[Album Review] MY (1st Mini Album) – MIYEON ((G)I-DLE)

I believe I mentioned that this particular album review was going to be published on Monday, but I had to postpone to the end of this week as I couldn’t complete it in time. So without further delay, here is my review for MIYEON’s solo debut mini-album, MY, released at the end of April of this year. In addition to the title track DRIVE, MY features an additional five tracks. MIYEON’s solo debut follows her group’s comeback with TOMBOY and I NEVER DIE (which I posted the album review for over the weekend).

MY is a great start to MIYEON’s solo career. There was a strong showing of her potential as a solo artist, with a number of the songs on the album ranking on the higher end of the scale. She also scores a 10/10 from me for a side track. I am glad MIYEON had the opportunity to shine herself and showcase her vocals. Hope her next solo release isn’t too far off.

MY Album Cover

1. Rose – Starting off is Rose, which also doubles as a lovely beginning to the album. Rose has an extremely pleasant instrumental, drawing on a really nice waltz pace that aids Rose’s loveable appeal. The melodies in this song are a highlight, as they really caught hold of me and I could not help sway along to both Rose’s melodies and waltz instrumental. Miyeon herself was very inviting with her vocals and they bring a smile to my face every time I listen to the song. Rose genuinely surprised me, as its style is usually not my cup of tea. But it is a strong start to the album, nonetheless. (9/10)

2. Drive (Title Track)Click here for the full review for Drive. (9/10)

3. Softly – I quite enjoy the upbeat nature of Softly. It isn’t expected for a song titled Softly, but it somehow works. It might be due to Miyeon, who brings a brightness and vibrant factor to the song. There is a spring to her voice that makes Softly so enjoyable. Or it could be due to the accompaniment of that intriguing string instrument (not sure if it is some sort of metallic harp or a different type of guitar) and classical instrumentation in the background. It is relatively soft, but it definitely makes itself known. To me, it is an interesting combination and it constantly feels like it is on a forward trajectory to clash. But as stated in my second sentence – it works. I just wished the hooks were more promising and memorable. (7.5/10)

4. TE AMO TE AMO is probably my pick for hidden gem on this mini-album. There was just so much to get out of the track and to enjoy from it. I love Miyeon’s use of her nasally vocals in this song. It is the first thing that stands out on this track. Her vocals build as the song progresses, creating a riveting piece. The strength of her vocals as the song moves along was also very impressive. I also really enjoyed the pop instrumentation of TE AMO, particularly the bolstered nature of the chorus and the acoustic guitars in the bridge. The repetition of TE AMO was so simple, but it works wonderfully as the hook. A 10/10 from me. (10/10)

5. Charging (ft. JUNNY) – Best described as a R&B ballad, Charging excelled when both Miyeon and JUNNY were singing together. Those harmonies were the best part of the song. I found the solo moments to be a drawing point. Miyeon’s solo sequences featured over the top of slow and balladry instrumentation throughout the entirety of the song. As a result, Miyeon was on the blander side, but her solo sequences get better as Charging progresses. On the other hand, JUNNY’s vocals/solo moments were accompanied by a more upbeat tinge, which made his solo section more appealing to my taste. But as mentioned at the start, it is when they are together that Charging is at its peak. (7/10)

6. Rain (소나기) – The album closes out with Rain, a ballad with an interesting guitar-led backdrop. With Rain, you can feel her emotions through her vocals more vividly. Due to this, I found her vocals to be quite captivating and stunning in this track. The instrumental had an upbeat tinge to it, and also delves slightly into rock territory. This makes for an interesting dynamic for a ballad that I actually quite enjoyed. It spins the emotional side of the song in a different light, but sounds so good at the same time. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.6/10

MY Teaser Image

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