[Album Review] The Book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos Swallowed Up In Love (7th Mini Album) – DAY6

After exactly two months since its release, I am finally getting around to writing an album review for DAY6’s seventh mini-album, The Book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos Swallowed Up In Love. It featured the title track, You Make Me. This is the band’s first comeback as a full group since the release of Zombie and The Book of Us: The Demon last year. And like the release of that album, You Make Me and The Book of Us: Negentropy was not promoted. Before we proceed onto the album review for DAY6’s new release, there are some things we need to make clear. This is DAY6’s last release as a full group for a while, as Sungjin enlisted into the military just prior to the release of the album (and the other members will follow suit in the future). But don’t worry, DAY6’s subunit Even of Day, made up of YoungK, Wonpil and Dowoon, will be return early next month! But until then, here is the seventh mini-album’s album review!

The Book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos Swallowed Up In Love Album Cover

1. Everyday We Fight – I find the opening song to the band’s latest album to be somewhat quirky, despite it falling into the band’s usual style of mid-tempo rock. The quirkiness come through via the odd synth that appears in the instrumental. I suppose that this gives the impression of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, which I think goes well with the song’s message that each fight between partners will resolve. Minus those odd synths, the mid-tempo rock reminds me of some of their earlier workers, and their vocals are solid in Everyday We Fight Overall, a nice opener to the album. (8.5/10)

2. You Make Me (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for You Make Me. (8.5/10)

3. HealerHealer seems to be DAY6’s most innovative track on the album. It is quite upbeat, combining EDM and band instrumentation to create a really fun and groovy number. The relentless energy, the song’s catchiness from the chant-style chorus and the autotune processed over the vocals make Healer a standout track and the hidden gem of the album. I don’t have much else to say to about the song, so I am just going to spend the rest of my time typing out this section by dancing in my chair to Healer ^^. (10/10)  

4. Only (둘도 아닌 하나)Only is a substantial song that showcases DAY6’s formidable vocals. It has a pop-rock style of instrumentation and features the message of sincere love. I enjoyed the old-school vibe of the instrumental, particularly the fade out we get at the end of the song. This entire prose gave Only an easy on the ears effect, which I tend to like. It is pretty much ideal following a high energy track such as the one preceding Only. It isn’t instantly the most recognisable song on the album, but it still a good listen. (8/10)

5. Above The Clouds (구름 위에서) – Opening Above The Clouds is the calming nature of the beach. Right after, Jae leads us into the song with his soft vocals. The song was written by Jae, and based on the title of the song and the lyrics, it was for someone close who he had loss. But rather than being a sad song that opted for the balladry effect, Above The Clouds ended up being a strong rock song, which works well with the acceptance of loss message behind the lyrics. In addition to the lyrics, the passionate and resonating vocals make Above The Clouds another stand out track on the album. (10/10)

6. ONE (무적) – While I do enjoy the odd curveball when it comes to music, I stayed away from ONE for its curveball. I appreciate the innovation and uniqueness of the song, but I felt the synths (in combination with the drumming and other band instrumentation) made it a bit hard for me to focus on the song. The rock side of the song does dominate and their vocals sound fantastic. But ONE just feels unnecessarily complicated for me. (6.5/10)

7. So Let’s Love (우리 앞으로 더 사랑하자) – The final song on the album and the final song on the entire The Book of Us series is So Let’s Love. Without even reading into the lyrics, you can hear the hurt and emotion behind their voices. It just makes the song so much more impactful. So Let’s Love brings forth a more traditional rock instrumental, which I felt was an interesting direction to end the album on, given the direction in which the rest of this mini-album took. But I am not complaining, as it was a passionate and heavy song for the group. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.6/10

The Book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos Swallowed Up In Love Teaser Image

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