[Review] Like Crazy – Jimin (BTS)

A week ago, Jimin released the pre-release single Set Me Free Pt. 2, ahead of the release of his solo debut mini-album. Yesterday, Jimin unveiled his highly anticipated mini-album, FACE, which is lead the by the single Like Crazy. He is the fourth member of his group BTS to release an official solo release since the announcement that the group would be taking a break to focus on solo endeavors and military enlistment. Recently, he collaborated with TAEYANG for VIBE, kicking the year off in style.

To me, Like Crazy is a lot more palatable then Set Me Free Pt. 2. Compared to the pre-release single, Like Crazy is a lot more contained and much more charming. No autotune is present to leave a sour aftertaste nor do I feel an overpowering instrumentation. Instead, Like Crazy opts for a synthpop instrumental, which is traditionally soft and light. I like this style as it is captivating and it has a drive to it, even though the instrumental stays pretty neutral throughout. One of the aspects of the instrumental that I really enjoyed was the instrumental break of Like Crazy, which really upped the retro dial and gave a logical but needed change to keep the song alluring. Jimin brings both a sexiness charm and delicate touch to the song via his vocals, which I brings that charming element to the song. He also turns the emotions up, particularly in the final moments of the song before the outro, which I quite enjoyed. The only thing I can see as lacking from Like Crazy was a good hook/melody. Without these, Like Crazy fails to come off as a memorable song. It is still a pleasant listen, nonetheless. But I think a substantial hook or melody would have only improved Like Crazy, taking it to the next level.

The music video had an alluring aesthetic which complements the song extremely well. The song is about being heartbroken, and using fun adventures to move on from the feelings of break up (taken from PinkVilla) and this is shown in a literal sense in the video. For majority of the video, we see Jimin heartbroken and coming to terms with his breakup. I really liked the muddy spew that comes out of the walls and the floor in these scenes, probably representing the coldness from the current state of his relationship, while the spewing motion represents the sudden onset of these developments. We then transition to the club scenes, where Jimin begins alone but slowly starts having fun with the people around him. I really liked the blue hue that the club scenes having, which is a colour that represents calmness and stability, which is what Jimin is looking for after the developments of his relationships.

[Updated] The choreography is quite artistic and shares a similar alluring aesthetic that the music video had. I liked how the routine takes that sensual vibe that I mentioned earlier in the review. Tad disappointed that retro instrumental break was featured in the choreography. Also, no move really stands out, so the I don’t see this becoming a memorable performance. But it is one still worth watching, especially since it Jimin has some really good chemistry with the dancers.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10

Performance – 8/10 [Updated]
Overall Rating – 8.6/10

[Review] Set Me Free Pt. 2 – Jimin (BTS)

The next BTS member to branch out further into solo work is Jimin, who is due to return to the stage with his solo debut album next week. In the meanwhile, Jimin has pre-released the single Set Me Free Pt. 2 today alongside a music video as a teaser for his solo debut next week. Earlier this month, Jimin also released his previous solo singles Promise (from 2018) and Christmas Love (from 2020) through official streaming platforms to mark his impending return.

All of the members’ solo releases since it was announced the BTS would focus on solo ventures and enlist into the military have been quite promising, and this definitely helps raise the expectations for the subsequent solo releases from the members have yet to embark on that solo career. Jimin’s was no exception. However, upon listening to Set Me Free Pt. 2 today, I am on the fence as to whether Jimin lives up to that standard. There was great promise with the classical orchestrated and brass loaded introduction that created an intense, suspenseful and powerful atmosphere, setting up Set Me Free Pt. 2 very well. Then the autotuned vocals kick in. And this turns the song sour for me. I don’t understand the need to autotune his vocals in this manner. I can guess they are trying to keep the intensity and suspenseful tone whilst also making the song more dynamic, but it just doesn’t sound good. The same comments can be made during the return of the autotuned vocals in the second verse. When we are relieved from the autotune and we hear Jimin’s signature vocal tone in a more pure form, everything sounds so immensely better. I am sure they could have done with a less obnoxious autotune style, whilst also adding to the dynamic and intense sides of the song. The rest of Set Me Free Pt. 2 was pretty much solid. Jimin, on top of showing off his signature vocal tone that I mentioned earlier, really maintained the captivation with powerful vocals and falsettos. I particularly like the subtle spoken form of the song’s title in the background. It was barely audible, but it helps give Set Me Free Pt. 2 depth which in turns adds to the song’s epicness. I did feel like the instrumental did get overpowering in the chorus, which doesn’t exactly sit well with me. But I rather that than the autotune. Maybe it they toned it down a notch to not be as overwhelming, Set Me Free Pt. 2 would have earned a higher rating from me.

The music video was, without a doubt, epic. The wide angle bird’s eye view shot that captured the grandness of the start, the simplicity of the circular room, the cinematography was all so good. I did wish there was a few more steady solo shots of Jimin in the video. We did get a fair bit, but the camera was constantly moving, the dancers were constantly moving which gave the impression of a lot was going on and the large nature of the set made just a tad difficult to focus on the subject of the video (i.e. Jimin himself). I did like the sensual side that Jimin showed off in the video, and that part where the lights turned off and back on again to reveal Jimin all tatted up and his shirtless body on display underneath the jacket was a showstopper moment in the video. The ending, when the dancers moved away after dropping tatted Jimin, revealing a version of Jimin in a white sweater hints towards a possible connection with next week’s video. The only way to confirm this is to wait for next week’s music video.

Both Jimin and the dancers needs to be applauded when it comes to the choreography. There is an aesthetic that comes from the dancers that really helped give the video such a strong and epic vibe. The dancers did an amazing job, especially at the start when they clustered together and then panned out. Jimin showed off an artistic flair with his movement, encapsulating both epic and sensual vibes with his movements. Usually, they don’t go to together. But trust Jimin to successfully combine them. I really liked the use of circular formations throughout the routine, and that ending where Jimin is lifted up and dropped was one of the coolest finales in a long time.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

[Review] VIBE – TAEYANG (BIGBANG) ft. Jimin (BTS)

It has been a while since we have heard from TAEYANG, with his last album release, White Night, being from 2017. Leading the album were the title tracks Darling and Wake Me Up. Since then, Taeyang had enlisted, got married to actress Min Hyo Rin and both of them had a child together (congratulations!). As for his singing career, things have been rather silent up until the end of last year when it was announced that Taeyang had decided to not renew his contract with YG Entertainment and went on to sign with The Black Label (a YG Entertainment subsidiary label). Now signed with a new label, TAEYANG announced his return to the stage through the release of VIBE, a collaborative single with Jimin (from BTS).

Now, the announcement of this single was quite a surprise. But it was a surprise that I was interested in seeing, given VIBE joins the forces of two of the biggest acts from the second and third generations of KPOP. VIBE definitely continues the idea of surprises, bringing forth an upbeat groovy ‘vibe’ that taps into retro and new jack swing influences. They help liven up the song and adds a fresh flair to the current KPOP industry. I also enjoyed the subtle presence of electric guitar towards the end of the song. It just gives even more refreshing at the end and helps bring everything in VIBE to a fitting and satisfying close. As for the vocal work, both TAEYANG and Jimin sounds really good throughout VIBE. I liked that TAEYANG doesn’t waste a second, starting off the song with a smooth R&B melody and sultry vocals. Once the instrumental kicks into gear, his vocals drives VIBE upwards and forwards, and he also brings a really vivid tone to the song that just kicks everything into gear. Jimin’s vocals in the second verse brings out a more innocent and young tone to the song, which contrasts really nicely with TAEYANG’s vocals. His higher pitch gave the song a bit of depth and adds to the dynamics of the song. The chorus, to me, was quite memorable thanks to the melodies and the energy both TEYANG and Jimin puts in. If I had to make some sort of complaint about VIBE, it is that I found the to be too short. I think more could have given and I would have enjoyed it just as much. Hopefully, we see more of TAEYANG in the near future!

When the video opens up and we sing TAEYANG shirtless, I was brought back to his Eyes, Nose, Lips days (back in 2014). That was a nice throwback. We then get both TAEYANG and Jimin, during their respective parts, fill the massive sets with their stage presence. Both TAEYANG and Jimin show off their sleek choreography skills (more on that later) and impressed me with how they carried themselves throughout the video. Watching them do their thing in this video was truly a vibe. I liked how there was the lowering of the stairs structure for TAEAYNG’s solo part and the lifting of a cityscape for Jimin’s solo part. These probably have some sort of meaning to TAEYANG or the song. It just isn’t apparent/obvious. But it was a simple addition to the song that felt aesthetic. When the pair finally came together in the second chorus to the very end of the video, they knocked it out of the park. Overall, I find this music video to be an example of simplicity done effectively.

As mentioned above, this music video shows off both TAEYANG and Jimin’s skills in the performance department. In TAEYANG’s case, he proves he still has what it takes to put together a riveting and skilled performance. I am unsure whether their solo parts were freestyle or actual choreography. Hopefully we find out through promotions (though I haven’t heard anything about that just yet). As for the chorus routine, that is all choreographed and I really liked the chemistry the two brought together when they performed together. The sharpness with their movements was very cool and memorable.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10