Restarting another weekend focused on solo artists is WOODZ, with his newly release single I HATE YOU, which dropped on Wednesday of this week. I HATE YOU leads WOODZ’s fourth mini-album, Colorful Trauma. It is also WOODZ’s first comeback since the release of WAITING and ONLY LOVERS LEFT in October of last year.

I HATE YOU steers WOODZ’s discography into pop rock and punk direction. I quite liked the track, as it is both fun and exciting, which works extremely well with the lyrics of the song. WOODZ expresses that ‘he does not need to sad because of the person he once loved’ (taken from SOOMPI). And the energy that is exuded from I HATE YOU (and just the general direction of the pop rock/punk influence) acts as a great conduit to represent the emotions that WOODZ is feeling in this song. I really like the chorus for its head-bopping potential (though I am sure this could be turned into ‘head-banging potential’ should the song be put on blast) and its overall intensity. The most memorable section of the song has to be the English lines in the bridge (i.e. ‘I hate you, I forget you‘). The sequence stood out when I first listened to the song, and it just stuck with every listen that follows. What also really stood out in I HATE YOU is WOODZ himself. His vocals feel right at home in this song, with his raspy tone put on full display throughout the song. It is an amazing texture to bring to the song and adds a cool dynamic. Also, I liked how he slips in and out of rapping effortlessly. This furthers that already mentioned dynamic, and the rapping just gives I HATE YOU a neat kick. I do think I HATE YOU could have been better had it delivered more in all departments. But as it is, I HATE YOU is another song that just satisfies.

I really like the contemporary art museum concept that WOODZ went with for this comeback. It definitely looked cool, especially with those scenes during the pre-choruses, where he is surrounded by the swinging metronomes or activated alarms. The video opened up with WOODZ in that wacky air protective outfit. This made sense to me as the outfit signifies he is protected by his sad emotions. But at the end of the video, the air filled outfit had popped and this represents that he no longer needs to be sad, just as expressed in the lyrics of the song. The other pieces we saw follow a similar mindset, but also gave off either edgy vibes, stylish vibes, or just plain creepy (i.e. those people covered from head to toe in the ‘I Hate You’ tape). The chorus scenes where his mouth appears to be bloody was a bit much for me, but I guess it does add more to that edgy vibe. Overall, a cool video that leaves a strong impression on you.

I am surprised that there was choreography for this comeback. I was expecting WOODZ to perform this song with a band in the background, just like in the music video. Anyway, WOODZ doesn’t really participate in the choreography other than jumping and that kick at the start of the first chorus. Instead, he puts all his energy into his vocals. But this pays off, as his stage presence and energy (and with the assistance of the dancers) turns this ‘head-bopping’ song into a ‘head-banging’ performance.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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