[Album Review] ONLY LOVERS LEFT (3rd Mini Album) – WOODZ

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The next album on the reviewing block for today is WOODZ’s third mini-album, ONLY LOVERS LEFT, which was released in early October 2021. The album features two title tracks, WAITING and Kiss of Fire (which I have not reviewed yet as there is no music video for it). And in addition to those two tracks, there are another four tracks on this mini-album. As a quick summary of this album review, ONLY LOVERS LEFT is another high caliber album from WOODZ and definitely follows the likes of his previous album releases. Have a listen to the track below and see if you think the same!


1. Multiply – Starting off ONLY LOVERS LEFT is a rather pleasant song in the form of Multiply. The instrumentation for this track is pretty typical with its lo-fi beats and acoustic guitar (which provided the song with a relatively brighter and summery feel) and this typicalness did drain my attention. However, the pre-chorus featured a brief addition of classical instrumentation, which helped enhance the background. But I didn’t think it was enough to totally compensate that typical energy. Overall, I would say Multiply is a nice starter to the mini-album. (7.5/10)

2. Thinkin Bout You Thinkin Bout You is more vibrant and upbeat than the previous song, but continues that consistent pleasantness. Because of the enhanced vibrancy and upbeatness, I am more drawn to Thinkin Bout You, which finds it influences in both the pop and EDM genres. I like the punchy hooks, driving up the memorability of the song. I also really enjoyed his vocals throughout the song. In addition to his already strong vocals, he presents with a range of delivery methods including breathy vocals and falsettos that helps makes this song complete. (9/10)

3. Sour Candy – We enter retro territory with Sour Candy. While this isn’t anything new, I really like how WOODZ showcases himself in this song and how concentrated the 70s influences got in the song. You could tell from listening to Sour Candy that he was totally in the mindset of the retro influences, and that he was having a ball recording this song. That all translated to fun energy that made Sour Candy so much more appealing to listen to. We are also treated to some rapping from the soloist in this song, which came at the right time and added additional fun energy to the song. It was hard to turn away from this song, and so it is my pick as a hidden gem on this mini-album. (10/10)

4. Kiss of Fire (Title Track)Kiss of Fire is a title track, but it never got the music video or promotional treatment like WAITING did. It did get a live clip, but that made it no different to Chaser, which was a side track. Anyhow, Kiss of Fire is another song that showcases WOODZ in a spectacular fashion and I can see why Kiss of Fire was selected as a title track. His vocals are on full display and the melodies/hooks of Kiss of Fire are quite memorable. The rapping was also a nice addition to the song. But what really sells me the song is the groovy touch of the instrumental, especially in the chorus, which makes this song so sleek. (9/10)

5. ChaserChaser was a blast to have on repeat! What I really liked about Chaser is how WOODZ went all out in the song. While this sounds like he went to the extreme with Chaser, this was not he case. He simply just put his all into the song. Chaser takes on a rock instrumental background, but there is a groovy touch within it that reminds me of some of the King of Pop’s (Michael Jackson) earlier hits. I don’t have much else to say about Chaser, but it was definitely a highlight on this album. (10/10)

6. WAITING (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for WAITING. (8.5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9/10


3 thoughts on “[Album Review] ONLY LOVERS LEFT (3rd Mini Album) – WOODZ

  1. This EP is really solid and aged well for me. My favorites are Sour Candy and Chaser which are definitely one of my top bsides this year.


  2. This EP is really solid and has aged well for me. My favorites are Sour Candy and Chaser which are definitely among my top bsides this year.


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