[Weekly KPOP Chart] 1st Week of April 2022

Another week, another Weekly KPOP Chart post. This time, it is for the 1st Week of April 2022. Unfortunately, I was unable to deliver the Queendom 2 posts that I had intended to write up over last week and this weekend. They will becoming next weekend, as I will be writing them in the week (I have some time off from work due to the Easter long weekend). In the meanwhile, I will be writing album reviews for posting later today. Also got to write album reviews for next weekend, as well. Lot’s to do, so I better get cracking. Here are the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 1st Week of April 2022.

New releases of the Week

In addition to the four reviews I did write this week (SUHO’s Grey Suit, Kwon Eun Bi’s Glitch, BIGBANG’s long awaited comeback Still Life and IVE’s LOVE DIVE), here are the other new releases from this past week:

  • Revelations – W24
  • J♡B = LOVE – W24
  • Love In Bloom – ILY:1
  • Your World – Kim Hyerim
  • Hurdle – SUHO (EXO)
  • UNBELIVABLE – Woo Jinyoung (D1CE)
  • Flower – Kim Jeong Uk
  • save me – Mark Tuan (GOT7)
  • Oh-eh – DAYBREAK & LUCY
  • X-Ray – GHOST9
  • JIU – Lay Zhang
  • Yesterday – CHOA

Throwback Corner

This week’s Throwback Song is actually a recent release from earlier this year. fromis_9’s DM has re-emerged onto my YouTube feed via the live performance the group gave on the it’s live live show, and it is hard to turn down such a good song/performance. That high note, as well! Top notch!

Non-Korean Release of the Week

The highest ranking non-Korean song this week is Red Velvet’s WILDSIDE, which placed in eighth position for this past week. WILDSIDE is Red Velvet’s latest Japanese title track off the group’s first Japanese studio album, Bloom, which officially dropped earlier this week.

The Charts

Congratulations to Stray Kids for topping the Weekly KPOP Chart for the 1st Week of April 2022 with their latest single, MANIAC. Stray Kids and MANIAC previously topped the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 4th Week of March 2022. For more of the charts, keep on reading!

1st Week of April 20223rd Apr – 9th Apr 2022
1MANIACStray Kids(▲ 2)
3GlitchKwon Eun Bi(NEW)
4Grey SuitSUHO (EXO)(NEW)
5Event HorizonYounha(▲ 64)
6SwitchKim Woo Seok(▲ 59)
7Feel My RhythmRed Velvet(▲ 30)
8WILDSIDERed Velvet(▲ 54)
9Bad NewsTEMPEST(▲ 29)
10Real LoveOh My Girl(▼ 9)
11GANADARAJay Park ft. IU(▲ 55)
12coNEXTion (Age of Light)NCT U (Doyoung, Mark & Haechan)(▲ 27)
13DetoxFeeldog(▲ 61)
14Still LifeBIGBANG(NEW)
16The SongBTOB(▲ 19)
17VenomStray Kids(▲ 36)
18BlowJackson Wang (GOT7)(▲ 56)
19Glitch ModeNCT DREAM(▼ 17)
20Thank YouBrave Girls(▼ 9)
21O.ONMIXX(▼ 12)
22Lonely St.Stray Kids(▲ 52)
23LovenderHan Seungyun(▲ 47)
24DilemmaAPINK(▲ 2)
25CHIQUITARocket Punch(▼ 7)
26memeMPURPLE KISS(▼ 10)
27Ghost TownMoonbin & Sanha (ASTRO)(▲ 47)
28VoltageITZY(▲ 44)
29EASIERAmber Liu ft. Jackson Wang (GOT7)(▼ 16)
30HONEYSolar (MAMAMOO)(▼ 6)

Songs leaving the charts this week

The following songs have left the charts this week as they have wrapped up their nine week run in the charts system:

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