[DOUBLE REVIEW] Champagne + Rise As One – TVXQ

Another double review for you all. This time, TVXQ is back with a brand new special album. This is their final album for the next two years. That is right, they are enlisting into the army, with Yunho going in first and Changmin enlisting at the end of the year. However, of course, they did not want to leave their fans empty-handed and presented with a special album. This is like just a  present and received very little promotions. This time around however, they did not stick to being a duo (but the majority of the songs on the album are duo work), but selected solo songs for their title track. Yunho’s solo was Champagne and Changmin’s solo was Rise As One. Usually, I don’t review TVXQ songs, but I felt like I needed to this time around.

Like I said, I don’t review TVXQ songs that much. But this time around, I was drawn to their solo songs. Yunho’s Champagne is a really nice song that has a subtle party feel, with what I believe is some sort of rnb roots (?). He chose the song wanting to leave on a happy note and that is basically what he has done with this song. For me, this sounds like a pop song that would had come out like early 00’s. Back in the day. Hahaha…. Not exactly fond of his rapping in this song and also the bridge of the song sounded too mismatched with the rest of the song. The song is quite catchy (especially the “I only want…” parts. Honestly I thought this was such a great song. It is completely different from their past songs. They honestly should do more of these.

Changmin also has a great song as well. So it is not all praises for Yunho. I totally dig this song and would choose this song over Yunho’s song any day (Sorry Yunho). But why? The song has the EDM background instrumental to it, which I totally dig (I really enjoy songs with the “drop” nowadays). And boy, the instrumental sounds so great with the vocal’s of someone who is known for ballads and other strong songs. There is nothing wrong with the song. I enjoyed everything with this song from start to finish. The polished guitar instrumental towards the end fitted in well with the song. The song flowed so fluidly, I felt like I was floating away. Really did. This song has that effect of letting you float away into dream land.

Both music video’s were pretty cool. Yunho’s was still in a box, which is quite disappointing, but I really enjoyed it. There was some sort of story line with it, how he looks similar to the dude on TV. But then it abruptly finishes there and proceeds to go partying for the rest of the music video. The start with the many Yunho’s playing multiple roles in the one scene was quite cool. It also was meant to be for a comedic relief. There were also guest stars in the music video with a few people I don’t know. But I did notice Hyoyeon from SNSD. Changmin’s music video was equally as nice. It was shot outside (interesting…). It features no Changmin though, which was a disappointment, but the acting from the kids that did feature in the music video were pretty good. Though I don’t think that is a plot at all in the video, I really enjoyed how the scenes came together to tell (somewhat) a story. The cinematography was amazing.

There really isn’t much to say for a dance. From the looks of it, I don’t see much a dance from Changmin’s song. There is a dance for Yunho’s song but we really don’t see much of it in the music video.

Now, since the guys are gone for the next two years, what is going to happen to the band when they actually do comeback after their hiatus? How big is it going to be? It is going to be massive!!! But yeah, they will be missed.

Champagne – 8/10

Rise As One – 10/10

Humanoids – TVXQ

Let’s throwback to a few years ago. I hate that word so much. But let’s travel back in time. Last year, I did the same thing for one whole week. That was a fun week. So why not repeat it this year? TVXQ is a two member group that is quite famous. If you have not heard of them, wow. Only kidding. But last year TVXQ made their comeback with Something. Removing all Japanese singles, their previous song promoted before Something was actually Humanoids. It has been a song that I wanted to review for some time, however I have been putting it off so much.  Finally, TODAY is the day that I will be reviewing it. And I need to do more TVXQ reviews.

This song is really amazing. Like, I never liked them before, but this song was freaking amazing. I didn’t enjoy their first song, Catch Me, for this particular promotional run. But Humanoids really changed my perspective on them. And Humanoids was so freaking underrated. It barely got any recognition and just disappeared from the scene. This is basically their first or second try at dubstep and electronic rather than their classical and orchestra heavy songs like Before You Go. And boy, was that promising. I really enjoyed the chorus. The only thing that changed throughout the song was their vocals, which gave them so much space to move in terms of musical ability. The chorus was like them taking it back to their orchestral days, but the instrumental kept is as a more modern song. Their vocals were superb in this song. I also liked those parts after the chorus, kind of them rapping, but it was no rap. Their bridge fitted the song’s overall fell and complimented the chorus. Yeah, there goes me praising the song again.

I don’t like the music video. That “plot” in this video is useless. The video would have been just fine if the music video was just them dancing in their box sets. Cause honestly, I don’t want to talk about the scrap metal yard they are in and the mysterious port-key (Harry Potter Fans, what up?) or projecting machines (for muggles). Their dancing is really solid. It does not blow your mind like previous TVXQ dances, but it still does the job. I like how parts of the dance is like how robots would march and there were quite a lot of robotic formations in the dance. Lastly, I really liked what they wore. I don’t pay attention to fashion as much, but their jackets were really cool. Wonder where I can get one to wear? It is going to get chilly in Melbourne soon.

Overall, the song and dance were amazing. Just the music video needs to be scrapped. 7.5/10

Something – TVXQ

Source: http://dzpy14fd0up32.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/tvxq-something-mv-2-1024×682.jpg

TVXQ is finally back after a years absence from the stage and have “Something” to tell you fans. Hahahahaha… My lame jokes. It has been a while since we last saw this duo on the stage, and they recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary as a group. I never got around to reviewing Catch Me or Humanoids, even though the second song has been a favourite of mine, I was quite excited to finally sit down and review this song. And, like always, TVXQ never do well in my mind. Sorry. On top of that, I am still unsure if they have an effect on Korea anymore, especially since their last comeback scored them 0 awards but I guess we have to wait and see.

Okay, I admit that I was waiting for this band to make their comeback. Their teaser was amazing. I dig the teaser more than the actual song. It seems like the song was a total letdown for me. Not only am I disappointed with the song, I have to say that Catch Me was a totally better song than this. Though it was catchy, TVXQ is known for their dancing and singing ability, however, I think the song steps a little down from the singing ability side. I liked the start where they are like “She Got The Something!”, which really does not make sense, but hey, who cares! As soon as I heard the 1 verse, I was quite disappointed. The song has the epic feel throughout though which make it sound good, and the chorus was really good as well, but it was not as appealing as the teaser portrayed it. I can tell when Changmin is singing, but really cannot tell when Yunho is singing, because his voice sounds different. The climax of the song was not as I expected, it slowed and literally made the song more quiet than what it is. An okay song though.

The music video is like any other SM entertainment music video. You know the horrible sets and whatnot. But I found the set of this music video pretty cool. Las Vegas’s cousin, just inside a building. There are so many light-bulbs in this music video, but it makes the video look good and the set more appealing. The classiness of the video fits the feel of the song. Not sure about the girls though, they make the whole video really awkward. Not sure about the end though. Maybe the boys dreams were to become statues or something? No? Yeah… I don’t know as well. Also, the dance break scene was quite disappointing. But beside the sets that they are in when they dance is pretty amazing. Oh Changmin, lose the shorts and both of you, lose the tattoos. What are they even for? They look hideous!

The dance never fails to impress. TVXQ has always had amazing dances and I think this just adds to the list. Using on object that is very hard to control to their advantage. The rope would have been hard to use but yet they pulled the dance off flawlessly. I have to say as well, the ending was amazing, where they are leaning over the ropes and stuff. Pretty cool, I have to say. But not as epic as Catch Me dance. But oh well, we will live.

6.5/10. Despite being full of praise for the video and dance, the song was a major let down.