Catch Up Review #13 – MYNAME, History, SPEED

Another catch up review. Was supposed to be up a few days ago, but I may have been a little too busy. But with some time now, I shall review the songs for you. If you cannot tell right now, boy groups are up in the spotlight this time around. Today, MYNAME’s Just Tell Me, History’s Must Just Die and SPEED’s recent release What U? will be reviewed for you guys. I was planning on review UNIQ’s EOEO, but one things led to another and SPEED was put up instead.

Just Tell Me – MYNAME


This song was really meh to me. It ticked the right boxes for a modern song and kind of continues on with their mini album they released at the start of the year with Too Very So Much. The song was just so boring. I listened to it once, and haven’t really looked back on it at all. It is somewhat catchy but overall there is no appeal to the sing. The rapping feels very dramatic here as if they are trying hard. As for the vocals, I was fine with it. The music video had this club feel to it and more of a “sexy” concept with the feeling. But the choreography made it feel to distant from the concept and I was very confused. The plot line of the music video was very serious and sexy. But the dance was a little more carefree and playful. So that disappointed me quite a bit. There was so much potential with the music video, but the dance really did not suit it. But the dance did suit the song, so I guess it is just a mismatch between the song and music video then. 3/10

Might Just Die – History


Finally, a modern day orchestra. Wow, I was so amazed when I heard this song. I was not disappointed with it whatsoever. The song just punched me in the face. Maybe they did go a little overboard with the dubstep sounds in the song, but I thought that it complimented the orchestra so well. As for the vocals and the rapping, I was cool with it. The first rapping verse though was a little unsettling as it just changed the song up entirely for me. But beside it, I thought it was a solid song. As for the music video, their acting is pretty good. It seems like they were locked away and when they were released by the girl, things got a little out of hand and they made a mistake that drove the girl away. So I guess this where the “Must Just Die” title came from, as they might as well die if the girl is not there. As for the dance, I thought it was pretty good. Those abs are very defined. Probably so many fan girls swooned over them abs. I like the dance towards the end more than the rest of it but overall, the entire dance fitted very well with the modern song. 8.5/10

What U – SPEED


As again, I thought this was an amazing song. The orchestra is there once again but with more of the epic and grand feel for this song. the vocal work was really well done especially the ad-libs at the end. The title was really off putting for me though. What U what? It is a little disappointing to here Taewoon had left the band and the rapping just did not feel like normal. But you can tell that Sungmin and Sejoon tried very hard to fill in Taewoon’s position as well. The music video was a little boring to watch though, I have to be honest. So much more could have been done with it and I was just do bored of it. There was a plot line to it, but it just felt so empty that I am kind of glossing over it. From what I got out of it, the boys follow this girl. And she is very terrified. And I would be as well, mainly because they are all creeping her out at the end. Unless you are a hardcore fan. Then they should be scared of you. Hahahaha… The dancing concept was amazing. They brought tutting into KPOP a few years back and now they are coming in with Heely shoes. I have no idea what they are called, but apparently they used to be popular. Yeah, they existed for a very long time and I only heard of them now. Well, I knew they existed. But the dance is amazing with it in. More complex and I just can’t wait for someone to stack it. Too evil? Yeah, I think so too as well. MUAHAHAHA…. 8/10

Wow, I wrote more as I went by. Click on the song title’s for the music video. The next two reviews will be the more standard ones with just one song. I plan to review both SHINee’s View and Kara’s Cupid. They should be out tomorrow and Saturday, so just a little more waiting.




Zombie Party – SPEED


SPEED is back with a new song. After their release of Don’t Tease Me in February, the group returned once again in March and then once again in April. But let’s take the songs one at a time, okay? The group released Zombie Party as a single in March. Though this song was not formally promoted on the stages (there are only like 2 live stages for this group), the boys still manage to do well with their amazing skills and song. That is all for the intro. I realize I have been late for the past few days with reviews, so…

This song is pretty amazing. It is not your typical song. I thought it would be something along the lines of 100% or VIXX dark style songs, but instead, the band came out with a really cool and fun song. Most of the song has the high ptch type of vocals, which to me, really does not fit the boys that well. However, as they got to the chorus, the song started to get that much better. It was like a punch to the ace. It is catchy and really showcases the fun side of the song. The song itself contains a really good party beat instrumental which sounds pretty cool. I have to complain though, their English is pretty Engrish? Well, they pronounce Zombie Party as Jombie Part and Breath Now? I am not going to stay anything for that final part. Going to run away.

The music video is too dark. Like I cannot see anything. Anything I can see, however, is covered by the fast transition from scenes to different camera angles. Nothing stayed more than 1 second. It is like their company is pulling off another T-Ara music video such as Day By Day. Also, was the need for flashy lights required? Cause out of all of the bad points of the music video, I have to hate that the most. On top of that, we are in that same abandoned warehouse again. It is the same one guys. It is like that room that KPOP starts enjoyed filming themselves ion last year. And really beside that, the intro was okay and the ending with the Michael Jackson thriller laugh (that scene always scared me as a child) was kind of misused. Okay, we get the leader is smiling, but shouldn’t something happen to prove that he is a zombie. Like a flash of zombie colour or something, cause that smile can be anything. So yeah, to be honest, crappy music video.

As for the dance, it is fun and fits the song. Nothing much to complain. Like the use of the female human there. Hahahaha… I kid. No, but Shannon is a really good dancer and her addition to the dance gives it more of that creepy factor that we all want from a song about Zombies.

I have to say, the music video was the worst part of the comeback. For a song that was not formally promoted like Don’t Tease Me or their most recent song, which the title slipped my mind, this song is pretty cool. 7/10. If only they got a perfect music video. 

Don’t Tease Me – Speed


Speed, the male subunit of the really big group, COED school, has finally made their comeback with Don’t Tease Me. Known for really powerful and complex choreography, the band  has returned with more of a circus theme comeback, rather than their serious electro debut they had. They made a joint comeback with two new songs. The other one, which I won’t review, Why I’m Not?, was a really boring song that I won’t even go near or even touch. Don’t Tease Me on the other hand is so much better. There is two versions to their song, the (what I assume to be) rap version and the voice version. Don’t know why but these songs sounds exactly the same to me. But on with the review.

Vocals, spot on. Rapping, spot on. I have no complaints with this song whatsoever. There is nothing wrong with the song. I find it really amazing. The instrumental gives it that circus theme that the whole comeback revolves around. In the whole song, I was not once ever disappointed and even though I cringe when there is a song full of rapping, I actually find it really suit the band and the song. The instrumental is really catchy and gives off a fun vibrant feeling to the song. I think the song talks about a guy who was left by his former girlfriend, but now acts like hell towards her because of the pain she gave him. Interesting concept, giving that more playful look on the song.

There actually is no proper music video from this band. Actually the “official” music video is just them performing at their recent solo concert. So I am going to skip straight to the dance part of the review. The dancing is so cool. Kids, don’t try this at home!!! Last time they were tutting (remember when that was the trend?) and now they are doing back flips and stunts that I think I would see in a circus or action movie only. Seriously, so they will have no more proper dancing styles to attempt. But, really the back-flips looked awesome and the “Don’t Tease Me” part where they were slapping their butts as a sign of intimidation was really cool as well.

10/10. Wow that was a really cool comeback. Do check it out! This review is pretty short though. Hopefully I can keep some of these pretty short for the future as well. It takes me a good hour to write one of these, mainly because I procrastinate a lot.


Painkiller – Various Artist (Yes, there are quite a bit)


I have being dying to review this song and “project group”. This song is a ballad and really one of the songs that’s emotion were very big and did a hell of a job to deliver it to its audience. Let’s list all the amount of artists and groups who participated in this label collaboration. These people include: T-Ara’s Soyeon, The SeeYa’s Yoojin, 5Dolls’ Eunkyo and SPEED’s Taewoon and Sungmin. For those who don’t know, all these artists belong to the same company: CCM Media. The song itself, with its music video was released on the 9th of June 2013.

The song is a ballad that talks about how painful love is. Love, in this song, is like an illness that cannot be curable, hence why painkillers can only be taken to be ensure less pain. There are a few lines which I like from the song when translated from Korean to English. I would also like to say that I am very lazy with where I take my translation of lyrics from (kpoplyrics), so I do not cross reference my takings. Sadly. There may be many variations with one line in the song, so what I put on here would not be technically right. You guys should be thankful that I am not using Google Translate. Anyway here are the lines: “Though I’m sick to death, I only think of you” and “Love is love only when it hurts”. The song has a radio like sound start to it and then goes into the full song. Then towards the end it fades into the radio sound once again.

As for the music video, I first thought it would be something horror base, since the video was rather creepy at the start and the music complemented this genre as well. From watching the music video,we can assume that this girl just moved back into the apartment that must’ve belonged to her former boyfriend,as there are many objects in the video that remind of the girl of her past, which causes to become “sick”. Is it me, or my first instinct if this guy or girl cheated on me, making love painful, I would throw out their belongings because it would help me get over the loss? No? Just Me? Okay, then. Also, the stuff looks rather new. Like the mirror has not dust on it. Regardless of the cover or not, there shall be some kind of dust right? We also see her taking some “toxic” drugs which in my point of view, she should’ve died earlier in the video, as at the start (or the first time) taking the drugs, she took a huge amount, more than the recommended amount. Also, the blood looks real as. I am amazed by the special effects. Sad life, I know. At the end, I think she tries to go back into time, but the clock won’t let her. However, it is too late when fate does, as she has taken her final dose of drugs, to kill her. I must commend Jiyeon’s acting. It is amazing. Props to her. You could definitely feel her emotion a lot in this video.

8.5/10. I must say I am quite impressed, especially since I have not be much impressed with the company’s reputation recently.

It’s Over – SPEED (Dance Ver.)


Speed made their debut as a group with an original song in January. For this review, I will be reviewing the song and dance only. Sadly, CCM has a trend with making long as music videos. Due to time constraints and that I too need a life (but don’t have one…) cannot write a 1000 word rreview on the music video. If I do one part, that means I have to write the review for the other half. That you may think is easy, however, do you know how many times that I take to write a review? Minimum 20 minutes, maximum a week. 🙂

It’s Over is completely different song and has a completely different feel to Lovey Dovey, which they remade last year. It’s Over is more of a techno track, as evident with its electro beat in the song. The instrumental is totally epic, as it fits and the dance. The addition of the girl’s voice at the start makes the song much better than what it is before. The chorus is pretty catchy, but to me quite repetitive .  The girl’s addition towards the end kind of throws me off, as it makes the intense song end abruptly, which to me, does not sound good. However, overall I was quite pleased with the song.

The dance is really cool. I think whenever I here this particular song or a song with a much similar beat, I would probably break down into this tutting dance. However, I will look like a guy with some kind of movement issue, so I don’t think I would now. But how epic is the dance, the tuts are so in sync and I think they make prefect right angles. A++++. The intro for each week changes, and to me, makes the whole song look fresh.

7.5/10. Pretty good.