Run – BTS

Run is the title track to the second half of BTS’s new album. They have a returned with another of their dance themed tracks. An ongoing trend I see this year is that the songs that have been released in Autumn (Fall) have been quite upbeat and sound much more for the Summer season. Not complaining though, because I see it as an interesting change (and I much prefer songs for the Summer season than the Winter season). This song is pretty cool. Honestly, I feel like the rappers only got a small part of the song, which may sound absurd to some people. I really do enjoy the chorus and it actually matches the title of the song, fast paced and intense. Is it the best BTS song out there, I am going to say no. There were some things in the track that had me a little iffy. The rapping wasn’t their best. Compared to I Need U, the rapping wasn’t up to par and felt disjointed. It was powerful and all, but it just did not sound right. The instrumental sounded ordinary. Its the type of instrumental feels completely empty without the vocals (hmmm… isn’t that the definition of an instrumental?). But nonetheless, it is still a great song and I enjoyed listening to it a lot. I love how the vocals by Jin and Taehyung were soft (just before the chorus), but the chorus gives it that punch.

For the love of whoever, why the hell are BTS music videos so hard to understand. I think I can conclude one thing: I Need U, Butterfly and Run are one complete packaged. However they each tell a different story from the one story. I Need U tells of the story before everything in Butterfly and Run clashes into each other, where they hang out and escape from their troubles. Butterfly shows that somehow Jin lived on and everyone else has either died or gone their separate ways. Run shows a completely different side and makes us doubt. What if Jin was the one who died and everyone else survived? My theory is that Jin was the first one to die (As Jimin burns a picture in I Need U, and Run reveals it was a picture of the group without Jin), and everyone ended up dying one way or another. V suicides in Butterfly, Jimin drowns himself in the bathtub in I Need U, Suga burns himself alive etc. But, it is probably not right. I think I am so deep into 3 particular scenes from the set (1 scene from each video), I am overlooking the other connections between them. Nonetheless, I think this was a beautifully shot video, and there was a lot of running to reflect that fast paced. I also love it when they open doors, there is some sort of party going on. And they managed to block an entire tunnel. #TeamGoals

The dance either focused on the shoulders, or the butts. Hahaha… Their clothing on stage was so tight at the MAMA awards that for some reason, my eyes drifted towards their butts…. Why am I telling you this? But I thought the dance was really cool (as well). The shoulder rolls and the “running” on stage fitted the intensity of the song.

Overall, it is an amazing comeback. 8/10

Rewind: April 2015

Apologies, it has been nearly a month. Haven’t forgotten these, just been so busy with so much work and studying that I had to push this back so many times. But now, let’s get on with this. This segment recaps the news of last month (April 2015) and let me put my thoughts into each news. This is so badly worded. I am doing this prior to my bed time, so sorry if nothing makes sense. I also lists my favourite songs of the month, and it was very hard for this month. You will be very surprised. Let’s get on with it!!! (yes, I rushed the preview picture. It looks bad, I know. I say sorry in advance!!)

EXO Tao’s departure rumours

Yes, I guess it won’t be 2015 until something EXO related pops up. I believe each Rewind has featured an EXO story so far, and that I kind of concerning, because I don’t think any have been any good for the band. But unfroteutely, there are rumours with another member, Tao. He was injured during promotions of Call Me Baby and he was allowed to return China where he got his time to rest and heal. But while his time in China, there were reports that his father talking with SM Ent to cancel Tao’s contract and according to Tao’s father, Tao gave in and is now wanting the contract to be cancelled. Not that I am opposing Tao’s father, but if you are asking your son to reconsider his job after he has explicitly said that he will forever be with EXO is kind of mean considering what has happened with the band in the last year or so. I understand he is concerned and I don’t doubt him for that. But is just seems sudden like there is something else that fans the public don’t know about it. That is my idea of the whole thing. All we know now is that Tao has left for America and we don’t really have any word from any side. Let’s hope that the talks between the two parties come out with a favourable outcome for Tao, his family, EXO L’s and also the company. Maybe a little hiatus for a few months? But then again, I think that is what he is going through.

Jinusean makes their first comeback in almost 12 years

Yes, legendary duo Jinusean made their comeback with Tell Me One More Time (featuring Jang Han Na) in April. No review for it, but is is a pretty solid song. If you don’t know, the band consists of Kim Jin Woo and Noh Seung Hwan. They basically were one of the first bands in South Korea to bring out the hip hop genre of South Korea and is still managed by YG Entertainment. They did pretty well with their comeback. They topped charts and ranked quite high on charts for a very long time (until other artists made their comeback though). I like the song a lot. Just YG promised Big Bang first, so I was very disappointed, but hey Big Bang ended up making their comeback in May.

Another couple of SNSD

Yuri and baseball player Oh Seung Hwan are reportedly dating. I think it was confirmed by SM but I am not too sure. But if they are, don’t worry about fans and date comfortably. I don’t think Girl’s Generation is a suitable name for them anymore. Best of luck for the couple!!!

EXO’s Instagram dilemma

With rumours of EXO Tao’s departure, some EXO members have gone to some extreme length regarding their instagram accounts. Firstly, Kai opened his prior to the comeback, but while in promtoions, deleted it. From what many speculate that Kai’s account has nothing to do with the rumours and was just a promotion stunt to get more people aware of their comeback. But Lay deleted all his photos and Xiumin deleted his account after a very long time on the social media site. We just will never know if this is in anyway related to the rumours regarding Tao. Let’s hope not. BUT it became a bigger problem, with Tao wiping “EXO” from his profile. Ahh, EXO. What is going to happen to you guys??? Like I said, we will never know what happened, but all this makes rumours sound like they are the truth. But let’s hope not.

Top 10 songs of April 2015

1. Ah Yeah – EXID

2. Catch Me If You Can – SNSD

3. I Need U – BTS

4. Joker – Dal Shabet

5. Call Me Baby – EXO

6. Hopeless Love – Jimin (15&)

7. Aah Oop – Mamamoo ft. eSNa

8. Only You – Miss A

9. Awoo – Lim Kim

10. Tell Me One More Time – Jinusean (No Review)



I Need You – BTS

Moving along with more reviews now. I just had a whole list of them, but because I have been skipping so many scheduled days, I just had to dump them all. Just for your information, BTS’s new song was not a part of that list. But there were so many songs and comebacks that I thought that I need to review, but sadly can’t. Don’t know why I am going on about this now. BTS. Yes, The group that we know of is finally back with a brand new song. Their comeback, known for their songs and amazing choreography, has wowed the viewers once again and have finally been nominated and claiming the number 1 spot on the weekly music shows. Congratulations!

Also congrats on such an amazing song. I don’t think that there is anything bad about this song. I genuinely enjoyed the song from start to end without being distracted by odd vocals or irrelvant parts of the song that could have been left out. The one thing that I did notice about this song was that it was much different compared to their past songs. Their past songs were more focused on the beat and the dance. This is a song that displays their rapping and vocals to an emotional standard. It mirrors a dance style ballad in a way and that is basically why I like this song. It is something that is different but at the same time, works really well if their image. As I said their vocals and rapping were focused more on the emotional side this time around. BTS’s rappers tend to be hardcore and fast paced, but with this song, the rapping was slowed and made to match the slow and dark nature of the song. The chorus and verses were good and the instrumental gave the song that more electronic feel, and ties the song together quite nicely.

The music video was released as two versions. The “normal” version which was rated as 15+ and the 19+ version. I prefer the 19+ version. And no, there is no sex (though I think some fans wouldn’t have minded). It was just the way the boy’s characters in the music video dealt with heartbreak was pretty extreme and pretty sure no on would want youngsters to “copy” or mimic them. There is more of a plot line and it makes senses rather than the heavily edited 15+ version which left chunks out. I have to say, that scene with Taeyung killing the dude was quite full on and graphic. Not too graphic, but nothing that I am sure Korea would want people to see at dinner time. Their acting in this music video was very captivating. It got me asking questions and I actually see a whole future for the band in acting. The one thing did tick me off, but Suga (Did I get the right member? Or is it J-Hope? Apologises if I got it wrong) drowsed the whole mattress in gasoline. So why was everything around the mattress burning and not the mattress? Kind of got me there. But the 19+ version was really nice to watch. Not in that way, but it was very intriguing.

Did I say the song was a ballad like song? That doesn’t mean there was a dance. It was definitely toned down but I thought the dance was still pretty nice. It still had the BTS feel to it and matched the vocals, rapping and beat of the song. Yeah, not going to lie, but the body waves were really good. Caught me by surprised, but it is the one part of the dance that I remember.

BTS should keep this style. It is a fresh look on the boy groups that many expect abs and full on crazy dances that could leave them with broken bones and twisted ankles. Though I still love the dance centred BTS that we all know of. 10/10

Below are the two versions! Which did you like more? (Just a retrial of the poll system. Also haven’t done a poll in a long time!!!)

15+ version

19+ Version

Danger – BTS

BTS has finally returned to the stage with a new song. It has been only months since their last release, Boy In Luv, and now that they are back, they are making more girls swoon then ever. Proving that they are well loved and supported by the public, the boys managed to show off a much more masculine and manlier style than their previous comeback. Since their last comeback, they have been a busy bunch. They had released a follow up song to their previous title song, titled as Just One Day. The boys also appeared in their own variety/reality show in America. I think it was them, but not entirely sure. They also went on to make their debut in Japan as well, and over there they proved to be a big hit as well. Let’s get on with this review shall we?

The song itself is pretty good. Probably jumped up as my most favourite BTS song so far. This song is equally as appealing as it is catchy and I feel like the boys really hit a home run with this song. It contains the dark hip hop feel that the boys are known for, which showcases their masculine side, but at the same time, it still manages to live up to something that is a lot different, making it a very unique song. Maybe it is the fact that Thanh Bui, a very popular Vietnamese soloist (who happens to also be from Australia) penned the song. Hahaha… VIETNAM REPRESENTS!!! But really, this is a pretty awesome song. I really like the chorus of the song and the rapping really blended in well with the song and the vocals. I have no reasons to be disappointed with the song. I really liked the rock influence that the instrumental has, it blends really well with the rest of the song, and if the instrumental was crap, it would have meant the song would have been horrible. Glad it wasn’t and a really amazing song.

As for the music video, I do have one complaint. The dramatic feel of the video was kind of played to the point of boredom. Yeah, I got a little bored of the video. And if there was just a dance version, I be the first one to watch it. Though the music video (minus the dramatic scenes) was pretty cool to watch, it just really disappointed me. It lacked something that great for the band. It ticked every box for a 10/10, just the whole music video lacked something to make it a 10/10. The solo scenes. Ooo… Wet hair. A borken piano which you can still play. A basketball that randomly bounces on and on. A punching bag, in the middle of a warehouse, with nothing else around it. Dude tattooing himself. Dude dancing in front of mirror. Really felt like that monotone voice you read things with hey??? Though at least there was a little bit of fire and smashing things to give the music video that “danger” side to it.

As mentioned above, the dancing was remarkably and amazingly cool. No ifs and no buts. The dance at the chorus is mighty cool. But the whole highlight of the dance, probably goes to Jin and then Jimin part, just before the chorus. The way they get into formation looks ridiculously in sync and hard, but really nice to watch.

Another band to look at and remember I guess. So close to that 10/10, but it just did not make it. Such a pity, maybe next time? 9/10

Boy In Luv – BTS (Bangtan Boys)


I love my spare periods. They give me so much time. Was quite close to postpone this review once again until Friday, but then I thought, why not do a review to relax. So here is my relaxing review. Hahaha!! It is finally my first BTS (Bangtan Boys) review. Never got their acronym for their name though, because Bangtan Boys does not equal BTS. But as I said, this is my first review of the group and I am really pumped. This group is a hip hop male dance group with the members V, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, Rap Monster. Jimin and Jungkook. Interesting fact: Jungkook is a year younger than me. I feel old. This group has been proven to be very popular, securing themselves as the best rookies of the year for many award ceremonies for the 2013 year. It is also noted that this group has been active way before their actual review and that the current line-up of the group was not the original line-up. Only one person remains from the original line-up.

This song is amazingly great. There is nothing wrong with the song. This is the first Korean rock, dance, hip hop song that I ever heard. I was not much of a fan for their previous songs, but this song is really cool. This song is literally what I would deem as hardcore. Their rapping in this song is really cool and their vocals are very powerful, for a song supposedly about love. Their chorus is very catchy and I find it really easy to remember. That start too is really catchy. Actually, it is a really great way to open the song for me. The rock feel of the song gives it some more power. Without the rock feel, I guess the song would suck. The “andal nasseo na andal nasseo” part of the song (sorry I cannot tell who is singing when) is really catchy as well. I also liked whow they somehow incorporated that ballad or rnb sound into the song without ruining the song. I said it before, I like the song and it is seriously catchy.

As for the music video, I really don’t know what to say. I was pretty okay for most of it, but the plot for the video kind of sucked? All the guys hitting on one girl. Okay, well, one guy was attracted to her and he recruited the rest of the band to help him get her. Yeah, I would ask for one friend if I needed it, but asking like 6 other guys is really troublesome. And the way he gets his friend’s attention is to play music video over the announcement speakers of the school. You know, because calling or texting the others is too mainstream for you. And the urinal scene. Every guy knows the rule to not stand next to another who is taking a leak. And that other dude looks and smiles at him. I don’t think sexy meant that. And I get that you would want to sit on a fence, but not those ones that are like 2 to 3 metres off the ground. Oh wait, I will let that slide. Sitting on a basketball ring? That I don’t understand. Oh and also, girl really needs to check out her school. Everyone is in class, but her. And it seems like she is really lost as well.

The dance fits the power of the song. It is great, but not as great as I expected from the dance group. I don’t see how moving you body in a circle is great, and they repeat the same dance move around and around. You know what performance form this band I liked: that intro song or dance clip (teaser trailer) from their N.O days. I will put it into the playlist for you to make the judgement.

7/10. Overall pretty good. The song is really good and the music video is okay. The dance is also mildly okay. But still great work from the boys. And I wanted them to win Inkigayo on Sunday because they are pretty good and deserve an award, but they did not win. Pity, I had my support behind them.