[Weekly KPOP Chart] 4th Week of November 2022

Welcome back to another Weekly KPOP Charts post for the 4th Week of November 2022.

It has been a big week on the blog with a big continued focus on the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Firstly, I posted the KPOPREVIEWED Choice for the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards (i.e. who I personally thought were the best in each category of nominees of the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards).

And just yesterday, I opened the official voting page for the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards, where you (the readers of the blog), and only you, can decide who the official winners of the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. This is by far the most important stage of any KPOPREVIEWED Award period. There is no rush to get your vote in, as deciding which artists, songs and performances of the year are the ‘best of the best’ are very important decisions to make. The survey will remain open until the very end of 6 January 2023, so feel free to ponder for now. BUT make sure you get your vote in before 6 January 2023. I will make sure to remind you constantly on the blog, Twitter and Facebook!

But as for now, here are the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 4th Week of November 2022.

Recap & New Releases of the Week

Another new week, more reviews. However, I didn’t cover the amount of songs I would like (I have a very daunting list of albums and songs I want to review staring at me from the side whilst writing up this post). They will still come, though. Some day in the future. In the meanwhile, I had posted reviews for AB6IX’s Sugarcoat, KANG DANIEL’s Nirvana, TEMPEST’s Dragon and NMIXX’s Funky Glitter Christmas.

Here are the other new releases from the past week (some of which I will return and review some day in the future):

  • Dreamers – Jungkook (BTS)
  • Groove Back – JYP ft. Gaeko (Dynamic Duo)
  • Tomorrow Shinhwa WDJ
  • The Days We Were Us – Solji (EXID)
  • Under The Skin – &TEAM
  • Forgive Me – BoA
  • Funky Glitter Christmas – NMIXX
  • Old School – NTX
  • Freeze Tag – TO1
  • Stay With Me – IRRIS
  • We’re Done – Kim Dohee
  • Taste The Feeling – TEMPEST

Throwback Corner

Another week, another binge. This time, it was for Stray Kids. And it was primarily when I was preparing for the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards survey set-up. I was happy to be listening and reliving some of their past promoted tracks, given that they are one of my go to artists as the moment. If I had to pick one, it would have to be their 2019 release with MIROH. An old favourite that I personally feel is quite forgotten.

Non-Korean Release of the Week

Coinciding with his return this week onto the Korean music scene, this week’s Non-Korean Release is KANG DANIEL’s Joy Ride, which ranked in the 7th position. Joy Ride also had the biggest jump of the week (72 spots!).

The Charts

Congratulations to VERIVERY for topping the Weekly KPOP Chart for the 4th Week of November 2022 with Tap Tap. This is also the first time ever that VERIVERY had topped my Weekly KPOP Charts! For that, another congratulations is in order. For more of the charts, keep on reading.

4th Week of November 202220th – 26th Nov 2022
1Tap TapVERIVERY(▲ 14)
2CASE 143Stray Kids(=)
3The AstronautJIN (BTS)(▲ 8)
4Funky Glitter ChristmasNMIXX(NEW)
6SugarcoatAB6IX(▲ 42)
7Joy RideKANG DANIEL(▲ 72)
9SelfishYooA (OH MY GIRL)(▼ 5)
10Drip N’ DropMIRAE(=)
11Give Me Your TMIStray Kids(▲ 36)
12Lay LowYooA (OH MY GIRL)(▲ 18)
13NirvanaKANG DANIEL ft. pH-1 & WDBZ(NEW)
14Hymn to LoveEPEX(▲ 23)
15VirusVICTON(▲ 63)
16The OneDRIPPIN(▲ 11)
17When I Get OldCHUNG HA & CHRISTOPHER(▲ 34)
18CHILLStray Kids(▲ 61)
19VISIONDreamcatcher(▲ 12)
20Make The ChangeENHYPEN(▲ 20)
21AttitudeATBO(▲ 53)
22AloneHIGHLIGHT(▼ 17)
23UnknownJeongmin (BF)(▲ 53)
25It’ll Be AlrightRoy Kim(▲ 17)
27Last SceneCHEN (EXO)(▼13)
28Rum Pum PumVIVIZ(▼10)
29HigherFIFTY FIFTY(▲ 50)
303D WomanJAMIE(▲ 28)

Songs leaving the charts

The following songs have wrapped up their nine week run in the charts system, and will no longer be on the charts starting next week:


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