[Album Review] Take A Chance (6th Mini Album) – AB6IX

Another album review is here. As you can tell, I am trying my best to catch up on the backlog of albums that I want to take a closer look. And I think I have figured out a ways forward in clearing that backlog. I won’t bore you with the details. Just leave it up to me to get through all the albums I have on the list. As for now, let’s refocus on the album in today’s spotlight. As you can tell by the title of this post, that album is AB6IX’s 6th mini-album, Take A Chance. Released in early October 2022, it features the title track Sugarcoat and 6 additional side tracks (one of which being the Korean version of the group’s first original English single CHANCE). The release of Take A Chance follows two other 2022 comebacks by the group – A to B (lead by SAVIOR) and Complete With You (lead by 1, 2, 3).

Take A Chance Album Cover

1. Paranoia – Beginning the mini-album off with a bit of edge is Paranoia. It starts off like your typical dark concepted dance track. But as the song progresses, Paranoia becomes more shrilling and loaded with synths. You might think of it as a quality issue, but it ended up giving Paranoia a very intriguing texture and vibe. To compliment this, AB6IX vocals/rap become muffled (to varying degrees) throughout the track, which heightens the texture and vibe to new levels. I did like that AB6IX and their producers manage to somehow still get the vocals/raps to standout. (8.5/10)

2. Sugarcoat (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Sugarcoat. (6/10)

3. WeightlessWeightless is a very cool and unique track. I am not entirely sure what genre Weightless would fall into, but I am thinking of alternative pop rock. I really enjoyed the choruses, especially with the textured jabs we get at the start of the choruses and the blastful energy that follows up those jabs. Those jabs were also an obvious highlight that I have gladly replayed the song for time and time again. The verses were a bit more mainstream, but I appreciated that as it gives us a chance to build/recover from the choruses. Weightless is my recommendation from this mini-album and a song I hope to see AB6IX perform some time in the future. (10/10)

4. Complicated – Electronic distortion kicks off Complicated, before a simpler R&B pop direction takes over. The distortion, to a degree, does remain part of the song. But it feels quite small and hence comes off more like vibrating detailing. It comes back in more substantial manner towards the end, finishing off the song how it started. Apart from that, I enjoyed the vocals and melodies, which had a subtle sensual vibe. The rapping, on the other hand, gave Complicated an epic feel. All of which contributed to a strong track. (9/10)

5. ResonanceResonance is another cool track with its electronic hip-hop instrumentation. Once again, I quite liked Woojin’s rapping. I also enjoyed that female vocal effect being built into the instrumentation during the second verse, adding a funky/groovy element to the song. The boyish anthem chant and rapped second half to the bridge was an epic start to the end. I would have liked it more if the producers somehow transformed that into the actual end of the song or an outro, as I prefer that to the actual chorus/outro that was repeated from earlier on in the song. (8/10)

6. Crow Crow hones back into the R&B genre that was visited earlier by the group. It delivers an even sensual vocal/rap performance, and the melody for the chorus was memorable. I just wished there was a bit more to the instrumentation, to give it some oomph or something memorable to remember it by. The flute-like detail potentially could have been this element, but it was just felt overpowered by the bass and everything else in the instrumentation. (7.5/10)

7. CHANCE (Korean Version)CHANCE was previously released in English in August 2022. It is a simple and bright pop track dedicated for their fans. The brass gives it such a vibrant colour and tone, while the members’ vocals were upbeat and cheerful. I quite enjoyed the English version of the song when it came out, and the Korean version is equally as great. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.1/10

Take A Chance Teaser Image

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