[Review] WoW! – Lovelyz

Lovelyz has finally made their comeback. After their Destiny comeback last year, the group has been absent from the spotlight. I personally liked Destiny a lot and wanted to see more from the group. They recently had their first concert. WoW! is the title track for their second album, R U Ready?.

The song is quite interesting. I listened to it for the first time (when it was released) and it felt very underwhelming. But after coming back to the track a few days later, I noticed that it had a classy vibe and mature sound to it, which reminds me of Destiny. The more you listen to it, the more you shrug your doubts away and start to realise how good the track is. That being said (I probably haven’t listened to the song enough times yet), the song did sound weak. I feel like if the track had more of a stronger (and maybe deeper sounding) foundation, the track could would have sounded a lot better (but then again, I ain’t a music expert). Their vocals weren’t really shown off in the song, which did make it disappointing because we have yet to hear a track that vocally shows them off. But within this track, there were catchy moments which I really liked, like the start. I keep on going back to the track because I mainly can’t get that start of the song out of my head. The track is probably one of the smoothest tracks that I have ever listened to in KPOP. From just listening to the song, there doesn’t seem to be much going on with it. But when you pay close attention, you can hear a lot of subtle sounds in the instrumentals. Personally, they make the song quite interesting to listen to.

The music video looks pretty cool. While I am not a major fan of their close close-ups, it does a lot of charm to the video. The paper cut-outs of the girls did add cuteness to the video, but I didn’t understand why they were needed in the video.  But the aspect that I loved even more are the scenes inside the house. It looked very cool, especially towards the end where the girls are essentially running out of frame but their paused versions remain behind. I genuinely loved all the scenes inside the house. I don’t know if it is the content or just the quality of the scenes that I am drawn to, but either way, it all looked amazing. The editing of the video has to be talked about as well. Especially during the bridge of the song (or the part where each member had a line – just before the final chorus), where they filmed each member in a circle. It looked like multiple shots were taken (as some of the members ended up freezing while still on screen), but the editing made it look as smooth (as possible), channelling the smoothness of the song.

I really liked the slow motion running that they incorporated with in their dance. It was matching to the part of the song. The rest of the dance looked alright. It isn’t as impressive as their last comeback, but the weak nature of the song (which I mentioned before) does limit their choreography to an extent.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

[Review] Destiny – Lovelyz

Lovelyz has returned. And I almost forgot about them. Another review for another girl group was meant to come out, but then I realised I forgot about Lovelyz when looking over my agenda (i.e. the list of reviews I plan to make and what day it is meant to be scheduled on). The group is slowly gaining momentum and receiving lots of love from the public. This song is actually their highest chart-topping since debut and just proves to everyone that they can actually become the next big thing in KPOP.

We have always seen Lovelyz attempt a song that actually has that cutesy association along with it. Now according to their company, the group ended their own trilogy style comebacks with their last comeback and would return with a different sound. And a different sound was what we got. This song has a more mature sound than any of their previous songs but still remains on that cutesy side of KPOP.Personally, it is a good song, but I have to admit it does sound like a little dead. I am totally in love with the instrumental and the mature vocals of the girls. It is pretty hard to believe that the Lovelyz last year is the same Lovelyz this year. The song is catchy to an extent, but not enough to make me go replay it. I would have liked more of a hook to the song. Their harmony is pretty good (as heard in the chorus). So to wrap up, like the song, just would have expected something more to appeal to me.

The music video is the main reason to why there is a review to this song. Someone, whoever, give a goddamn award to whoever produced, directed and edited this amazing work of art. I just cannot explain it words, but I will try. The video isn’t just a simple “put camera here and move back and forth with it” type of video. The video spins. Okay, maybe not literally, but the video editing makes it like the camera is spinning around them. The whole video is dominated with circles And the emphasis on the effect of the camera spinning was amazing. The out of focused shots, where the girls aren’t necessary in the middle of the frame but like in the corner or just half their head is featured on the screen, looks amazing. The dance even matches up with the editing and I totally think this is much an amazing video. The music video, in terms of colour, is pretty dull, but whatever the editor and producers were going for, worked amazingly and made up for whatever flaws there in this video. I would have to say, this is probably a highly artistic video and one I willing to give 10/10 for.

Dance wise, it is pretty good for a song like this. Love the start where they form a circle around the member singing and proceed to move inwards to form a straight line and then proceed to then span outwards. The circle is back in the dance as well, seen throughout the chorus and the many other parts of the dance. Add that to the video and boy was I happy.

This review feels a little rushed and I apologise for that. First Monday review in a very long time. The girls did an amazing job and their whole mini album is pretty good as well. Check out 1cm. 9/10

For You – Lovelyz

Within a little over a month, Lovelyz has returned with a brand new song. They made their comeback with Ah Choo at the end of October, and surprisingly made their comeback at the start of December. This song just throws me back to the early SNSD days and Kara days. This is a song that honestly feels like it came out during the Golden Ages of KPOP. They went for a more upbeat song this time around. I say that, because it is a lot more upbeat than Ah Choo (which was already upbeat itself). The vocals in this song are pretty nice and fit into that realm of cute concept. As for the instrumental, it is pretty typical, but like the bass sounds in the song. It gave the song more depth and allowed the girls to sound more like from the 2008-2010 era. I think this is a better song that Ah Choo. It has that really addictive beat and the “du du du” sounds. It is a hidden fact that the “du du du” sounds make all songs sound really nice and catchy. But really, it seems like the girls did a really nice job with the song.

As for the video, kind of thankful they are not in a place that is fake. All their music videos have been (sadly) in a box, so to see them embrace the real world makes it oddly satisfying. Maybe I should not have worded it in that way. Not exactly sure what is happening in the video, but it seems like they are all friends and are all meeting up once again. Or that the girl in the snow is holding a box full of memories. While I am not too sure about the plot of the video, I have to admit it was beautifully shot. The scenes were all very bright and matched the tone of the song. The close-up shots of them were spectacular and it highlights each of them individual beauties. Also, what is with this upbeat trend during the season that is commonly associated with slow and snow? Loving it, though so no complaints.

I have yet to see a live performance for this song, so yeah. No dance. [UPDATE: Just saw the dance, but there really wasn’t anything impressive. But the score stays as normal]

Overall, liking the song and the video. 8/10

Ah Choo – Lovelyz

Lovelyz’s new song is great. While they have gone down that cute route once again, they managed to put in more of a upbeat and fun flavour into their song. While the song does sound a little desperate, as if the people who made the song were running out of ideas, the girls managed to sound cute but yet keep that strong feel that they have going in the song. It is definitely a strong type of song and I did not expect it from a group of girls who is singing about love and sneezing. I completely adore the instrumental. The electronic sounds match really well the girl’s vocals. The song is catchy. My one concern is that the song is kind of typical. Ah Choo brings back those awkward titles of the past and the song just sounds like a KPOP song. Their might be a little Japanese influence in the song, but it sounds predominately KPOP. If they don’t start exploring, I feel like this band could easily be forgotten. For now, they sound great but if they continue repeating themselves and become typical, then there won’t be anything to say about it. But anyway, the song is great and very bright.

The music video is by the same people who have made the infamous Up and Down video for EXID and many Orange Caramel videos. And it is quite cute. This is the first time we have seen Jisoo perform with the girls, making the total number of members 8. And I cannot tell any difference. Hahaha… Was trying to say that in a way that does not pass off as an insult. But honestly, Jisoo fits in quite well throughout the video and their chemistry together is amazing. The hide and seek theme was quite nice as well. I am not liking the dull and pale colours that the video has throughout, but I am digging the sets and their dance set in this video. I also like the close-ups. They don’t focus on the face but instead the different parts of the face. That circle, while I thought it would be annoying in the video gave a lot of perspective. For some odd reason I expected noses in this video, and yet no noses. Not going to act disappointed because that is rather weird.

The dance was mediocre are best. The sneezing was great and they were in sync. But there was nothing that made me go wow about them. It isn’t such a catchy dance in my opinion unlike Candy Jelly Love which I liked the dance for nowadays.

Overall, the song and video were great. Not so much on the dance. 7/10


Hi~ – Lovelyz

Lovelyz is back with a repackaged album. Their debut single was deemed as a very successful debut. To me, it lacked quite a bit, but it still did the job as it got them settled in the industry and garnered a lot of eyes on them. Hence, they are back with the repackaged version of their debut album titled as “Hi~”. This time around they are promoting as a 7 member group, with member Jisoo still taking time off from the scandal which shocked Korea back when they debuted.

I have a feeling that whatever I write here will not be what I want to say in my review within a couple of weeks. Candy Jelly Love is a weird track for me (especially the title) but I recently only started to get into the song and have been listening to it in repeat. It still has the cute sound to it that Candy Jelly Love and this song does sound a little catchy with the high note parts just prior to the chorus. The chorus, when they sing, together sounds pretty catchy and pretty good as well. I would love to hear an acoustic version of this song, but honestly, not entirely sure about their vocal talents. Their last two songs sounds like they are really holding back and some of the members don’t really have a strong vocal to show off at this moment (but they can improve). The song sounds sweet and very pretty overall. Just at the moment, I see the song as quite boring and bland. But give me a few more weeks, cause I see the potential for the song getting stuck in my mind and at the same time, this group has a very big future in the industry.

Music video was okay. Haven’t watched it in detailed yet, but I have skimmed over it a few times in the past week since it was released. This is another music video with close up of the members singing and the group members were dancing. There were some scenes in the music video where the girls were acting cute but still maintaining that mature kind of feel. There is no plot and I guess this repackaged album was just like a sudden option that the company chose to do. I noticed that the music video was not as bright as their previous video. Maybe because the song has this hint of disappointment and sadness for some reason and they chosen a more darker kind of feel for the music video. I love the bubbles in the music video with the slow motion. That was a nice part of the video.

As for the dance, not much to say about it. The moves are meant to be cute and girls could handle it. I don’t think there is much of s stand out part of the dance. That is okay as the dance fitted the song and the girl’s vocals as well. But really, there is not much to say about the dance. I did like their “Yeah”~jump though.

Song was okay overall, but definitely  has potential to grow on me. Music video and dance were both okay. 5.5/10

Candy Jelly Love – Lovelyz

Lovelyz is a 7 member girl group that recently debuted in Korea last month. The band consist of members Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sejeong and Yein. It was unfortunate that the newly debut band actually faced some issues with rumours of a member even before their official debut,  however they made their debut as if nothing had happened. Just the were missing one member. Let’s hope that one member will return to the stage later on!!!

This was a weak song to debut with. There is not other “beating around the bush” way of saying it. It just did not appeal to me. A debut song should be a song that stands out and makes people go wow. This isn’t such a song and I am quite disappointed. Actually, no. It seemed so standard of a normal song that I actually did not even touch it. It seemed generic and boring to listen to. The vocals were not that great to me. Yeah, that really summed up my feelings of the song for me. Did not like the song, despite listening to it a couple of times.

Another boring video. Though this one seems little more bright and colourful than some others. I love the colourful bouncing balls. However, the rest of the video just did not cut it out for me. The school girl concept has been done a little too much in the past few years (and that also goes for school boys concept). The acting seemed a little awkward and some of the scenes were cute, just the facial expressions made me think that they were actually being forced to do it. Talking about faces, I actually don’t get the hype about this rookie group. To be honest, some of the members are not that pretty. Was that last statement rude? I think it was. Sorry 😦

It seems like this group has the potential to be like Infinite. Their dance moves was pretty much in sync, which is pretty cool. Maybe the female Infinite will be coming very soon? Just the name kind of makes it sound weird then…

Overall, not the right way to debut. Most debut that wows us tend to be groups that are popular. Let’s hope that these girls can pick up at the next comeback or change their style (but no sexy concepts please). 3.6/10