[Review] Feel Like – WOODZ

Also making his comeback this past Monday was WOODZ, with his new single Feel Like. I was super excited upon hearing the news of WOODZ’s impending return, as he is one of the solo artists to really stand out last year with his solo releases. His 2020 releases include his return to solo promotions with Love Me Harder (and his first mini-album Equal) and then the release of Bump Bump and the mini-album WOOPS! in November of last year. Feel Like is featured on his first single album, titled Set.

WOODZ delivers what I had hoped for. Feel Like channels the aesthetic that we got through some of his best side tracks of 2020. Such tracks include Lift Up (from Equal) and Trigger (from WOOPS!). Though, Feel Like differs in its own way when it comes to it musically. The start of the song and the body of the first verse feels like a R&B dance track. It is sleek, moody and very alluring. The bass is very present and really sets the tone of the song from the get-go. I really like the use of the drums for the pre-chorus segment. They come crashing in and adds a layer of texture to the song that helps make it more dynamic. The chorus brings in electric guitar solos that just sound so good. They are the star attraction of the song. While his vocals are really smooth and sleek like the electric guitar solos in the chorus (and pretty much the whole song), I wished there was more of a hook in this section. This would have transformed the song and enhance it to a new level. The delivery of the rapping in the second verse in combination with the instrumentation reminds me of one of SHINHWA’s song (I believe the song I am thinking of is Sniper). The rapping in Sniper was quite cool and has left a great impression on me. So WOODZ going down that route and opting for something similar was very fulfilling. Similarly, I thought the bridge (and in hindsight, the entirety of the song) had Taemin-like vibes, which is another really cool artist to pay homage to. Still, despite all of this, WOODZ retains his own colour. Overall, Feel Like is a really good song that shows off the strengths of WOODZ.

The highlight to the music video for Feel Like is WOODZ’s captivating charisma. The dark tone of the video sets the atmosphere, which I found fitting for the sleek nature of his vocals. While at times it was hard to see what was going on, WOODZ managed to shine with his alluring appeal and charisma. Most of it stems from his solo choreography and movement. In addition to all of that, I really like the post-production editing of the music video. The way the dancers made their entrance into the video and how we see WOODZ gets zapped back into reality at the end of the video. That was all pretty cool. Not entirely sure what the story in this video is, though. All I understood that he was zapped into and out of an alternate world.

The choreography for this comeback is really cool. Once again, it fits in with the sleekness of the song. In addition to matching up with the song’s vibe, Feel Like showcases more of the performance side of the soloist. That charisma and energy from the music video comes through and I really enjoyed the smoothness of the moves during the chorus.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.3/10

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