Something – Girl’s Day


Girl’s Day is back with a new song. After successful promotions for Expectations and their success song Female President, the girls once again have up the ante to become of the biggest groups of Korea. The girls released Something at the start of 2014, and have earned their first award just on Wednesday for their song. After receiving much love from fans boosting them to the top of the charts, it seems like this group is one to beat. But the competition in just January alone is quite fierce. Must I remind that TVXQ, Ailee, Rain, Dal Shabet and many other bands will be making their comeback and it seems that all of the groups will be having a run for their money.

When I first heard this song, I thought it was a total let down. Female President had this really catchy tune, while Expectation had guys screaming for more. This one seemed like a sexy video posted up in the 1960’s and everyone criticising it. It was not until I listened to it over and over again to understand that this song is a freaking awesome song. Though I have to be honest, I did get a little confused with another song by the same title quite a few times when I am listening to it online. However, I have been listening to this song on repeat and literally have fallen in love for it. May be a little bias (okay, a lot of bias here) but I freaking love every aspect of this song. The vocals were really good and they matched the expected standard of huskiness for a “sexy” song. The instrumental did make me go back in time, and that reminded me of a lot of videos and culture back then. I would’ve expected a rap, but it seems they did not fit it in. Instead they got a really good part at the end, where it seems like they are whispering (prayers, from the look of the dance) and that is totally awesome.

The music video is quite something. People are always criticising the sexy comeback. Saying that they are overusing the word. But it the same people who criticise this exact band for their debut song, which happens to be the other end of the spectrum, saying that they are tryhards. I am quite disappointed with the audience of the video. Not all, but the minority. Which leads to the next point. I don’t find this video “sexy”. Sexy was not the right word to use. I don’t see how sitting in a bathtub, ripping up an audio tape or picking up a phone, “sexy”. There are only two things that I found were quite suggestive. The dance at the start and Minah’s slowly scene where there is a camera on the bed. Ummm…. Yeah, but in today standards, this is just the starting point. No where near the climax yet. I like the setting of the dance scenes. Not sure about the alley ways though, they look okay, but rather awkward in this song.

The dance. The start. The freaking start had me screaming into the computer. I am sorry, but girls if you’re going to rub your body over the floor like that, how on earth do you expect your fanboys to live? And that is where the dance kind of goes weird. Most of the dance I thought: “Hey Cool”. But the bouncing dance in the chorus, what is going on? It feels awkward and weird. Does not show off the elegance that we were promised. It does not fit well with the song, but beside that everything else was okay.

Congrats girl on your first place win on Wednesday. 9/10. Was planning on giving them a 10/10, but I seemed to have rambled on about the music video and dance and pointing out the flaws a little too much. So a perfect 10/10 would not have suited the review.

Happy New Year!!!


Hi all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wow, 2013 is finally over. Can you believe it. With days to go, I will be unable to update this over my “break”. Beside that I have scheduled a whole heap of reviews. I promised you guys an End Of Year Charts, and with that very day 3-4 days away, I think it is time unleash the beast. Party hard! Welcome the new year in style! I will wish to see you all back on the 2nd of Jan 2013 (subject to change). At the very bottom of this post, there will be two links. One is a playlist for the winners of the BOB’s and the other is the top 20 songs of the year, as selected by this chart. Yay!!!!

Position Title Artist
1 Female President Girl’s Day
2 G.R.8.U (Your Impressive) VIXX
3 Tonight Spica
4 Hush Miss A
5 Damaged Lady Kara
6 24 Hours Sunmi
7 Voodoo Doll VIXX
8 Give It To Me Sistar
9 Expectation Girl’s Day
10 Only One Gummy
11 Be Ambitious Dal Shabet
12 Red Shoes IU
13 Number 9 T-Ara
14 Very Good Block B
15 Everybody SHINee
16 Kill Bill Brown Eyed Girls
17 Destiny Infinite
18 I Don’t Know FIESTAR
19 Only You VIXX
20 U&I Ailee
21 Madly FT Island
22 Love Blossom K.Will
23 Love Options BESTie
24 What’s Going On? B1A4
25 Growl EXO
26 Gone Not Around Any Longer Sistar19
27 Yoo Hoo Secret
28 While You Were Asleep JeA (Brown Eyed Girls)
29 1.4.3 Henry (Super Junior M) Feat. Amber F(x)
30 Dream Girl SHINee
31 Wild Nine Muses
32 Thriller BTOB
33 Goodbye Dasoni (EXID)
34 Insane A-Jax
35 One Shot B.A.P
36 Lonely Christmas Crayon Pop
37 Confused AOA
38 Bar Bar Bar Crayon Pop
39 Glue Nine Muses
40 Twenty Four / Seven 2Yoon
41 Jeon Won Diary T-Ara N4
42 I Like That GLAM
43 Tell Me Tell Me Rainbow
44 Stupid In Love Mad Clown ft. Soyu (Sistar)
45 Rocking Teen Top
46 No No No A-Pink
47 Why So Serious? SHINee
48 Baby I’m Sorry MYNAME
49 Dreamer History
50 The Letter Davichi




Twinkle Twinkle – Girl’s Day


I know, I know. This song is like 593456349650235609 years ago. But, I still am able to review it??? Let’s have a throwback moment. Girl’s Day is currently known for their mature and sexy style, but did you know that they came from the more cutesy stuff era of KPOP. This is the very song that put them on the map in the industry and gave them the needed recognition that they need. It was actually released in March 2011, which is about to be 3 years ago. Boy, times flies and everything changes. I feel like if I add anything else here, I probably just finish the review here. Hahaha….

I absolutely love this song. This song is really cute, really addictive and really catchy. It was not so when I first saw it, but after a while, it grew on me. This song is so amazing, it was the first song to reach the top of the charts and enter the top positions of the music weekly charts. On top of that, this song was a hit for men, particularly those in the army. So boys, I guess it is time to start listening to this track, cause your gonna like it as well. The “Hajima hajima mamamama mamamama Gajima gajima mamamama mamamama” part is really addictive and catchy. Seriously, you will love this song. Everyone who I have met and enjoys listening to KPOP, really enjoyed this song.

The music video is pretty cute. Not that funny, but I like the exaggeration of the music video. This girl is in love with this guy, who is hitting on other girls. Hence the girls uses tactics that she is practicing to shake the guy off the other girls and to get him to notice her. Yeah, I guess they failed, but instead it seems like all the girls and the guy are in on this together or something, because I really cannot find a way to explain that last scene where they are all standing around Minah. But anyway, I guess it used to funny but now since I have matured (LOL), I don’t mind it as funny as before. I don’t remember, but I am quite certain that it was this song and video that gave me a WTF face.

The dance is really cute as well. I think this is their weakest dance to date, as it really does not display their aegyo as I would have expected it would. There were some cliche moves which annoyed the crap out of me, but beside that, I was satisfied.

8/10. Pretty good song, video and dance that really was meant for winning. Sadly they did not, but now they have secured a bigger fanbase, maybe, just maybe it is time to see these girls rise to be one of the biggest bands ever.

Please Tell Me – Girl’s Day


Girl’s Day recently made their comeback with a digital single. It was first released 31st ish of July ( I am not sure, hopefully my maths add up) as a digital single, but was performed on Inkigayo prior to release on the 28th of July. I am not sure about this rumour, but apparently the song was meant to be released ages ago, however instead they kept the song under wraps until now, where they are performing it. It seems like the band is securing their fame with another release as a follow up single, as they had only finished promoting Female President and Expectation, but have gone straight into the release of a new song. This song takes the girls back to their “cute” days, telling all fans and listeners that the band can actively go back and forth with image changes.

The song is quite different from Female President and Expectation. Both were quite sexy songs that showed off their lady charms. ‘Please Tell Me’ on the other hand, takes the girls back to their Twinkle Twinkle or Hug Me Once day which the girls are known for.  The song has that summer feel to it that I find is quite lacking. I like the song, but the hype which the company created for the song and others comparing it to Sistar’s Loving U, was really too much. The song did lack quite a bit in that fresh feel that we want to hear in all summer songs. However, I thought the song is quite cute and sounds pretty good. That addition to the guy at the start is quite random and I found that it was not needed. But at the same time, it did a good job at opening the song. The vocals were pretty cool and the rap fitted the song, amazingly. I liked the chorus as well. Overall, not what I had expected but still a  good song.

There is no music video for this, but there is a stage performances. I thought the dance is quite cute and that singing at the start: is it the actual singer or a dancer just standing in for the guy? I cannot really tell. The band is doing quite well in terms of popularity for this song as it gives fans the chance to listen to a song that is not full on jumpy or sad and emotional.

6.5/10. Not what I had expected (disappointed just a small bit), but still a good song to listen to.

Female President – Girl’s Day

Girl’s Day recently made their comeback with the repackaged version of their first album, Expectation, on June the 24th. This song and their previous hit song Expectation, which transformed the girls from cutey girls to empowering women and launch the band into further fame, ranking very high on the charts. Though many are quite disappointed with the new look of the band, I would like to disagree. I love both the old and the new look. It will only become troublesome if they discontinued singing and performing their previous hits like Twinkle Twinkle, Oh My God, Hug Me Once etc. But beside that, I see this image fitting the girls. Anyway, the song also relates to the current times, as discussed below.

I love this song. I have been listening to it non stop as it came out, because I guess I have to say is that I am now a fan of the band. The song has caused a lot of problems. They have this image in their minds of girls being the first and powerful one in the relationship. Why do men always make the first move and females don’t? This song raises this point very well and does a great job at portraying the “problem”. Also, for those who did not know, South Korea, recently elected their first female president. (As for Australia, we just kicked out our first female prime minister). So this song does really well with relating to modern day society as well see women starting to become a bigger figure in jobs in which men always had. The vocals for this song is very powerful. I love how the rap for this is incorporated into the chorus. I love the high and low parts of the song and the fast and slow. The only complaint was that I was confused about which was the second verse and which was the bridge, as it seemed mashed up with each other. But beside that, I thought the song was great.

As for the music video. Wow, pink. I like the idea of the kiss scene. It shows a girl, dressed up as a girl making her move on a girl dressed up as a guy. There is nothing wrong with this. Only, the music video is trying to portray a positive image for the girls. A guy in the video would be very inappropriate. The only thing I don’t get is the table. Why are they standing on top of tables and singing? I don’t really see the connection between standing on tables and being empowering. That or I am just not watching the right stuff. And that undressing scene at the start. Not loving it, unfortunately. Really gives off that wrong idea of the girls. And beside that, I don’t have much to say. This music video quite good, so no complaints whatsoever.

The dance is amazing awesome, however when they clap, it interferes with my hearing and their live. But I love how they would be all sexy and empowering. No complaints here. However, I do think it seems to be more appropriate to use guys to lean on rather than girls. It might just contradict the whole idea. But loving the dance. I also love the costumes they are wearing. Fits the whole comebacks, cause they look like they just came from the army.

9/10. Loving the song, music video and performance. Loving everything. But here is my question: Which song do you like? Expectation or Female President? Leave you answers in the comment. I want to know. If I was to choose, I wouldn’t. Both songs are equally great and amazing. Both videos are linked below in the playlist.

Expectation – Girl’s Day


The girls are finally back a new, sexy single, Expectations. This is a song that tells of a girl who chases or tries to grab the attention of a guy. Ever since that one member (Sorry, I don’t remember any of their names) left, the girls have been taking a totally different approach to the music scene, through more mature and sexy type of songs. I may need to catch my breath for this song.

The song was a really good song. The introduction was pretty cool, launching the song into who knows the level of popularity. The verses were pretty good and then the chorus came. Yep, that chorus is worth a million dollars. Definitely the greatest part and the highlight of the song. The rap was also superb and it actually fitted the pace of the song. It carried out the song quite well, and overall from start to finish, I enjoyed listening to this song. I don’t think there is much autotune in this song, but those autotune parts just before the chorus sound so good. The instrumental is kind of hard to explain, since it does not really seem to fit any type of instrument, but hey, it rocks my boat.

The music video is pretty okay. The places where they dance, with the big screen, looks spectacular. As for that guy. You lean in for a kiss but then pull away when your phone buzz. Are they trying to say that the guy is cheating on the girl? Right in front of her? PLAYER!!! Obviously, she is heartbroken, but to the point where the other members have to rub their bodies against a window for her is kind of a bit lame.  So in response, she dresses up as a sexy diva and grabs the attention of the guy. I am a guy, and I have one thing to say. If you dress up as a sexy diva, throw you ring into a lemonade cup, and EXPECT him to follow you, then surely he is not one to keep. That means he will only love you for your looks, not for your personality and all kind of crap could happen afterwards.

The live is pretty cool as well. I am not fans of them live, but the dance was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Look at all of that butt action, look at all of that bending over. Look at all of that “Draw me like a French Lady” poses. I really love the hand action (insert inappropriate jokes here) AROUND the breasts and the air humps they make. Seriously guys, look at these girls. However I have to complaints: a) Why overalls? Why overalls in short shorts? and b) what is with a large amount of make-up on their faces, they look good with minimal makeup on them.

8.5/10. Girl’s Day better win an award for this song (but that is impossible, with the comebacks that are scheduled).

Oh My God – Girls Day


Hmmmmm… Had a long thought about this song. I’m not really happy with it to be honest. I don’t like the instrumental of the song at all. I find it kind of irritating at the moment and had my cursor over the back button just in case. Now I am not saying they are awful but this song is not up there with their previous songs. That cutey girl voice does not really go well with the techno, electro beat and is really weird. The song is “Oh My God”, but for some reason I can hear someone say “Oh My Gosh” at the start of every chorus which annoyed me to bits. Also the start sounded like dubstep. Korea, stay away from dubstep or else I may need to find a new genre of music. To be honest, I actually did not look at the english translation of this song, and seriously, if this song is about love… Oh Geezz….

Music Video

Okay, humorous video. With no lyrics what so ever, here is what happens. So this rebellious girl is driven by her dad to the “library”. He says good luck to her for her studies and good bye. He drives off leaving the girl along. This guy who was just randomly sitting in front of the library goes to her (I think he likes her) but gets smacked in the face. Then the library turns into a club (Would Like to know how?) and people randomly started to appear. She then tries to get into the club but the bouncer stops her. She then proves that she is “good” by dancing and taking his hat. She then goes into the club where another popular girl is and she versus the popular girl. The popular girl losers and befriends the latter. Then there is another girl in the club who versus them and loses. Yep, thats the video.

The voices in the music video is another aspect of the whole thing which I hated. It is so bad. It is so ugly and unappealing. WHy are we rely so much on technology?

Live Performance

I must say the dance is really cute for this video and it kind of matches the beat of the song.

And The Rating?

6/10. Really the song is annoying and it just really is not something that I am into. 😐

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

Music Video Here:

Live Performance Here: