[Album Review] ANTIFRAGILE (2nd Mini Album) – LE SSERAFIM

As flagged a few days back, I will be posting the album review for ANTIFRAGILE, LE SSERAFIM’s second mini-album since their widely successful and catchy debut with FEARLESS (both the title of their first mini-album and debut title track). Only one song review stood in the way of publishing this album review (i.e. side track Impurities). But with that review posted on Thursday (link below) and I reviewed ANTIFRAGILE (the group’s most recent title track, link also below) back around when it was first released in October 2022, it is time for me to post my album review for ANTIFRAGILE. Their new mini-album is miles away from the standard set by FEARLESS, which I had described as ‘fair’ at the time of review. There are a few nice gems on this new mini-album, so keep on reading to find out which song(s) I am referring to and to check out the improved mini-album release that belongs to LE SSERAFIM.


1. The Hydra – Through The Hydra, we get an EDM introductory track. It was a very cool single with the members narrating in their respective languages (Korean, English and Japanese) about being antifragile (which leads into the title track that follows). It is definitely very trendy and the instrumentation has such a sense of confidence and sassiness that I find to be very memorable. (9/10)

2. ANTIFRAGILE (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for ANTIFRAGILE. (8/10)

3. ImpuritiesClick to read the full review for Impurities. (7.5/10)

4. No Celestial – Bringing pop rock to the mini-album is No Celestial. This style of pop rock is reminiscent of early 2000s pop rock and is another cool track on this mini-album. LE SSERAFIM doesn’t hold back in the song, throwing the F-word at us throughout the track without any consequence and giving us what I would describe as a powerful chorus that is just a vibe. Their vocals were superb throughout. All this praise means No Celestial is my recommended side track from this mini-album. (10/10)

5. Good Parts (when the quality is bad but I am) – Ending the mini-album is Good Parts, which is a much softer pop track. Just from the tone and vocal delivery, this song expresses a more vulnerable message to the audience. I really liked the harmonies in the song, the velvety instrumentation and the melodies were really soothing and touching. I also like how Good Parts manage to show a different colour to LE SSERAFIM, indicating their potential and range. (8.5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.6/10


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