Now There Is No Tomorrow – Trouble Maker


Trouble Maker is back with a new song. It has been nearly 2 years since we have last seen these two singers together on stage promoting a new song. Can I just say wow? Like, they are quite successful and I can see why the company decided to put them together again, but I think many people know that their debut song, Trouble Maker, is their best song ever. Not hating or anything, but I have friends that agree with me on this topic. However, this does not indicate that this comeback was crap, because it was not. It was amazing. Also, they were hit with a little bit of controversy with their music video, which I will talk about later. Also, I have a lot to say about the music video. Most of focus will be on the music video itself in this video.

The song is pretty cool. Not as great as Trouble Maker though. There was something in this song that did not yell out “Trouble Maker” to me. This song lacked the power and the energy which Trouble Maker has a lot. Even their dance was a little lighter than usual. The vocals were not as great and sounded very drawn out. Hyuna’s rap fitted the speed of the song and sounded really good. The chorus is pretty catchy and I have to admit, with the dance, the song would’ve been hard to pull off. I actually miss Hyuna singing. I don’t know why, but the song feels empty without her voice. She raps and have her own moments, but they tend to be covered up or layered with Hyunseung’s. Yeah, you can say I was disappointed with the song, but that latin salsa feel to the song and instrumental is quite different and sounds pretty cool. The lyrics are pretty cool and fit the music video quite well.

Three words that describe this video: Porn, porn and more porn. Like seriously 75% of this video is sex. Sex in caravan, sex in car, sex in public. But the video still also has a pretty cool music video. We see a couple, cheating on each other. The guy has sex with two other girls, while the girl is at a party (not sure if she is cheating, but if the guy is having sex with other girls and she is a party, I think it could be safe to say so). But needlessly to say that the girl was pretty  pissed off when she found the guy. Then they have sex, where they makeup, but she is pissed off as well and breaks it off. Then they get together again, and as a couple, they put their life at risk and stand around cars that are doing doughnuts around them. Hmmm… about that. Yes, you see that there are some similarities between this video and Rihanna’s, but we cannot really say that the director copied. It looks the same, but there are always its differences. Did I like the video? I am a guy. A normal freaking teenage guy. And then there was Hyuna. In a bra…. Having sex….. What do you think?

The dance is lacking as well, however it seems that it was choreographed to perfection. Like everything in this dance confuses me, but it looks amazing. Put that with the live performance and seriously, for pulling that off without gasping for air is something that I wonder. Like, I would be like dying when we get to the first chorus.

7.5/10. Disappointing, yes, But still a great comeback. And since this is my first day back in like 10 days, I would like to just say for the SHINee poll that was conducted in the review of Everybody,  Everybody was selected as the best song of the SHINee year!!! Hahaha!!! Congrats Everybody!!! I won’t be making a poll. but what is a much better Trouble Maker song? Trouble Maker or Now? Put your answer in the comments below. ^^

Mirror Mirror – 4Minute


This is like the fourth review of the past hit songs, 2nd review of the consecutive three, G.Na’s Top Girl being the next song to be reviewed. Mirror Mirror was released as the title track for the band’s first album in April 2011. Earning them only one award, this song still managed to top charts and given skyrocket the girl’s fame even further. Okay, let’s get this straight. I absolutely disliked this song when it first came out. I felt it was not their mojo to come out with a song like this. However, 2 years on, I have finally lived to the point where the song has warmed upon. I really do like it and think it is an awesome song now, rather than when it first came out. That is just a bit of a heads up for this review.

The song has its good and bad points. The high notes were amazing, JiYoon’s parts before the chorus were superb etc. However, it seems like the bad points kind of weigh the song down. At the very start, I keep on hearing “4Minute Sluts” beside “4Minutes Left”. Seems like Hyuna agree with the slutty rumours then? The most annoying part would have to be the chorus. I do enjoy it now, but a part of me still does feel that the chorus is lacking something. It really does not get my mind in the right mood to hear the song. Also, the giggles has to go. They are useless and a total distraction to the song. Also JiYoon’s rap was too kind of useless. There was no feeling in the song and I found it really boring. It changed up the beat of the song so much, I just thought, why the last minute addition to the song? So as you can see, the song was overall okay. Not the best song, but not that bad to give it a really bad score.

As for the music video, a lot of mirrors were used in the making of the video. Like a lot. If mirrors were worth 100 dollars each, the whole set was really expensive. Okay, sarcasm over, this is the most boring video I have seen in KPOP. There is not one piece of fun or seriousness in this video. Some of the sets got me kind of, WTF?, like the road scene. What was that meant to mean anyway? Also, frizzled hair, out. I hate frizzled hair and it really does not suit JiHyun. Sorry guys. They also used a lot of reflective stuff. Even though the song is called Mirror Mirror, it seemed over the top to literally combine all the mirror that come from all over the world and make a 3 minute video about it. Also, I am not sure of the very last scene where the 4Minute emblem drops down and digs itself into the concrete. Kind of weird? It made no sense. So yeah, not that happy with the video.

As for the dance, wow. It can be sure deemed sluttly, particularly the one in the music video. It seems that the band toned it down for the stage, but it really was not good at all. JiYoon’s rap part, no. I do like the idea of the hands acting like mirrors. And those purple circle, what purpose do they have? What on earth are they on about? Cause, Mirror Mirror on the wall does not have purple lines go through it.

3.5/10. That is only the song though. The rest seemed crap. Not the standard that I personally would go for, for a great song.

Is It Poppin’? – 4Minute

4Minute recently returned to the stage with a brand new single. It has been a very long time since we last saw the girls (sarcasm) in May and now they are back at what they do best. They had their comeback in May with What’s My Name? At least not they have recovered from their memory loss and now have gone for something that I think is a bit outdated. No one ask “Is It Poppin’?” anymore. Was it even a phrase back in the day? I don’t even know. Maybe a phrase like B1a4’s What’s Happening? This song was released June 28th, a month since promotions for What’s My Name ceased.

Oh boy, this song has very little to talk about. I don’t like this song. It is not 4Minute-ish. 4Minute is not into that bubblegum pop stuff that I find really hard to listen to. Even they aegyo phase of Heart To Heart was much better than this. I have to admit this is the worst song by the band by far. Not only was a disappointed, I was totally weirded out by the tune of the song. The song does have its good part, being catchy and all of that common stuff, like Justin Bieber’s Baby, but for the wrong reasons, like Justin Bieber’s Baby. Yeah, I think that is the first time I used Baby twice in a sentence. Only a few more and I can beat the world record. Hahaha. The song talks about how a girl is suspicious of her boyfriend. I have to say the song is original, but it just does not yell out “Major Hit” to me. Again, I was totally disappointed.

I really like the water theme of the song. It matches the song’s previous title of “How’s the Water?” I think. And beside that, the music video was totally low budget. Talk about a month for preparation. I totally thought that the whole thing was quite rushed and yet again disappointed. Basically there are three different scene. Dance scene, which is the most empitest part. Party scene, where everyone was partying hard, in slo-mo. And the pond scene, where the girls stand in the pond and sing. Well, that escalated quickly. And here is where I am going to defend the girls. No, they do not look like sluts. Go home, your drunk. These girls are not sluts in this video, just because they dance. Also, how the fire starts and the water comes down. Shouldn’t that be your cue to actually like evacuate the building? Cause something tells me that you dancing won’t put out the fire. Wait a minute, there was a recent fire at a party in Australia. Yeah, there is no fire at a party here. I lied. Sorry. Here is me going weird now.

The dance… seen better. Again, the whole thing was rushed. It has that cute thing to it, but I am not exactly impressed. What’s My Name had a much better dance. However, I do like the casual feel of the dance. It’s feel is much better than other more complex dances.

2/10. It could’ve been loads better. I was really disappointed. A bit more time could not have hurt. Or the company should’ve just waited for beast to comeback and than 4Minute. Give the girls a break. Hyuna just recently got out of hospital. Let them rest.

What’s Your Name? – 4Minute


4Minute is finally back with a brand new, badass song. Described as “Fantasy Hip Hop”, I think the world “Pop” summed the song up really well don’t you think? It is not your average pop song, but it still what I consider as pop. As for our zombie demographic, Hello! Sorry for neglecting you guys. You guys are finally in a video. That and T-Ara’s Zombie Lovey Dovey version. Don’t eat my brains please.

At first, listening to this song. I was quite disappointed. But after listening to it for the 1075895893456489534895x time, I actually find it quite addictive and it, honestly, sounds very attractive. This is the badass song that I have been waiting for since their previous hit songs. They claim the song will take you back to the Muzic era. I don’t really feel anything, except for the fact that I did not go back in time at all. Quite disappointed. I actually like the song. The beat was amazing. I love the chorus and the rap that Hyuna has. The English parts are quite good as well, “What’s Your Name?”. The start however sounded quite familiar. Ice Cream anyone? Just one small complaint though. Give the leader some more lines!!! She seemed quite sad with only like 2 lines in the whole song, while the other members got 609756867567 lines. Seriously!!!

Zombie fail attack
I don’t know why YouTube stuffed up! I blame the flashing lights in the video.

The music video on the other hand seemed quite random. At first, it seemed normal. Until the zombie apocalypse came. Well, just to point it out, they still look quite attractive despite drooling for brains. Yeah, I tap the zombies anyway. Hence, why I am going to focus mainly on the zombie side of the music video. I guess we can say: That was a pleasant surprise  If you were expecting that, there is something wrong with you. If that is a good thing or a bad thing, I won’t say. Now I guess they reacted like normal people when they first say the news. But how they reacted when the zombies came that got me raising my eyebrows. JiHyun (?) is suing her police baton which she basically stole from the policeman earlier in the video to her advantage. So is the maknae, grabbing the chair. As for the other three, crouching down with a bunch of zombies won’t do much. Nor will holding a hairdryer will help your life. What is going to happen? Is the zombie going to be blown away?

As for the dance, I thought it was cool. It also seems that 4 Minute will be going back to their lip syncing problems. That or the performance did not match up with the music. But overall, pretty cool.

7.5/10. Pretty cool overall.

Here is my question: Does the start of “What’s Your Name?” sound like the start of “Ice Cream” by Hyuna? Just like the first two seconds?

Ice Cream – Hyuna


Hyuna is back after promoting with her band, Volume Up and I think, staring on some kind of TV show. Anyway, Hyuna has always been known to be “sexy”, but with the haters out there I agree she is trying to sell her body. My thoughts. There is sexy and there is slut. She just stepped into the slut area, however, like her Green Apple song she can step back to being cute and not look like a slut. Don’t worry Hyuna, you are still my favourite member in 4 Minute.

The song is quite something. I had mized feelings about this, and I am leaning to the side where this song should never have been promoted. “Don’t Fall Apart” was a much better song and it was a pity it was short. This song however, kind of sounded weird. I liked some parts, and that part was mainly the part after the chorus. I have to say, the rapper was awful, but the part at the start where he opens the song sounds good. I am not sure about the instrumental. Again mixed feelings, but I don’t think I can agree on whether I like it or not.

The music video is kind of weird as well. Though, I thought the music video was quite boring. Psy repaid Hyuna for featuring in his music video by featuring in her music video as a ice-cream eating machine. I am so thankful, that they decided to at least put some form of ice-cream in here, rather than leave a yummy element out of the music video. We see her driving an ice-cream truck, that make men drool. Yeah, that does not sound right. I think he inside of the truck seems unrealistic  when the van is quite small. She sprays people with creamy white stuff from a hose and takes a bath in a bubble bath. The thing I want to ask: why the hell is there a batman sign in the protesters  It says: “Batman is Gone” or something like that.

The dance is alright. I mean, it ranks the same as the rest of the other areas anyway. But the start of the dance is quite good, the rest was hard to follow on with.

To be honest, I was quite happy that this was something different. But it just stood out like Bubble Pop and Change. 5/10.