Poison – Secret

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OMG, Secret is back, with a brand new song and really sexy and elegant look. It has been around a year already since their last Korean comeback and has been a year since they have been in Japan promoting full-time. Now, I need to get something off my chest. BANNNED!!! I can seriously imagine this song getting the back hand from the banning agency or whoever does it in Korea. It is so damn “revealing”. I can give many reasons why this video would be banned. Regardless. Look at the girl’s legs. Too sexy. Look at the girl’s cleavage. Too revealing. Look at the shooting scene. Too violent. Look at the spiking drink scene. Too inappropriate for young teenagers. But I do hope that this song will remain around. I love it.

This song is so damn catchy. I was already in from the start. I had “You are my poison” stuck in my head for ages. Though their English is not exactly 100%,  I could still understand everything. The saxophones in the song really complement the dance and the actual feel of the song and music video. Actually, I felt their vocals have improved greatly. They sounded really professional (which they are) and really serious. Move over cutesy girl groups, Secret is here. It is powerful and really elegant at the same time. I am not surprised that the girls have this feel. I want you back, Magic, Madonna, Shy Boy, Starlight Moonlight and Love Is Move all have their unique characteristic. This song as well. I really love that long note at the end. Really well done and fits the song really good. I also loved the rap. There is nothing wrong about it. I fits the song. I actually think the person in the song that stands out is Zinger. It has to be.

On to the music video. SEXY!!! Summed it up in one word. Basically, but the plot line is really flawless. I love the fact how they incorporated the “poison” bit into the song. Onto the plot: The music video was really dark. Hyosung  was given the job to spike the detective, to distract him, I am assuming from the very start. The girls have previously made contact with the detective, or another male figure, who had the safe box’ code tattooed on his back. Hmmm. About that, not really that good. Well, Zinger writes that number down and hands it to the singer. They then band together to get to the safe. However one of the girls is taken hostage. But Hyosung, comes in time with another gun, shooting both men down. The girls quickly steal the jewellery that was in the safe, and escape in a car. The detective soon comes and is confused. Yeah, basically that is the music video’s plot in a short summary.

There is one thing that I am confused about though. The car that they escaped in was not technically moving, right? Well, so why was there car sounds. That makes no sense what so ever. Why KPOP videos, why do you do this to us?

The dance to this song is really sexual. It kind of has a Beyonce feel, but also they held back as well. I guess they were trying to be “safe” in a way. I kind of like the “Gotta Be, Gotta Be your poison” dance part. Really sexy and original. But beside that, I find that the girls have definitely have upgraded in looks but sadly downgraded in their bodies.

If I was to rate this. definitely be giving it a 10/10. No buts, it is one really good song. Really addictive and sexual.

Madonna – Secret


Another song which I like. It has the catchy chorus (Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Madonna-donna, Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Madonna-donna~). Damn right it is. It is like Magic, Shy Boy, Starlight Moonlight and Love Is Move altogether. All a very catchy and the lyrics especially can relate to Madonna.  Also, Madonna can be related (metaphorically) to any of the girls in the world.

But beside that, the songs is alright. I love this song however just can’t find words to describe it. Blame Writer’s Block.

Music Video

I must say this, however all the dresses in the music video and the stage performances are just stunning. I think Secret is the only girl group in KPOP that looks particularly stunning in any dresses, long or short. I prefer many other groups to be wearing dresses that are short (not too short though) or long (not too long though as well, don’t want any accidents on stage or on the red carpet do we now?). I also love the setting of the music video. It is stunning and also makes the dresses stand out. Its gold and pretty and also very bright, much different from the other KPOP videos nowadays.

I just wish to say something. I think the leather was too much. Nothing good about leather that brings the “Madonna” out of them.

Live Performance

Another very addictive dance for another addictive song. Waving arms are pretty cool. I think all KPOP songs that have a dance always have this particular dance that must be performaed to it. Lucifer, Ring Dong Ding, Sorry Sorry, Nobody, I Don’t Care, Magic, OK etc.

And The Rating?

I would rate this a 8.6.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

Magic – Secret


This was the first song which I had listen to by Secret and they left a really good impression. I listened all of their songs since (not including their Japanese song, except for their latest one). As I said before Secret uses girl power to get their song and message across. They don’t muck around. When they sing, they actually sing. There is proof in Magic, Madonna, Shy Boy, Starlight Moonlight & Love Is Move. However looking back, Secret has changed in many ways. Their vocals are 10 times better today than when they first sang Magic. The raps are also different since then to now. I am very happy that I found Secret cause they are one of th few bands that I listen to.

I must also address, I am confused with the origins of the words “Mazic”. Now I don’t know where that word came from however I believe it must be the pronunciation of English words in Korean or better:


 Music Video 

Also, something we must all agree on. Music Videos have gone a long way. Compare SNSD’s Into The New World with The Boys. Compare Big Bang’s Last Farewell to Fantastic Baby. Compare Secret’s Magic with Love Is Move. It all shows us the enhancement of  technology but either way a music video will always remain a music video. I don’t have any actually complaint with the music video. I quite enjoyed the music video. The singers have changed so much. Look at Zinger with her black hair or Hyosung with her black hair.

But seriously, they look sexier and prettier more now than then.

Live Performance

Is it me or Secret always chooses a really catchy dance. Look, I really can’t explain the dance. It is too good for words (Maybe because when I explain it, it sounds like something erotic). But “Oh My Magic, Magic, Magic. Oh My Magic, Magic, Magic.”

And The Rating?

I love Secret. This song was awesome. The music video was awesome. The dance was awesome. I Love Secret. 9.5/10.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy.

Going Crazy – Song Ji Eun ft Bang Yong Gook


This song is a really strong, dominant song. Even though some people may say that girls can’t express their voice like a male can, I think they can and Song Ji Eun is a prefect example of who. Bang Yong Gook’s rap also adds more to the song and makes it more better than others. It is very dominant and should be more known. Such a song, should be one of the best songs of all time.  Now because of this song and his debut single (I Remember featuring Yang Yoseob of BEAST) he is dubbed as the 2nd TOP. I actually believe that Bang Yong Gook is much better in than TOP when they compete against ballads.

English in the Song

Now the song has a few English lyrics in it and technically there is nothing wrong with it.


Now, there two music videos which were kind of made for this. The first one I am going to discuss is the official music video. This one really does not see the image and the tune of the song but shows girl power and the harm girls can inflict on boys. Tying a guy up, chucking him in a boot and then setting him a light is pretty mean and I would not be surprised if the song received a ban by the MOGEF in Korea. So yeah not really impressed about the actual music video.

Stage Performance

Now the stage performance is what I actually liked more. In particular a performance where Bang Yong Guk is really a stalker and stalks Song Ji Eun. This performance, I should say, portrayed the song much better than what the music video did and I believe this performance should be replace to current music video. *Sigh*

Anything Else:

This song was a great way to start a solo debut for the two singers. I believe that these two should meet up again soon and do another song. To be honest, I don’t think I would ever get tired about this song and would actually give to others. bang Yong Guk’s new boy-band would be debuting soon, even though no exact date yet. I am going to be anticipating their debut and can’t wait for more songs from the two.

And the Rating?

Now to rate this song, I would give it a 10/10. I think I have been too generous with many people when rating a song but I actually find this song one of the most prefect ever.

Have fun watching!!!! :) Troy.

This is the performance:

This is the actual music video:

Love Is Move – Secret

Now I don’t really know what to say about this song. It’s not good or bad. It’s just the middle. I am thankful they got rid of their cute/aegyo image from Shy Boy and Starlight Moonlight and went back to their girl power/sexiness image. Apparently this music video was inspired by Betty Pop. Is that how you spell it? I don’t know. There is not much of a reference towards the cartoon character but she was known to be sexy and that is what Secret has brought out.

Now I really like the start of the song. As soon as the song starts you hear music that you can relate to the surf or something like Abanibi. (For those who don’t know Abanibi, It is a very famous song which was a chart topper sang by Izhar Cohen who was an Israelite.) I absolutely loved the Vietnamese Version of Abanibi (Yes, I am Vietnamese) by Tommy Ngo and Lynda Trang Dai –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQaPQo57tM4&feature=BFa&list=FL-0fFFzsJwH4ZTnBFuHXZ0w&lf=mh_lolz This video also throughout changed itself to those boring dance movies like Footloose and Hairspray. *Shivers*

I do also like the C’mon, C’mon part and the choreography is amazing. They were bouncing most of the time especially throughout the chorus. The dance movies were pulled off very well and the moves actually tied in with the music. They also look stunning. I loved what they wore in Magic & Madonna and they look stunning here as well.

Anyway, this song is not that addictive like, let say, SNSD’s Hoot or 2NE1’s I AM THE BEST. But it now stands as a major competitor against these top girls bands if they keep singing these cool types of songs. Anyway I have to rate now, or I never will —> 7.5/10.

Starlight Moonlight – Secret

Hmmm… I am always repetitive when I do posts. LOL. This is a brand new concept which really to me doesn’t fit their image. I prefer Secret in Madonna & Mazic (or is it Magic). Starlight Moonlight ans Shy Boy are just too cheesy for me. I prefer Mazic and Shy Boy because it showed girl power. While this is too much directed at guys.

Anyway, I don’t get the plot of the music video. It doesn’t make sense. Why is the janitor part of this? Keep cleaning man and I have to say he is very clumsy. Image what he does mopping the floor with a bucket water next to him. Awkward. Anyway also they look like they are at a train station or some kind of harbor, but then they board a hot air balloon. After that they end up in a place that kind of resembles another planet or some kind of exotic rainforest which human life have not found let.

Anyway their dresses look kind of awkward in this video. As I said, I prefer the dress they wore in Madonna and the casual clothing they wore in Mazic. it was more neat and had less effort needed for their image. But they still looked great.

The song though is very catchy and so is the choreography. It is smart and actually blends in with the music. The dance moves are not even bias towards a specific gender. HaHaHaHaHa.

To give a rating of this song, Personally I would give it a 5.5/10. Please go back to your previous image. 😀