Catch Up Review #14 – BESTie, CLC, Oh My Girls

And I am back. So many reviews to do. Exams just finished today and I am done for the semester, so expect reviews to come out every day from now until late July. Maybe, but I will try to get 1 review out every 2 days. That is my goal. Likewise, the titles below are links to the music video.

Excuse Me – BESTie


BESTie has returned with Excuse Me, after a pretty successful year of promotions and getting their name out there. Excuse Me just did not live up to my expectations. It was rather disappointing. The song had colour but it really did not use that sense of appeal that well and I grew very tired of the song. Sure I would listen to it, but it just doesn’t fit their past songs. It’s not that catchy at all, which is disappointing. Maybe the saxophones got to me, but I don’t really find their voices fitting for the song. For the music video, it does break the stereotype. Well, for the most part it foes fall under the stereotype of a typical KPOP video, but the plot doesn’t. The glasses that shows guy’s true feelings regarding people around them. Interesting concept but not one that I want to learn about. The choreography fits the song pretty well. The movements fits the beat really well. I kind of like their costumes but at times it does get cringe worthy. Overall, I am sure BESTie could have done better with the song, but I thought the video was a plus. 4.5/10

Like – CLC



I have not reviewed Pepe, which was CLC’s debut song. But instead, I am going to review Like. This is a pretty solid song that I am totally digging. It is very fun and light-hearted. Most importantly, I think the song fits the concept they are going for as cute girls. I thought the vocals for this song and the rapping in this band is pretty cool. I loved the chorus and how the main vocal does that like pouting sound at the end of a line. I love the part after the first chorus. It changes the up the song pretty well and still manages to flow pretty well. As for the music video, the girls go on a detective hunt to find out what kind of guy one of the girls like is. Turns out their mission failed in the end, but I thought it was a very cute video and quite colourful. The dance is pretty cute as well. 9/10

Cupid – Oh My Girl


Another group that debuted. But this is their debut single. I recently got into their song but there is one major compliant. The rolling drum beat needed to be softened down or just taken away from the song. Everything about the song was amazing and I thought it was a solid song as well. But the drum beat really smothered every other aspect of the song and made it sound messy. Such disappointment. Though the song and choreography gives off the cheerleader concept really well, which I like. The “Hey cupid has shot my heart” was cringe worthy, but I must confess it is my favourite part of the song.  Their street set and the ending reminded me of AOA’s Elvis. Thought instead of mysterious, these girls act like Cupid. But beside that, the music video was a little boring to watch. 6/10

Next review: new boy bands in KPOP for 2015.

End Of Year Charts 2014

Welcome to the end of the 2014 charts. This chart has every single song that was released from the 1st of January 2014 to the 1st of December. I left the nitty gritty stuff out (aka. the numbers I used for the ranking) and made sure that everything was fair. So that means for songs that were released towards the end of the year would have received some extra increment to make sure that they were levelled out with the songs released in January. Other numbers used included whether songs were on the YouTube Playlist of The Month and each song was re-reviewed in categories of “song, music video and dance”. Below are just some interesting facts that you may enjoy in regards to this chart.

  • The very first song released to be included on the charts are Rain’s 30 Sexy and La Song. The last song released before the cut off date was Infinite F’s Heartbeat.
  • T-Ara’s Sugar Free (2) was the only song throughout the whole chart to score the maximum of 40 for the song re-review.
  • VIXX is the first boy group to appear in the charts at 14th place with Eternity.
  • As touched on above, this year the charts are dominated by the girl groups, with 13 boy groups versus 37 girl groups (repeated groups not excluded).
  • Heavily promoted songs tend to rank higher than songs that were released as a single and not promoted.
  • The following artists achieved the next few positions after 50th place: SPEED, Crayon Pop, Z:EA, Zhou Mi (Super Junior), BTOB, Infinite, UKISS, AOA and Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)
1 Something Girl’s Day
2 Sugar Free T-Ara
3 Up & Down EXID
4 Monday Blues Sunny Hill
5 Piano Man Mamamoo
6 Darling Girl’s Day
7 I’m In Love Secret
8 Mr. Chu A Pink
9 Yasisi NS Yoon G
10 Red Light F(x)
11 One More Fiestar
12 Good Night Kiss Hyosung (Secret)
13 Ain’t Nobody HA:TFELT (Yenny – Wonder Girls)
14 Eternity VIXX
15 You Don’t Love Me Spica
16 So Wonderful Ladies Code
17 This Is Love Super Junior
18 Luv APINK
19 Like A Cat AOA
20 B.B.B (Big Baby Baby) Dal Shabet
21 Good Luck Beast
22 Cha Cha Rainbow BLAXX
23 Full Moon Sunmi ft. Lena
24 Error VIXX
25 Catallena Orange Caramel
26 My Copy Cat Orange Caramel
27 Don’t Look At Me Like That Song Ji Eun (Secret)
28 Back Infinite
29 8Dayz Megan Lee
30 What About You? Laboum
31 Dont Touch Me Ailee
32 I Swear Sistar
33 Singing Got Better Ailee
34 1004 (Angel) B.A.P
35 Danger BTS
36 12:30 Beast
37 Mr. Ambigious Mamamoo
38 Lonely B1A4
39 Beep Beep BTOB
40 Mamma Mia Kara
41 I Need You Bestie
42 Solo Day B1A4
43 Whatcha Doing Today? 4Minute
44 Pretty Age 25 Song Ji Eun (Secret)
45 1 Minute 1 Second Jiyeon (T-Ara)
46 Peppermint Chocolate Mamamoo ft. K.Will & Wheesung
47 FxxK U Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)
48 Touch My Body Sistar
49 Evanesce Super Junior
50 Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms HIGH4 ft. IU

THAT’S IT!!! 2014 IS OVER AND 2015 IS APPROACHING. WISHING YOU ALL (IN YOUR RESPECTIVE TIME ZONES) A HAPPY NEW YEAR. I only have 6 hours to go and I am excited. Party hard (but not too hard) and I will see you next year!! aka. in the next few days ^^

Catch Up Review #10 – Ladies Code, BESTie, Tiny G

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For this particular review, I feel like I should skip the introduction and avoid saying something funny for this particular review. What happened a few months back was indeed tragic and is upsetting to know that there is (and most likely will always be and have always been) this side of KPOP. Though, yes, this review is quite delayed, waking up to the news of an idol who passed away was not enjoyable. I have previously expressed my condolences and hope wherever Rise and Eun.B are at this very moment, that they are doing well and are well loved, as expressed by the banding together of the KPOP community regardless of fanwars and any other differences.

Kiss Kiss – Ladies Code

The song is pretty catchy. It also has that retro sound that sounds really, really cool. In a sense, it seems like the band is going after the Pretty Pretty sound that they basically now known for. The music video also has the same feel to it, as Pretty Pretty does. However, it was not as bright as the Pretty Pretty music video. Those were my exact first expressions. The dance was pretty good. Though, the giant lips scared the crap out of me every time I watch the dance or music video. 7/10

Hot Baby – BESTie

This song is pretty catchy as well, and has a summer feel to it. Particularly the chorus, which the song builds up to. Beside that, there really is not much to say. The music video is just shots of them camping and having fun in the Summer time. The dance was so so and not that memorable. 5/10

I Need You – BESTie (No music video :()

This song has to be one of the best Summer songs of the year. The song sounds cute and is pretty catchy. It honestly took me time to get into the song and now I listen to this song quite a bit. There is no music video (which is a total disappointment cause this song deserve some sort of music video). The dance was pretty boring and could have been better, though the ending fitted the tone for the end of the song. 5/10

Ice Baby – Tiny G

This song is also quite catchy. Actually, all the songs are really catchy on this list. I only just noticed. However, I really was disappointed with this song. I expected something a little more. Their last few comebacks have been fun and enjoyable. Not to mention their last comeback was a sexy concept. This really does not suit them at all. The music video was really boring and really white. The girls look out of placed in their pyjamas. The dance was really weird, with the fluffing of the pillow. Honestly, another song and comeback of a completely different style could have made the band more well known. 0/10

This is the second last catch-up review. Well, second last from how I am looking at it. Tomorrow is another girl group themed of the more “nugu” or rookie groups that many people don’t seem to know about. See you then!!!

Thank You Very Much (Celebrating over 400 reviews!!!) – BESTie


BESTie recently made their comeback with a brand new song, Thank You Very Much. It has been a couple of months after their promotions of their single Love Options which earned them more fans. And I need more help writing these introductions. Oh wait, what a surprising song title. Considering that I have hit 400 reviews. Well, to be precise, I went past 400 a week or two ago, I just forgot… Whoops. “Thank You Very Much”, just not in the context of the song. But seriously, thank you for your ongoing support. This stress and managing it relieves so much stress in my life. Thank you once again. But lets continue with this review!!!

This song, honestly, is quite a disappointment. There really is nothing there that I find amazing or actually anything that keeps me appealed to the song. I found it really boring and monotone in a way. Love Options has this really funky beat, but this song just had this kind of “meh” attitude to it. I don’t really like it that much. Though I have to admit, it is catchy, but it just does not sit well with me. The vocals and rapping in this song is so so and honestly, it is not the best song out there at all. Even, their debut song, which was a so so song sounded much more upbeat than this. This is just that really boring pop song you would hear once in a while on the streets, that no one pays attention to. This song talks about a breakup, but how it made the girl stronger. Great concept behind the song, just really boring way to show it.

The music video is also quite mute. Another “meh” type of attitude, which is basically going to lead everyone to not caring. I am a fan of these girls, but this comeback seemed so rushed. This music video just basically shows how the girls are enjoying their single life, particularly how one of them went through a break up recently. Okay, cool. But it was not great. And who goes out these days (unless you are riding a bike or motorcycle) with a helmet? Like seriously. And that car driving scene… That driver was seriously distracted for most of the trip. How on earth did they survive? Anyway, another complaint was the excessive amount of lights. To be precise, flashing lights. Boy was that distracting. But these was one thing I loved about the video and that was the arcade. It has been forever since I have been to one. I want to go!!!

The dance is okay. Nothing that major. The really high pitch “ow!” part was pretty cool and the start of the song rapping bit was pretty cool.

Not impressed overall. But it was okay. 4/10.

Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Let’s try aiming for 500 reviews… Sometime at the end of the year or early next year I think. Too busy this year. Hahahaha…

Happy New Year!!!


Hi all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wow, 2013 is finally over. Can you believe it. With days to go, I will be unable to update this over my “break”. Beside that I have scheduled a whole heap of reviews. I promised you guys an End Of Year Charts, and with that very day 3-4 days away, I think it is time unleash the beast. Party hard! Welcome the new year in style! I will wish to see you all back on the 2nd of Jan 2013 (subject to change). At the very bottom of this post, there will be two links. One is a playlist for the winners of the BOB’s and the other is the top 20 songs of the year, as selected by this chart. Yay!!!!

Position Title Artist
1 Female President Girl’s Day
2 G.R.8.U (Your Impressive) VIXX
3 Tonight Spica
4 Hush Miss A
5 Damaged Lady Kara
6 24 Hours Sunmi
7 Voodoo Doll VIXX
8 Give It To Me Sistar
9 Expectation Girl’s Day
10 Only One Gummy
11 Be Ambitious Dal Shabet
12 Red Shoes IU
13 Number 9 T-Ara
14 Very Good Block B
15 Everybody SHINee
16 Kill Bill Brown Eyed Girls
17 Destiny Infinite
18 I Don’t Know FIESTAR
19 Only You VIXX
20 U&I Ailee
21 Madly FT Island
22 Love Blossom K.Will
23 Love Options BESTie
24 What’s Going On? B1A4
25 Growl EXO
26 Gone Not Around Any Longer Sistar19
27 Yoo Hoo Secret
28 While You Were Asleep JeA (Brown Eyed Girls)
29 1.4.3 Henry (Super Junior M) Feat. Amber F(x)
30 Dream Girl SHINee
31 Wild Nine Muses
32 Thriller BTOB
33 Goodbye Dasoni (EXID)
34 Insane A-Jax
35 One Shot B.A.P
36 Lonely Christmas Crayon Pop
37 Confused AOA
38 Bar Bar Bar Crayon Pop
39 Glue Nine Muses
40 Twenty Four / Seven 2Yoon
41 Jeon Won Diary T-Ara N4
42 I Like That GLAM
43 Tell Me Tell Me Rainbow
44 Stupid In Love Mad Clown ft. Soyu (Sistar)
45 Rocking Teen Top
46 No No No A-Pink
47 Why So Serious? SHINee
48 Baby I’m Sorry MYNAME
49 Dreamer History
50 The Letter Davichi




Love Options – BESTie

BESTie is back after promotions for their debut song, with Love Options. It has been 5 months or so, from the top of my head since the band debuted and seriously, this band is becoming one of the best rookies of the year. On that note, though, welcome o the new look KPOPreviewed. Every year now, I have changed the layout and I thought this theme had a bit of brightness to it, whereas my past few themes and layouts did not, they were mainly dark. I also thought the home page looks awesome and puts all the feature images to work really well. So do you guys like it? Hahahaha…. But enough me, onto the review.

The song is really addictive. Like, as soon as I heard it, I literally fell in love with the song and had it stuck in head continuously. It has that modern yet retro feel and theme to it. It seems like something that would’ve come out in the 90’s but was upgraded for the 2010’s. I have to say, though, it is much better than their debut song. The chorus is really catchy, and also that “Do, do do~” part as well. Got that part stuck in my mind for a very long time. The raps in this song are really cool and the vocals were superb. The song itself seems to talk about how insecure a girl is about her love life. But still, a really good song.

To me, the music video is quite dull. Everything in the video fits the song lyrics perfectly, however, the video was not that appealing to me. I watched it for the song only I guess, not for the video itself. It lacks the energy that the song has and has carried throughout the whole song. The song has really cool elements to it. The song talks about a guy who has money and would the girls things. From what I see, the girls have what they want, the shoes, diamonds, fame but they seem to be bored of what they have. I think they realised that the guy they are with are not really perfect and start singing about their “ideal” guy, I also love the pop culture reference with the “Keep Calm” poster in one of the scenes. I also love the mock video with that guy from their debut video in there as the panda who goes crazy. I will link it in the playlist below for you guys. ^^

The dance is really amazing and I love every aspect of the dance. It is quite feminine for me, but it is still a great dance.

8.5/10. Really good comeback from such a rookie group. Thier performances have not been cut that much compared to other artists, which is a sign that they are being loved by fans.

Pit-A-Pat – BESTie


A rookie group, BESTie, recently made their debut with their first single Pit-A-Pat. The group consists of three former members of EXID (who seemed to disappear off the face of earth) and a random new female trainee. They made their debut in July 2013. Apparently not many people believe this group has potential to be a good group. Yet am I the only person who was fully satisfied with this comeback? Yeah, sure, this is not the best song that I would love to listen to over and over again, but it was a really fun song to listen to. Also, the song title is meant to be the sound of the heart, which technically means thump thump when translated out to English. Yeah, I never get this song title and Sunny Hill’s OST song of the same name. They just completely change the title. I am normal, and hence my heart goes thump thump not pit-a-pat like rain drops.

Okay, this is not the best song to make a debut with. I have to agree there, but seriously, this is really fun to listen to and I thought this song ties in with the Summer feeling quite nicely. I am absolutely loving the start of the song, with the “Daegeun Daegeun” part. I really do like the instrumental with the lyrics. I am not actually a fan of the instrumental only, but the lyrics cover the ugly bits up. The chorus is pretty good, I really find the “K.I.S.S” really catchy and this group’s rapper is a total bomb at her job. I actually find the bridge of the song, pretty okay. It sounds good and really does not conflict with the song that much. The only complaints of this song is that the song is just too lively for me. You really cannot actually make this song serious, but it is just to happy and lively for me.

How weird is this video? 4 girls trying to hit on a guy. That makes total sense. Also, that guy is one dopey guy. All I know is he is a comedian in Korea and his name just slipped my mind. Yay. But beside that, the music video is really colourful. I am not a fan of that big stopwatch set which they dance around and all of that. Not that great at all. And who on earth uses black balloons at parties? I prefer coloured balloons. Maybe because I am an Australian and black balloons were onced use to try combat emissions and pollution, but black balloons? Also, Jo Kwon’s appearance really does not do much at all. All he does is act really homosexual (Like is he attached to that pole or what?) and really act “kkap” towards the girls.

More ass in the air? I am surprised many people hate this band because of their dance. Hmmm… Is waving your ass in the air a bit too much? Kara’s Mister must be on your hate list as well? Seriously, stop being hypocritical. This dance is awesome. Yes, it does look like the girls are selling themselves, but seriously, I have not seen a dance at all that is the same as this.  It matches the song’s beat and instrumental and the lively feeling of the song.

6/10. Pretty good. Could’ve been better though, but still pretty good overall.