns with the title track Losing Game and the mini-album Piano Man Op. 9. This is LEO’s second solo release since completing his military enlistment in 2021. He did release a standalone single at the end of 2021 titled I’m Still Here, but I actually missed this release and have not reviewed it. His last review on my blog was for Romanticism and his mini-album Muse.

Losing Game is a decent track. I liked the different elements that make up Losing Game. But as the song progresses along, it felt just didn’t develop into much. Let’s start off with what I liked. Losing Game‘s R&B instrumental had this slow yet groovy vibe to it. It was subtle, but it was there. The piano that appears throughout the instrumental was deliberate to bring out the emotions behind Losing Game, while the crunchy percussion in the song adds some interesting textures to Losing Game so it isn’t too bland and brings some modern flair to the song. LEO’s vocals were very captivating for the most part and his singing style is well suited for the likes of Losing Game. This voice really shines during the bridge, when most of the instrumental was stripped away. I also enjoyed the opening melodies of the chorus, with the “Need you right here” being the one line that replays in my mind after the song completes. My only gripe about the song, as already mentioned, is that it lacks development. What do I mean about this? Well, the song sounds exactly like how it started. While sometimes it is a good thing, I felt Losing Game needed a climax or a peak. It held back and this didn’t really help make the song appealing as it could have been. I do think we in a direction of a pea when a guitar presence emerges from the instrumental just at the end of the bridge, and Losing Game would have been cooler to pick more of that guitar up for the final chorus. But it fizzles instead to the same chorus. Overall, decent comes to mind. But I am sure Losing Game could have been more proactive and taken to the next level had it not been held back.

Losing Game is about a relationship being one sided, and we do get that impression in the video. There is a female character in the video which we can see is in a relationship with LEO. But we don’t see her face often. And when we do, it is covered with a mask to suggest that she is hiding something. In the end, she runs away, leaving LEO behind. LEO obviously goes after her, but he can no longer find her, suggesting that she might have never loved him. I liked the melodramatic settings of the music video. LEO’s opened jacket look was a bit questionable in my opinion. I am on the fence on whether it matches the concept or not.

I actually liked the stillness that started off the performance. That never really gets much attention, so I thought I point it out for this review. There was some really good flow in the movements during the verses. And I like the body waves that opened with the chorus, complementing the sensual vibe that is brought to the comeback via the R&B instrumentation.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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