[Album Review] Colorful Trauma (4th Mini Album) – WOODZ

Next up on the album review block is WOODZ’s Colorful Trauma, his fourth mini-album. Leading the album and its five songs (in total) is the title track I HATE YOU. Both Colorful Trauma and I HATE YOU were released in May of this year. This is also WOODZ’s first comeback following his October 2021 ONLY LOVERS LEFT and WAITING comeback.

WOODZ amazes the audience (and myself) once again with another knockout mini-album. This time, WOODZ deep dives into the rock genre, which is an emerging trend in KPOP that I am all aboard for. What I like about the mini-album is that it shows shades of the rock genre, with WOODZ not shy with either hardcore rock or softer approaches to the genre. Versatility with a theme! Let me know down below if you agree with my thoughts on the songs and/album.

Colorful Trauma Album Cover

1. Dirt On My Leather – WOODZ goes hard with the opening track, deep diving into the rock genre. He definitely knows how to have a good time. Dirt On My Leather blasts out from the speakers with its hardcore, powerful, electrifying and adrenaline rushing rock instrumental. The exact same things can be said about his vocals. From start to end, WOODZ was superb and so expressive. The ad-libs was sooooo damn good and he just blows me away with this track. Also, it is all in English! (10/10)

2. HIJACKHIJACK isn’t as hardcore as the previous track. Instead, it takes more of a punkish direction. Parts of HIJACK were still quite electrifying, following nicely from the previous track. This creates a very interesting combination that oozes charisma and personality for WOODZ. I liked the angsty and intense atmosphere that comes from the song, thanks to both instrumental and vocals, as well. I did wish HIJACK picked itself up as it progresses, just so it doesn’t feel totally sluggish. But it was still a strong track regardless. (8/10)

3. I HATE YOU (난 너 없이) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for I HATE YOU. (8.5/10)

4. Better and Better – A sentimental tone was adopted in Better and Better, quite different from the usual tone that WOODZ brings to his songs. But it was a worthwhile change, as I pick Better and Better to be another favourite from this album. The song still aligns with the rock genre, taking a more alternative approach this time around. I thought the instrumental was very clean and neat, which is quite the opposite to how rock is usually prosed to us. WOODZ’s vocals were stunning, with this sentimental tone bringing a more delicate touch on WOODZ’s part. (10/10)

5. Hope To Be Like You (안녕이란 말도 함께) – Ending the album is Hope To Be Like You, an upbeat and pleasant pop track. Rock instrumentation still appear in the backing of the song, alongside atmospheric synths. Together, they create such a harmonious instrumental that is light and soothing in its own way. WOODZ brings soft vocals and warm harmonies to the song, help furthering the gentle atmosphere. Somehow, Hope To Be Like You still works well with the rest of the mini-album, closing out what is a satisfying album release from WOODZ. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9.1/10

Colorful Trauma Teaser Image

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