KPOPREVIEWED 2016 Awards – Part 2

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2016 saw a lot of new boy groups make their debut on the stage. Compiling the list of nominees for this section was extra hard because there were so many great debuts that just missed out on a spot on the list. The winner of the Best Male Rookie Group 2016 is Astro, who made continuous comebacks after their debut, pushing them into the spotlight. Honourable mentions are given to VRomance for their debut song, She.


Like the male rookie group section above, a lot of girl groups made their debut in 2016. And a lot of them provided us with the hottest tracks of the year. WJSN, otherwise known as Cosmic Girls, made their debut with Mo Mo Mo and came back with one of the best tracks of the year: Secret. They are my pick for Best Female Rookie Group. Honourable Mentions goes to BlackPink and I.O.I (It was very hard to choose for this category).


As every other year, solo artists are debuting and making comebacks. 2016 saw the long-awaited debuts of some main vocalists of different idol groups and the return of solo artists that we have known for a while. The winner has to be Zico (Block B) with his ballad track: I Am You, You are Me. This one track alone has been a chart topper and gave the rapper a new side. Honourable mention goes to Eric Nam and his surge in popularity this year with his releases.


2016 was a very big year for female solo artists. Like the male solo artist awards, big names came back, while long-awaited debuts were made. My pick for the winner of Best Female Soloist goes to Taeyeon (SNSD). Her singles have been remarkable thus far. Honourable mentions goes to Hyosung (Secret), whose song is still being replayed, half a year after release.


So many to consider. Can’t count with my fingers for this category and the next. But it has been a big year for male groups (and likewise female groups). Out of all the artists, I have to pick Seventeen as the group that stood out the most and hence are the winners here. As for honourable mentions, GOT7 takes it this year.


As mentioned above, girl groups have also had a very big year in KPOP. And there were too many to count as well. But my overall pick for Best Female Group has to be Mamamoo. 2016 has been their best year yet and I hope there are even better years to come. Oh My Girl receives honourable mentions for their releases of high quality and catchy songs.


Now, I promised album reviews this year and my apologies, I failed to deliver. I asked you guys again (thanks to everyone who contributed to the survey) and album reviews are still something you guys want. I can’t review every one of them, but I will try my best to cover the main and biggest releases. As for 2016, Wings released by BTS as their 2nd Studio album is my pick for best album. I also thoroughly enjoyed the songs released by B.A.P as their third studio album, Carnival, which also takes Honourable Mention.


Many great videos were released this year. From amazing plots to great cinematography, or just the standard video that looks amazing, 2016 had it all. My picks for both the winner and honourable mention were videos that were long in length, but one focused on an action-packed story and the other for its complexity. The winner is B.A.P‘s Skydive and honourable mention goes to BTS‘s Blood Sweat & Tears.


And as with every year, KPOP groups and solo artists have amazing dances that should be commended. There were so many top contenders, that it was quite hard to compile the list of ten. But nonetheless, my pick for best dance would have to be GOT7‘s Hard Carry and honourable mention goes to The Eye by Infinite.



The hardest award to decide for. Hahaha… I put down 22 songs for this award. 22 amazing songs. And now I have to narrow the list to just 1. The difficulties. That being said, I won’t announce it words. Just watch the video below. But before that, let’s look at the honourable mentions that I manage to narrow down from that list of 22. Hover over the pictures to find out who and which song were picked. Note that these honourable mentions or the winners are not chosen via the end of year charts, but my thoughts alone.

And my pick of Best Song of 2016 goes to……



Congratulations to all winners, honourable mentions and nominees. Everyone in general!!

[Review] Playing With Fire – BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK has finally returned with their very first comeback ever! They made their debut in September with Whistle and Boom Bah Yah, which per everyone’s expectations, did incredibly well for a newly debut girl group. And they are expected to continuation with their success through their double title track comeback: Playing With Fire and Stay. This review will only focus on Playing With Fire. I may review Stay at a later date (not too sure yet).

Playing With Fire is one hell of a track. It is a lot different to their debut songs. It focuses more on delivering the energy and vocals. I personally like this track more than their debut tracks. I love the EDM sounds that ran throughout the chorus and the later parts of the song. YG artists tend to be quite versatile with their song types and this just further proves it. I love the EDM, but also loved the slow hip-hop and RnB in the song. The untuned piano at the start made the introduction a whole heap interesting. I do agree with a lot of people when they say it sounds like a 2NE1 song. There are 2NE1 vibes throughout While I said the song focuses more on the vocal side for the group, I was not much of a big fan of their vocals. They should have just let loose but instead, they sounded like they held everything back. I do love the bass that the song had going. Another song of just a few with the bass up to the right level.

The music video was incredibly dull and boring. It just normally consisted of normal pace choreography scenes and slow motioned close up shots. Their facial expressions in the video looked too forced and whoever is getting them to lip sync to the music should get fired. For a song that is moderately paced, I don’t understand the need for the slow motion. It just dragged the video on for longer. To be honest, the video looks like it was slapped together within just minutes. I expected something more speedy after listening to the song. Not slow. The sets look empty and needed something to make it more eye-catching. And finally, the use of fire or “Playing With Fire” was quite limited. Okay, half of me expected something decent and the other half wanted the whole set to be on fire. Just what they released didn’t live up to those standards or expectations.

The performance was meh. The dance isn’t amazing and it didn’t impress me.

Rating – 6/10

[Double Review] Whistle + Boom Bah Yah – BLACKPINK

One of the newest groups on the block. BLACKPINK is a four member girl group under YG Entertainment. The group is the first girl group from YG Entertainment, since 2NE1 made their debut back in 2009, which was 7 years ago. Countless rumours over the years have suggested YG would be debuting another girl group, but those plans fell through. Glad to see that one of their plans managed to make it in the end. The group consist of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa.

Whistle is a song that is quite addictive and is firmly rooted with its hip hop influences. When I say it is addictive, I think we can thank the continuous whistles in the song. While they do seem somewhat annoying and repetitive, it made the song feel alive and more likeable. I really liked the completely slow verses and then the sudden buildup to the chorus. The chorus + bridge had such a nice soulful vibe to it, which pretty much showed me their vocal abilities (which are quite strong). I am on the fence when it comes to their raps in this song.

However, Boom Bah Yah shows their rapping and vocal talents off pretty well. This song is quite bass heavy and still have that hip hop influence in it. It also has a nice powerful vibe to it. I like this song more (over Whistle) because there is more of a vibrant colour to the song, plus a much better hook that reeled me into the song.The words “Boom Bah Yah” are the perfect way to start off the chorus. The insturmental is more likeable here. Overall, Boom Bah Yah was my more preferred song.

The music videos that were released alongside these songs really failed to capture my attention. I basically watched each once and haven’t returned to any of them at all. Both videos were shot inside sets that felt a little too constricting. That was the first thing that I noticed. But even the dance scenes were constricting. Boom Bah Yah had great colour in the video. It just lacked the powerful feel the song had going. It  seemed weak and needed something to make it seem stronger. Maybe more flashing lights that were in time with the beat? Whistle had a more stronger vibe in the video, but it didn’t suit the song. Majority of the scenes in the video showed the girls stuck to one spot and only the camera moved. That made it boring. I would liked to see more of the scenes where the girls were dancing or at least moving. Might have given me more to talk about. I did like the sets for this video though.

Dance wise, not that memorable. That goes for both performances. The dances did suit the songs to a certain degree, but I feel like they fall short compared to other artists with (what I see) is great choreography.

Whistle – 5.5/10

Boom Bah Yah – 6/10