[Weekly KPOP Chart] 4th Week of May 2022

Apologies for the delay in posting the Weekly KPOP Charts for last week. I focused on the Queendom 2 recaps last weekend, which ended bumping this post to the side. It is looking like the same thing will happen this weekend, as I still have the second half of Round 3 to cover and the finale (which is currently airing as I write this). I will endeavor to get the next Weekly KPOP Chart post this week out as soon as possible after I finish up with the Queendom 2 posts (yes, the goal for this week is to finish off Queendom 2, so I can get back on catching up with song and album reviews).

New releases of the Week

In addition to the reviews I wrote last week for GOT7’s NANANA, SEVENTEEN’s HOT and Kang Daniel’s Upside Down, here are the other new releases of the week:

  • Do you wanna get down – LUNARSOLAR
  • Thumbs Up – BLANK2Y
  • Pisces – Yerin Baek
  • Gotta Get Back – P1Harmony ft. Pink Sweat$

Throwback Corner

While my memory does fail me from time to time, I was smart enough to make note of last week’s throwback song. Otherwise, we would be looking at a second week without a throwback song. Hyolyn’s appearance on Queendom 2 got me going through Sistar’s discography, and Give It To Me emerged as one of the songs that got a lot of replays.

Non-Korean Release of the Week

As SEVENTEEN made their comeback this week with HOT, Darl+ing also received the most listens this week on the ‘Non-Korean song’ front. This is thanks to the repeated listens of the album I gave over the two days it was out (simply because I forgot I had already checked out the album, and proceeded to check it out whilst working and writing the Queendom recaps). For those who don’t know, the English-language song is featured on their latest album, Face The Sun. This is in addition to the usual listens I give songs on the charts. Darl+ing placed in the 11th position last week.

The Charts

Congratulations to GOT7 for topping the Weekly KPOP Chart for the 4th Week of May 2022 with their long awaited comeback single, NANANA. For more of the charts, keep on reading.

4th Week of May 202222nd May – 28th May 2022
2Candy Sugar PopASTRO(▼ 1)
6Upside DownKang Daniel(NEW)
8Bring It OnONEUS(▼ 6)
9SaluteMAJORS(▲ 69)
10Good Boy Gone BadTXT(=)
11Darl+ingSEVENTEEN(▲ 9)
12SaviorKim Sung Kyu (Infinite)(▲ 9)
15CupidDKZ(▲ 17)
16memeMPURPLE KISS(▲ 62)
17DriveMiyeon ((G)I-DLE)(▲ 21)
18MAISONDreamcatcher(▼ 4)
19Grey SuitSUHO (EXO)(▲ 59)
20Real LoveOh My Girl(▲ 14)
21Still LifeBIGBANG(▲ 57)
23RelevationsW24(▲ 55)
24Power of LoveALICE(▲ 48)
26Montage_ONEWE(▲ 52)
27D-DayWheein (MAMAMAOO)(▲ 18)
28Love in BloomILY:1(▲ 50)
29And The EndJung Seung Hwan(▲ 49)
30I HATE YOUWoosung (The Rose)(▲ 48)

Songs leaving the charts

The following songs have wrapped up their nine week run in the charts system, and will no longer be on the charts starting next week:

  • FREEZE – Stray Kids
  • Lonely St. – Stray Kids
  • Salute – MAJORS
  • With – Han Dong Geun
  • Glitch Mode – NCT DREAM
  • Real Love – Oh My Girl
  • Detox – Feeldog
  • Make Your Dream – Haebin
  • Mother – Heize
  • memeM – PURPLE KISS
  • JAWS – BAE173
  • Parallel Universe – NINE.i
  • Riding – UV & Choi Siwon (Super Junior)
  • Event Horizon – Younha
  • Blow – Jackson Wang (GOT7)
  • The Answer – DAYBREAK & LUCY
  • Ascension – Kingdom
  • Take You Down – Yugyeom (GOT7) ft. Coogie
  • WILDSIDE – Red Velvet

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