[Weekly KPOP Chart] 2nd Week of September 2022

Welcome to the Weekly KPOP Chart post for the 2nd Week of September 2022. I am posting this a bit later usual on a Sunday as I had some adulting things to do. And there are more things to do (why does no one tell you about the amount of boring adulting stuff you have to do when you are an adult :|). So there won’t be anymore reviews today. But there will be some song and album coming out tomorrow and onwards.

Recap & New releases of the Week

The number of reviews this week reduced unfortunately as I spent a lot of time resting as going to the office for work is very tiring business. But I did cover some new releases, including ONEUS’ Same Scent and KIM JAE HWAN’s BACK THEN. I also posted a review for APINK CHOBOM’s Copycat and album reviews for SEVENTEEN, TXT, iKON, ATEEZ and ASTRO.

Other releases from the week includes:

  • Sparkling Night – PENTAGON
  • Like Psycho – We;Na
  • All Day Bernard Park
  • SURRENDER Lee Changsub (BTOB)
  • Dance Whole Day – ONEW (SHINee)
  • Blue – Jackson Wang (GOT7)

Throwback Corner

This week’s throwback song is SF9’s Now or Never, which I think has previously been featured on this segment already. But it is one of their best songs and I don’t think I need to explain any further. It emerged as part of a SF9 binge that I had this week.

Non-Korean Release of the Week

This week’s non-Korean release of the week is CRAVITY’s first ever English language single, Boogie Woogie. It ranked in the 9th position this week. At this stage, Boogie Woogie will not be getting a full review under the International Song Reviews segment due to the lack of an official music video. It is yet to be seen whether CRAVITY’s upcoming release will be getting an album review. But if it does, Boogie Woogie would most likely be reviewed there.

The Charts

Congratulations to ONEUS for topping the Weekly KPOP Chart for the 2nd Week of September 2022 with their latest release – Same Scent. For more of the charts, keep on reading.

2nd Week of September 20224th Sep – 10th Sep 2022
1Same ScentONEUS(NEW)
2After LIKEIVE(=)
4Walking On The MoonTAN(▲ 48)
6CopycatAPINK CHOBOM(▲ 53)
7Talk That TalkTWICE(▼ 6)
8MaybeJo Yuri(▲ 12)
9Boogie WoogieCRAVITY(▲ 49)
11ParadoXXX InvasionENHYPEN(▲ 47)
12DeliciousWoo Jin Young (D1CE)(▲ 46)
13Your SongONF(▲ 3)
14U&IverseASTRO(▲ 44)
15EngineLUMINOUS(▲ 30)
16Chemicalfrom20(▲ 42)
17MaldivesWEi(▲ 11)
18EveningYuju ft. BIG Naughty(▲ 28)
19FOCUSHa Sung Woon(▼ 6)
20ArsonJ-HOPE (BTS)(▲ 36)
21Que Sera SeraILY:1(▲ 37)
22POSEKino (PENTAGON)(▲ 20)
23Tropical RomanceBUSTERS(▲ 35)
24GasolineKEY (SHINee)(▼ 5)
2524/7DKB(▼ 10)
26PlayLUCY(▲ 35)
27Losing GameLEO (VIXX)(▼ 16)
28Pink VenomBLACKPINK(▼ 14)
29Wing WingKep1er(▲ 2)
30Just A DancerSunye