Tears – Leessang ft. Eugene (The Seeya)

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It has been a while since we all last got something from this hip hop and rap duo, Leessang. Tears was released way back in January 2013, 10 months ago. It instantly topped charts and to me is one of the best songs of the year. Gary, who participates in Running Man and Gil who participates in Infinity Challenge, have received love through those means, but now, it seems like they are missing from the scene. We have been told that the duo will make their comeback, sometime this year, if the rumours are true. I am also hoping that rumours about this website celebrating its second year are true. which they are. Too easy??? I will let that one slide for now.

The song is another emotional song. As soon as you hear the title of the song, you can tell that the song is gonna be a bigger tear jerker! I should really stop. No, but the raps  by Gary and the vocals of Gil and Eugene are very strong and portray the true feelings of the song in great detail. Seriously amazing. Despite it being released 10 months, it is a song that I have been going to over and over again, because it is that great. It also warms your heart, particularly in winter (or cause you to sweat more). The instrumental does not get in the way with the vocals or rap. It is quite soft and plain, but with the voices it is big and loud. You may think the drums are quite loud, but I find it louder with the vocals.

As for the music video, it is equally as amazing. Credits to Daniel from Dalmatian and NS Yoon G for their amazing acting in this video. I don’t think credit is the right word for me to use. We see them at the start breaking up, and from then, like Busker Busker’s video, we see two lives, complaint shaken and different from the life they had as a couple. The screen splits into two, showing a bright side of the picture (them being a couple) and a much more darker side (for their sad lonely times). but what makes this video much better is that despite it being the bright side, we still see some of those lonely times as well. The video was also made to trick us into thinking the two are going to meet up, but it seems we get from the ending that they are two different people from two different worlds, and hence, they cannot be together. That last scene where they cross each other paths just tells us that they have decided to go their different ways, but as all couples, still have hope that they have not realized yet.

10/10. Two 10/10’s in a row. Wow, that is a first. Amazing song and also amazing music video.

Painkiller – Various Artist (Yes, there are quite a bit)

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I have being dying to review this song and “project group”. This song is a ballad and really one of the songs that’s emotion were very big and did a hell of a job to deliver it to its audience. Let’s list all the amount of artists and groups who participated in this label collaboration. These people include: T-Ara’s Soyeon, The SeeYa’s Yoojin, 5Dolls’ Eunkyo and SPEED’s Taewoon and Sungmin. For those who don’t know, all these artists belong to the same company: CCM Media. The song itself, with its music video was released on the 9th of June 2013.

The song is a ballad that talks about how painful love is. Love, in this song, is like an illness that cannot be curable, hence why painkillers can only be taken to be ensure less pain. There are a few lines which I like from the song when translated from Korean to English. I would also like to say that I am very lazy with where I take my translation of lyrics from (kpoplyrics), so I do not cross reference my takings. Sadly. There may be many variations with one line in the song, so what I put on here would not be technically right. You guys should be thankful that I am not using Google Translate. Anyway here are the lines: “Though I’m sick to death, I only think of you” and “Love is love only when it hurts”. The song has a radio like sound start to it and then goes into the full song. Then towards the end it fades into the radio sound once again.

As for the music video, I first thought it would be something horror base, since the video was rather creepy at the start and the music complemented this genre as well. From watching the music video,we can assume that this girl just moved back into the apartment that must’ve belonged to her former boyfriend,as there are many objects in the video that remind of the girl of her past, which causes to become “sick”. Is it me, or my first instinct if this guy or girl cheated on me, making love painful, I would throw out their belongings because it would help me get over the loss? No? Just Me? Okay, then. Also, the stuff looks rather new. Like the mirror has not dust on it. Regardless of the cover or not, there shall be some kind of dust right? We also see her taking some “toxic” drugs which in my point of view, she should’ve died earlier in the video, as at the start (or the first time) taking the drugs, she took a huge amount, more than the recommended amount. Also, the blood looks real as. I am amazed by the special effects. Sad life, I know. At the end, I think she tries to go back into time, but the clock won’t let her. However, it is too late when fate does, as she has taken her final dose of drugs, to kill her. I must commend Jiyeon’s acting. It is amazing. Props to her. You could definitely feel her emotion a lot in this video.

8.5/10. I must say I am quite impressed, especially since I have not be much impressed with the company’s reputation recently.