ONEUS made their comeback last Monday with their 9th mini-album PYGALMON and their latest lead single, ERASE ME. This is the male group’s first release since September’s 2022 MALUS and Same Scent. It is also the group’s first official comeback as a five member group, following Ravn’s hiatus and subsequent departure during and after Same Scent/MALUS‘ promotion. As part of the promotions of new mini-album, ONEUS did pre-release a side track, titled UNFORGETTABLE. I have yet to review that single, but will definitely do so in the future ahead of PYGALMON‘s album review.

There is a fair lot going on in ERASE ME and I will admit that it was quite overwhelming the first couple of listens. But a week on from ERASE ME‘s release, the track has definitely grown on me a fair bit. The idea with having a strong and dramatic orchestral influence in combination with the synths was a really amazing idea. The intensity was definitely gripping and made for a unique listening experience. The jerkiness of instrumental, especially around the choruses, might be a bit unlikeable to some (and I can completely understand why!). But I personally thought the jerkiness nature of ERASE ME was a charming aspect of the song. The boldness of the synths used in the chorus probably contributed that overwhelming impression I mentioned at the start of the review, but it does now leave a more memorable impression now. As for the members, they did a decent job. Seoho with his piercing high note at the start of the final chorus and Xion’s lower and huskier tone that opened up the second chorus were probably my favourite aspects of ERASE ME. On the other hand, Leedo and Hwanwoong’s rapping was underbaked for such an intense song and their rapping segments could have used some oomph to bring to the same level of boldness as the instrumentation. ERASE ME also lacked a strong melody and hook, but I think the instrumental just took away any opportunity for something strong to develop in these departments. We do have a “Da Da Da” hook and some pop melodies that were promising, but something more striking could have been delivered in this song. Overall, I like the direction taken by, and the final product that is, ERASE ME. But I think improvements to the song could have made it even better.

To say the music video was stunning would be a complete understatement. While it is just choreography and closeup shots, every single shot and scene just leaves such a strong visual impression on you. The quality was so crisp and the members looked so good because of this. The clever cinematography and lighting definitely emphasised the boldness of the music and made me go wow on so many occasions. The concrete stairs and the dance break sequence of the song/music video were prime examples of these moments. The colour palette was rather limited, but the producers did an amazing job of ensuring that those colours look so fresh and stimulating. Whatever RBW is doing here needs to be replicated across all of their music videos in the future because it makes the entire video dynamic.

It should come as no surprise that such a song like ERASE ME would lend towards a very strong performance. ONEUS definitely delivers this and shows off their performance skills with such an intense and complex routine, as a whole. However, I just cannot commit to saying that this is their most impressive effort to date. But don’t get me wrong, the choreography for ERASE ME is definitely up there.

Song – 8.5/`10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.1/10


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