Can You Love Me? – 5Dolls ft. Dani (T-Ara N4)

5Dolls (the six-member group) recently made their comeback onto the stage after promotions of Soulmate #1, with their repackaged mini album, First Love. This song also marks the debut of Dani, the long awaited trainee that was meant to be a part of T-Ara, but a lot of stuff happened and the company don’t really know where to put her. Little more on that a little longer. But I think the company is starting to confuse the number 5 with 7. Okay, they got a little confuse with the name 5Dolls when there were 6 members, but now 7 people on stage? I think someone needs to go back to counting class.

The song is boring. It does not really appeal to me and I find this the worst song that I can possibly ever listen to. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating it a bit, but seriously, there was not one bit in this song that I would call “amazing”. Most of it was average and honestly, it does not appeal to many people around there. Maybe they were taking a step away from their previous disco phase, but this song is not the right way to go. Ballads are not really 5Doll’s piece of cake, let alone Coed School. And that song that they released after this one, that too was really awful. Another thing: this song is not promoting 5Dolls. No, it is promoting Dani and only Dani. Nothing is focused on the band, but Dani. For the love of KPOP, she is just “featuring” in the song but it seems like CCM are making this her breakthrough song. Oh, by the way, her rap was awful.

The music video is not any worse. But it was equally as boring. There is actually nothing to say about the video, so I am going to skip over that part. As for the live performance, the dance was rather weak but fitted the song. As for CCM promoting Dani than 5Dolls, yeah, evident with the eye-catching uniform that Dani wears. It is like Dani formed her own group and 5Dolls are the backup dancers. Come on. She could’ve at least walked onto the stage when it was her turn and then left.

1/10. Soz. Not good at all. I actually prefer Soulmate #1 then this song.

Soulmate #1 – F-ve Dolls



F-ve Dolls recently made their comeback with a new song after like 2 and a half years. Their last song Like This Or Like That was released back in February 2012 and a comeback for F-ve Dolls has been promised by the company that has had a really bad year last year since the last of 2012. F-ve Dolls is a subunit for a much larger group which is known as COED School, where the girls and boys are split into subunits. It has been 3 years since a comeback for the larger group. Coming back with 6 members, and hence their name F-ve Doll’s means jack now, this has to be the worst comeback of the year. Their newest member is from the group The Seeya, which technically confuses the crap out of me. Add SPEED in, the group’s male counterpart, and I think I just solved the Da Vinci code.

As mentioned above, this is the worst comeback. I really do love Like This Or Like That. However this song is rubbish. It seems like the company (which many believe is corrupt) has gone for a song style that made their label mate T-Ara more famous than ever. Roly Poly, by T-Ara is a very popular song and the company MUST’VE thought that this would be an ideal style for the band. I understand that, but really don’t see much of the connection between fans comparing the two songs. Firstly, it has its retro roots. Beside that, I really do dislike the song and it sounds no way similar to Roly Poly. The chorus is quite catchy, I have to admit, but for some reason it does not stay in my mind like I think it would. That little rap sequence at the start which is barely hearable, why is it there? It took me awhile to realize that there was something there. The vocals are okay, but the rap and the male voice background thing’s are not really attractive in this song. They do have their charm, but I feel it just changes the song totally. Also, the rap in the song overall is a big no no for me. While, you pretty much get the feel that I hated the song, I actually liked the instrumental. Yeah crazy as it sounds, but it happens. But that game theme kid of ending, yeah. Lose it.

The music video is also a big no no. Literally, disliked the whole camera work in the video and the black and white feel to the video. Not sure about the plot line at all. It seems to be like a documentary of a very “successful” girl group who apparently reached first placed on the Billboards. The very ironic thing here is: they have not reached the Billboards at all yet. Unless I am mistaken. However if they did, it is definitely not first place. Those random colour shots as close ups really do distract me. It goes from black and white to colour to black and white and back to colour. Pick a filter for the video and stay with it.

You may think I hate the dance (judging from the review above) but I think the dance is really cool. It is catchy (unlike over elements in this comeback). I really did like the “Kiss-a Babo” part of the dance in the course. I thought that was very different. The incorporation of the jacket around the waist and then putting it back on did not trouble me at all. I thought it was a fresh idea.

2.5/10. Overall really disappointed. Really don’t like retro themed songs like Roly Poly, Shy Boy etc. Never was a fan. I guess I will never be.

Painkiller – Various Artist (Yes, there are quite a bit)


I have being dying to review this song and “project group”. This song is a ballad and really one of the songs that’s emotion were very big and did a hell of a job to deliver it to its audience. Let’s list all the amount of artists and groups who participated in this label collaboration. These people include: T-Ara’s Soyeon, The SeeYa’s Yoojin, 5Dolls’ Eunkyo and SPEED’s Taewoon and Sungmin. For those who don’t know, all these artists belong to the same company: CCM Media. The song itself, with its music video was released on the 9th of June 2013.

The song is a ballad that talks about how painful love is. Love, in this song, is like an illness that cannot be curable, hence why painkillers can only be taken to be ensure less pain. There are a few lines which I like from the song when translated from Korean to English. I would also like to say that I am very lazy with where I take my translation of lyrics from (kpoplyrics), so I do not cross reference my takings. Sadly. There may be many variations with one line in the song, so what I put on here would not be technically right. You guys should be thankful that I am not using Google Translate. Anyway here are the lines: “Though I’m sick to death, I only think of you” and “Love is love only when it hurts”. The song has a radio like sound start to it and then goes into the full song. Then towards the end it fades into the radio sound once again.

As for the music video, I first thought it would be something horror base, since the video was rather creepy at the start and the music complemented this genre as well. From watching the music video,we can assume that this girl just moved back into the apartment that must’ve belonged to her former boyfriend,as there are many objects in the video that remind of the girl of her past, which causes to become “sick”. Is it me, or my first instinct if this guy or girl cheated on me, making love painful, I would throw out their belongings because it would help me get over the loss? No? Just Me? Okay, then. Also, the stuff looks rather new. Like the mirror has not dust on it. Regardless of the cover or not, there shall be some kind of dust right? We also see her taking some “toxic” drugs which in my point of view, she should’ve died earlier in the video, as at the start (or the first time) taking the drugs, she took a huge amount, more than the recommended amount. Also, the blood looks real as. I am amazed by the special effects. Sad life, I know. At the end, I think she tries to go back into time, but the clock won’t let her. However, it is too late when fate does, as she has taken her final dose of drugs, to kill her. I must commend Jiyeon’s acting. It is amazing. Props to her. You could definitely feel her emotion a lot in this video.

8.5/10. I must say I am quite impressed, especially since I have not be much impressed with the company’s reputation recently.