Zombie Party – SPEED

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SPEED is back with a new song. After their release of Don’t Tease Me in February, the group returned once again in March and then once again in April. But let’s take the songs one at a time, okay? The group released Zombie Party as a single in March. Though this song was not formally promoted on the stages (there are only like 2 live stages for this group), the boys still manage to do well with their amazing skills and song. That is all for the intro. I realize I have been late for the past few days with reviews, so…

This song is pretty amazing. It is not your typical song. I thought it would be something along the lines of 100% or VIXX dark style songs, but instead, the band came out with a really cool and fun song. Most of the song has the high ptch type of vocals, which to me, really does not fit the boys that well. However, as they got to the chorus, the song started to get that much better. It was like a punch to the ace. It is catchy and really showcases the fun side of the song. The song itself contains a really good party beat instrumental which sounds pretty cool. I have to complain though, their English is pretty Engrish? Well, they pronounce Zombie Party as Jombie Part and Breath Now? I am not going to stay anything for that final part. Going to run away.

The music video is too dark. Like I cannot see anything. Anything I can see, however, is covered by the fast transition from scenes to different camera angles. Nothing stayed more than 1 second. It is like their company is pulling off another T-Ara music video such as Day By Day. Also, was the need for flashy lights required? Cause out of all of the bad points of the music video, I have to hate that the most. On top of that, we are in that same abandoned warehouse again. It is the same one guys. It is like that room that KPOP starts enjoyed filming themselves ion last year. And really beside that, the intro was okay and the ending with the Michael Jackson thriller laugh (that scene always scared me as a child) was kind of misused. Okay, we get the leader is smiling, but shouldn’t something happen to prove that he is a zombie. Like a flash of zombie colour or something, cause that smile can be anything. So yeah, to be honest, crappy music video.

As for the dance, it is fun and fits the song. Nothing much to complain. Like the use of the female human there. Hahahaha… I kid. No, but Shannon is a really good dancer and her addition to the dance gives it more of that creepy factor that we all want from a song about Zombies.

I have to say, the music video was the worst part of the comeback. For a song that was not formally promoted like Don’t Tease Me or their most recent song, which the title slipped my mind, this song is pretty cool. 7/10. If only they got a perfect music video. 

Soulmate #1 – F-ve Dolls


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F-ve Dolls recently made their comeback with a new song after like 2 and a half years. Their last song Like This Or Like That was released back in February 2012 and a comeback for F-ve Dolls has been promised by the company that has had a really bad year last year since the last of 2012. F-ve Dolls is a subunit for a much larger group which is known as COED School, where the girls and boys are split into subunits. It has been 3 years since a comeback for the larger group. Coming back with 6 members, and hence their name F-ve Doll’s means jack now, this has to be the worst comeback of the year. Their newest member is from the group The Seeya, which technically confuses the crap out of me. Add SPEED in, the group’s male counterpart, and I think I just solved the Da Vinci code.

As mentioned above, this is the worst comeback. I really do love Like This Or Like That. However this song is rubbish. It seems like the company (which many believe is corrupt) has gone for a song style that made their label mate T-Ara more famous than ever. Roly Poly, by T-Ara is a very popular song and the company MUST’VE thought that this would be an ideal style for the band. I understand that, but really don’t see much of the connection between fans comparing the two songs. Firstly, it has its retro roots. Beside that, I really do dislike the song and it sounds no way similar to Roly Poly. The chorus is quite catchy, I have to admit, but for some reason it does not stay in my mind like I think it would. That little rap sequence at the start which is barely hearable, why is it there? It took me awhile to realize that there was something there. The vocals are okay, but the rap and the male voice background thing’s are not really attractive in this song. They do have their charm, but I feel it just changes the song totally. Also, the rap in the song overall is a big no no for me. While, you pretty much get the feel that I hated the song, I actually liked the instrumental. Yeah crazy as it sounds, but it happens. But that game theme kid of ending, yeah. Lose it.

The music video is also a big no no. Literally, disliked the whole camera work in the video and the black and white feel to the video. Not sure about the plot line at all. It seems to be like a documentary of a very “successful” girl group who apparently reached first placed on the Billboards. The very ironic thing here is: they have not reached the Billboards at all yet. Unless I am mistaken. However if they did, it is definitely not first place. Those random colour shots as close ups really do distract me. It goes from black and white to colour to black and white and back to colour. Pick a filter for the video and stay with it.

You may think I hate the dance (judging from the review above) but I think the dance is really cool. It is catchy (unlike over elements in this comeback). I really did like the “Kiss-a Babo” part of the dance in the course. I thought that was very different. The incorporation of the jacket around the waist and then putting it back on did not trouble me at all. I thought it was a fresh idea.

2.5/10. Overall really disappointed. Really don’t like retro themed songs like Roly Poly, Shy Boy etc. Never was a fan. I guess I will never be.