[Weekly KPOP Chart] 3rd & 4th Weeks of December 2022

Welcome to the Weekly KPOP Chart post for the 3rd and 4th weeks of December 2022 – the period of the 18th to the 31st of December 2022. Due to the holiday break over Christmas and New Years (I didn’t really get a chance to listen to enough music to cover one week), I have decided to merge the two weeks together just like a couple of weeks ago.

Speaking about holiday breaks, I hope everyone who managed to get some time to themselves over the last few weeks did enjoy their break. Anyhow, as I have two Weekly KPOP Charts post to publish today, I am going to get right into it. Let’s go!

2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards voting has closed

Just a quick note that the voting page for the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards have now closed, and I will start counting the votes for Best Song and Artist of 2022 over the next few weeks. Thank you for all who voted and help determine the winners of each category. It was indeed a very tight race in some categories, even at the very end.

Unfortunately, it does look like an end of January date to announce winners will not be possible at this time (I am on break again for a week later this month), so keep your eyes out for an announcement in February.

Recap & New releases of the Week

Despite being on break, I had pre-written a bunch of reviews and album reviews to post over that period (just to keep the blog alive). The following reviews were posted between 18 and 31 December 2022.

The following releases were released during the period I was away and have been entered into the Weekly KPOP Charts system:

  • Super Freaky Girls – A.iRiD
  • Ditto – NewJeans
  • The Moment – HVLF (Jihun – KNK)
  • Snow Prince – MIRAE
  • FAM (Korean. Ver) – Stray Kids
  • PRESENT – Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)
  • Black Eye – Vernon (SVT)
  • Thanks To… – ILY:1
  • Will Sping Come? – Def. (JAY B – GOT7)
  • The Cure – SMTOWN
  • Phantom – WayV
  • 2022 (Forever) – DKZ
  • Christmas Snow – Nickkhun (2PM) & Yaochen

Non-Korean Release of the Week

The non-Korean release for the final two weeks of 2022 is, once again, FNC Artists’ Sing Along. It ranks in the 16th position. For those who may not have missed the blurb I gave tabout the song in the last Weekly KPOP Charts post, here it is again. Sing Along is a super fun and catchy song that was released in Japan as part of the FNC KINGDOM concert (FNC Entertainment’s company concert) that occurred in Japan at the end of the year. The lineup of Sing Along includes representatives of FT ISLAND, CN BLUE, SF9, N.Flying, Cherry Bullet, P1Harmony and (I believe) JUNG HAE IN.

The Charts

Congratulations to BoA, the Queen of KPOP, for topping the Weekly KPOP Chart for the 3rd and 4th Weeks of December 2022 with her newest single, Forgive Me. I have yet to review Forgive Me, but I will definitely be reviewing the song in the next coming weeks! For more of the charts, keep on reading.

3rd & 4th Week of December 202218th Dec – 31st Dec 2022
1Forgive MeBoA(▲ 5)
2CheshireITZY(▲ 68)
3Reason2Z(▲ 67)
4BirthdayRed Velvet(▲ 28)
5Last SceneCHEN (EXO)(▲ 22)
6Draw (MY TIME)ICHILLIN’(▲ 60)
7A to ZNIEL (TEEN TOP)(▲ 37)
8I Still Miss YouHwang Chi Yeol(▲ 60)
9Freeze TagTO1(▲ 33)
11Happy ChristmasWeeekly(▲ 23)
12Beautiful ChristmasRed Velvet & aespa(▼ 6)
13STARBIGONE ft. Goopy(▲ 49)
14CelebrateSuper Junior(▲ 19)
15Pink MoonRyu Sujeong(▲ 55)
16Sing AlongFNC Artists(▼ 14)
17Tap TapVERIVERY(▼ 3)
18Taste The FeelingTEMPEST(▲ 52)
19Back DownP1Harmony(▼ 8)
20VirusVICTON(▲ 50)
21PolaroidLim Young Woong(▲ 49)
22CandyNCT DREAM(▼ 13)
23SelfishYooA (OH MY GIRL)(▼ 10)
24Only YouGaho(▲ 46)
25Old SchoolNTX(▲ 21)
26too lateChunji (TEEN TOP)(▲ 44)
27White ChristmasLee Boram (SeeYa), Punch, Yebin(▲ 9)
28KOONGYong Junhyung(▲ 42)
30Merry Merry ChristmasC9 Enteratinment Artists(▲ 40)

Songs leaving the charts

The following songs have wrapped up their nine week run in the charts system, and will no longer be on the charts starting next week:


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