[Review] Impurities – LE SSERAFIM

In case you missed it, LE SSERAFIM made their comeback with ANTIFRAGILE (the name of both the mini-album and title track) in October of last year, raising the bar even further in the very heated competition between new female groups of last year. As part of the promotions for ANTIFRAGILE (the mini-album), the group followed up promotions of ANTIFRAGILE (the title track) with the side track Impurities, which also got the music video treatment (hence the review today). Today’s review for Impurities also is in preparation for the album review for ANTIFRAGILE, which I will be posting some time this weekend.

Impurities comes off as another pleasant song, though I am of the opinion that more could have been done with Impurities. It features a smooth and dreamy R&B instrumentation that really pulls you in and captivates you. The vocals were kept subdued and gave off a mature vibe, pairing extremely well with the R&B genre (in general) and Impurities‘ instrumental . Together, it created a soft atmosphere that is so easy to get lost in. The song is also described as ‘sophisticated’, which I totally get from the song, as well. However, there isn’t much to remember Impurities by. This is because Impurities lacked a riveting melody and bold enough hooks that would have kept the song in the mind of the listener after it had ended. Had LE SSERAFIM and their producers developed melodies and hooks with a more memorable tinge to them, Impurities easily could have rivaled the likes of NewJean’s Attention or even Ditto. I did find the ‘Can you see huh?‘ line just before the choruses to be charming, so Impurities had that going on for itself. There was also a bit of oomph via some sing-rapping, which I found to have struck an appreciable balance of adding something more to Impurities, but also keep the rest of the track in mind.

The music video for Impurities was more of a performance video, with the entirety of the music video focusing on the choreography. I will make comments on the performance in the next section. I thought the intro was very eye-catching and intriguing. The rest of the music video is shot in one location, but the producers did a lot with this one location. The use of walls, lighting, screens just gave a limited and boring location limitless potential. I also feel that green screens might have also been used to extend the location out further. But I may be wrong about this. I really liked the images were saw on the screen in the background

Even though the music doesn’t call for much, LE SSERAFIM really showed off their performance chops with what felt like a complex routine. They were constantly moving about, filling up the space so well, both musically and on stage. It is a captivating performance that works extremely well with the music and style choices for this song.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.3/10


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